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The biogas and RNG markets are continuing to show healthy signs of growth amid disruption. However, crisis points are the ultimate test and it is integral that the finest minds of the industry collaborate. Covering questions around policy and finance has become crucial as industry players need to ensure that projects are delivered and that there is enough demand to compensate the supply in the industry. Complying with organics diversion and advancing the transition to a cleaner air and greener transportation systems are exciting opportunities, however not necessarily straightforward.

Reuters Events: US Biogas Virtual is bringing together executives from all over U.S. and beyond to share their know-how on how to monetize biogas-RNG production, explore opportunities and overcome the most critical challenges. Tuning in means that you will network with the whole biogas-RNG universe: developers, municipalities, feedstock owners, energy producers, fleet operators, refineries and their supply chain.

Equally relevant for decision makers, as well as their technical and engineering teams, it is the best business-to-business networking event that will teach companies how to capitalize on biogas-RNG production opportunities, as well as utilization pathways. The program will help you navigate through funding and regulatory challenges through productive development case studies, panel discussions and workshops.


— The US BiogasVirtual Team

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Featured Speakers

Richard DiGia

Richard DiGia Chief Executive Officer Aria Energy

Zeina El-Azzi

Zeina El-Azzi Chief Development Officer Brightmark Energy

Tim Olson

Tim Olson Senior Policy Advisor California Energy Commission

Daryl Maas

Daryl Maas CEO Maas Energy Works

Tyler Henn

Tyler Henn Vice President and General Manager Clean Energy Renewables

Mike Whitlatch

Mike Whitlatch Vice President of Global Energy and Procurement UPS

Harrison Clay

Harrison Clay Vice President Strategic Development, Global Environmental Products BP

Neil Black

Neil Black President California Bioenergy

Paul Relis

Paul Relis Vice President CR&R

Andy Dvoracek

Andy Dvoracek VP, Business Development AMP Americas

Greg Kester

Greg Kester Director of Renewable Resource Programs California Association of Sanitation Agencies

Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards Director and Advocate for Hydrogen Energy Air Liquide

  • The US Biogas Conference is a great opportunity to stay involved in the current state of the industry, network with people in both the public and private sector, and keep your organization engaged. I found it beneficial and recommend it to anyone in the energy industry.

    - Geoffrey Butler, Senior Financial Analyst, Macpherson Energy Corporation
    Macpherson Energy Corporation

US Biogas Virtual 2020 Value Proposition

What’s on offer and how can you get involved:

15-Minute Presentation

15-Minute Presentation

Present a case-study or show thought leadership through a 15 minute presentation with a live Q&A to all 3,500+ attendees

Live Panel Discussion

Live Panel Discussion

Participate in one of the many live panels happening over the 2 days. Sit beside major Biogas developers, operators and EPCIs to become the leading authority on key challenges.

Online Exhibition

Online Exhibition

Generate leads with a booth in our online exhibition - please note that access to our networking platform is exclusive to our online exhibitors

Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshops

Get up close and personal with your clients. Invite an exclusive group of your target clients to join them in deep dive conversation to overcome their biggest challenges and position yourself as the solution.

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  • Utilize and monetize your organic waste streams:

    Learn how to transform your waste into profit and which AD technology available for various applications including: MSW, Waste Water Treatment, Food Production and CHP

  • Meet state and federal regulations:

    Select the best waste conversion technologies that suits your project specifications and feedstocks

  • Secure funding for your projects:

    Learn how projects are financed and what makes the most sense for your waste stream

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  • Network with feedstock providers (municipalities, food production, waste water, agriculture):

    To secure long-term feedstock agreements and develop profitable new projects

  • Develop profitable projects:

    Analyse RFS, LCFS and RIN regulations, optimize biogas production, and debate gas interconnection standards

  • Secure finance and incentives:

    Evaluate finance models and what levels of risk are acceptable for different projects (gas to electric, gas to gas-grid, vehicle project etc)

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  • Evaluate profitable AD /LFG/ RNG projects:

    Assess the opportunities for profitable and reliable anaerobic digestion, landfill gas and RNG projects in the US and evaluate which US states will yield profitable projects

  • Assess new AD/ LFG/ RNG technology:

    Assess new technology entering the market and how this will impact the productivity of existing (upgrades) and new AD and RNG projects

  • Network with AD, LFG and RNG project developers:

    and potential partners to discuss profitable investment opportunities in anaerobic digestion and RNG projects

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  • Analyze state and national regulations:

    Discover the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) status and learn how this will impact your funding opportunities

  • Get the latest updates:

    on LCFS, Oregon Clean Fuels Program and the energy credits (RIN credits ranging from D3-D6) from the EPA

  • Promote renewable energy policy:

    Network with the entire biogas industry to promote federal and state renewable energy policies

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  • Secure new contracts:

    Explore a plethora of new projects coming onto the market and secure new contracts with key developers, financiers and stakeholders

  • Analyze biogas markets:

    Identify biogas to energy applications (gas-to-grid/electric/transport) so you can focus your business development strategy in the most profitable markets

  • Grow your business:

    Exchange business cards with project decision makers/owners and biogas experts to help you grow your business in lucrative US biogas markets

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  • Discuss ways to overcome:

    cost hurdles and how the biomethane interconnection incentive applies to gas to grid projects

  • Understand how:

    developers and utilities can work together to make the interconnection process more efficient

  • Discuss the pros and cons:

    between producing RNG vs selling electricity to build the most profitable outcome for your project

  • Understand the primary obstacles:

    (including pipeline injection costs) to the achievement of the state’s biomethane goals and describe the efforts now underway to overcome those obstacles

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Companies that attend Reuters Events: US Biogas Virtual

Pima county Wastewater
Guild associates
Hexagon Lincoln
Live Oak Bank

Join 3,500+ virtual attendees!

Don't miss out - limited places available

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All New for 2020 - The Biogas Insight Hub

Business critical insights to keep the market informed

  • View our upcoming webinars on the impacts of Covid-19 and the Oil crash
  • See our on demand discussions on floating wind commercialisation and emerging Biogas markets
  • View detailed project case studies and what success stories can be transferred
  • Access the latest stats and facts on Biogas projects around the Globe
  • Stay up to date with the latest news and analysis
View the Insight Hub Here
All New for 2020 - The Nuclear Insight Hub

So many reasons to tune in -
What you and your team can expect from US Biogas Virtual 2020

Business Critical Insight

Business Critical Insight

We are bringing you the best content in Biogas direct to your fingertips. With world-class presentations, panels, interviews and workshops, our content is unparalleled in scope and expertise. Available live and also on-demand for 4 weeks after the event.

150+ Key Industry Speakers

60+ Key Industry Speakers

The best speaker line-up in Biogas! No other line up will better prepare your 2020 business strategy! Year on year we secure the leading voices on innovations, problem solving and optimization and now it is time your team benefits from their exclusive insight.

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

The only multi-discipline downstream event goes virtual. Europe’s biggest names in Biogas will once again gather for 2 days of sharing exclusive insight and lessons learned on every facet of the industry. We have done the work, so you don’t have to! Can you afford to miss it?

Audience Interactivity

Audience Interactivity

We know that opportunities to interact with your peers are what make events special. That’s why wherever possible and using the latest technology we will continue to deliver live Q&As, breakout sessions & workshops and audience polls.

One-to-One Networking Service

One-to-One Networking Service

Connect with your fellow attendees and potential new partners through a dedicated virtual meeting platform. You will be able to message, schedule meetings and use virtual meeting rooms to ensure even in isolation you are not isolated from new connections, ideas and partnerships.

A Brand-New Virtual Exhibition

A Brand-New Virtual Exhibition

Search through 50+ exhibitors from your own desk. Whether you work in construction, operations, or supply chain, you’ll be able to find the latest services and technology solutions across your entire plant lifecycle.

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  • This event encourages us to go boldly into the future of renewable energy from existing organic waste.

    - Jon Koch, Director, WPCP City of Muscatine, IA
    WPCP City of Muscatine, IA

Build your business at Biogas Virtual 2020

  • Explore new opportunities for project finance in 2020 and beyond:

    Tackle financial uncertainty, availability of capital and funding for new projects in a challenging time

  • Find demand for your biogas-RNG production:

    Explore new routes to tackle lack of demand challenges

  • Advance your decarbonization mission:

    Overcome challenges associated with GHG and carbon reduction

  • Monetize your RNG production:

    Explore the post oil price crash collaboration between the natural gas vehicle market and RNG developers for successful vehicle fuel projects

  • Find innovative solutions for your organic waste distribution:

    Navigate through changes associated with organic diversion and explore opportunities for the food waste and wastewater treatment (WWTP) sectors


Learn from 25+ online sessions and interact with 60+ speakers

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Watch Live

Watch presentations, fireside chats and panel discussions from top industry thought-leaders all day, every day!



Comment and question in real time. Spark conversations with your 3,500+ fellow attendees. Follow up with interesting ideas in the digital networking suite!



Get in-depth answers in real-time in our live Q&A sessions in each presentation and panel!



Missed a session? Catch-up in your own time through our on-demand service. Imagine a Biogas Netflix.

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What our Delegates are saying

  • The Conference is a great place to network with new potential customers and hear the latest trends in the Waste Conversion arena.

    - INEOS Bio
    INEOS Bio
  • This conference was an excellent event, with top flight speakers from diverse backgrounds, and good networking opportunities.

    - Clean Skies LLC
    Clean Skies LLC
  • The conference provided my organization with a national gauge on the industry as a whole and networking's good to be with others who have the same passion.

    - Waste To Energy Partners
    Waste To Energy Partners

Join 3,500+ virtual attendees!

Don't miss out - limited places available

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