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1 - Wind Market Overview
  • How is onshore wind capacity growing at the market and regional level and what are the market trends influencing these growth rates?

  • How is the turbine market evolving in terms of OEM installation share, unit prices and sizes?

  • What is the opportunity level for O&M services and how is this quantified in revenue potential and market size? 

2 - Key Component Failure and Asset Benchmarking
  • When are gearbox failures most likely to occur across the asset lifespan?

  • How does turbine class and generator type impact upon on failure rates and downtimes?

  • How does asset age, farm size and average wind speed impact on failure rates and downtimes?

3 - Asset Optimization
  • What are the biggest risk factors stakeholder groups from across the value chain identify with the different O&M services models?

  • How can owner/operators reduce O&M costs, optimize productivity and monetize O&M activities in time for a low or post-subsidy environment?

  • How are O&M contracting structures and terms shifting to meet the changing requirements of owner/operators?

4 - Maintenance Strategy Scorecard
  • What is the optimum maintenance strategy owner/operators with medium-sized turbines (c.2MW) should deploy and how does this vary if high gearbox, blade or generator failure rates are experienced?

  • How does deployment of varying sensor configurations impact upon asset reliability and what are the cost-risk decisions that can be made to reduce investment? 

5 - O&M Services Strategy Scorecard
  • What are the market conditions set to enable ISPs to gain a competitive edge via their specialized services?

  • How do owner/operator characteristics such as company size, geographical spread and risk appetite impact upon the optimum service business model for O&M activities?

  • How and why the optimum services strategy vary between scheduled and maintenance activities?


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