New Energy Update’s Onshore Wind O&M Report 2018 responds to an evolving state of the onshore wind O&M industry, representing over four months of primary and secondary research:

  • Market Data: Data has been collated from a combination of proprietary and published sources and verified and analysed by our expert authors to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date and digestible facts and figures on market sizing and trends, company share and O&M market sizing. This includes NEU’s Onshore Wind O&M Survey 2018 with 550+ responses from targeted stakeholders across the O&M space providing unparalleled insight

  • Quantitative Analysis: WEBS*, Wind Energy Benchmarking Services, provided two proprietary sets of real-time failure rate and performance data utilised in the report analysis.

    *WEBS is an independent performance benchmarking company. We provide a secure, anonymised, industry level, independent web-based benchmarking service for wind farms across several key performance indicators. The benchmarking is focused on the operational performance and reliability of wind farm assets. We can benchmark more than 180 performance, availability, reliability and maintenance metrics across a range of dimensions, such as regional geography, turbine type and age. Thereby, providing a detailed analysis of an asset’s current performance against structurally similar assets to enable identification of areas for cost optimisation and increased productivity

  • Secondary Sources: Additional analysis includes secondary research conducted by our expert analysts. A comprehensive review of industry and academic journals, conference presentations, online publications, news articles, government policy documents, company press releases, and proprietary literature and materials providing a strong foundation from which to contextualize the report findings and highlight points of corroboration and departure. Where applicable, all secondary research sources are appropriately cited within the report

The methodological approaches adopted in this report have been framed by the pursuit to meet the information needs outlined in the original in-depth industry interviews. The 2018 edition looks towards a post/low-subsidy wind generation market to understand how owner/operators are adapting their handling of O&M activities and services contracts to navigate this increasingly complex terrain whilst optimizing ROI on their assets.

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