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2018 Agenda Below:

Monday, November 5th: DAY 1 CONFERENCE PROGRAM

08:30-08:40 Organizer’s Opening speech

New Energy Update Diana Dropol Project Director New Energy Update

08:40-08:50 Chairman’s Opening speech
08:50-09:20 Market, costs and revenue streams spurred by for RINs / LCFS credits and other government policies. Is your project investment ready?
  • Hear about the most innovative business models and key factors that helped developers secure project financing in several submarkets and learn how to implement them for your own successful project
  • Find out strategies that European developers are using to improve operability and stay ahead of technology innovation; Apply these takeaways for your own projects
  • Learn about the financial potential poised for investment in the US and get a deeper understanding of the revenue streams, cost schemes, and needs that shape your waste-to-energy goals
  • Gain clarity on costs and revenue streams that financiers rely on when evaluating project development on to make your project investment ready

California Energy Commission Tim Olson Senior Policy Advisor California Energy Commission

Trade Council North America / Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Louise Hansen Commercial Advisor Waste, Recycling and Biogas Trade Council North America / Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

09:20-09:50 Clarity on the latest state and federal incentives program and the impact on biogas demand
  • Share thoughts on the role of biogas in decarbonizing CA, post 2030
  • Find out how much gas can come to CA from other states and much gas can be produced in-state
  • Discuss initiatives related to biogas use for electricity generation (BioMAT), as well as biogas transportation use upstream incentives (RFS, LCFS)
  • Learn how the incentive distribution will impact your funding opportunities and facilitate biogas demand
  • Learn about the seasonal aspect of biogas supply and the challenges presented by seasonal supply swings coupled with finite and reasonably static demand
  • Understand how the political environment will impact your project’s cost and timeframe

Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas Nina Kapoor Director of State Governmental Affairs Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

Bioenergy Association of California Julia Levin Executive Director Bioenergy Association of California

09:50-10:15 RNG: The Nexus Between Policy & Project Development
  • How important is public policy advocacy and education?
  • How has public policy influenced industry growth to date?
  • Which policies should industry be most supportive of and most concerned about?

Better understand the answer to these questions - and more - with Johannes Escudero, Founder & CEO of the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition), the non-profit organization providing policy advocacy and education for the RNG industry in North America.

Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition) Johannes Escudero Founder & CEO Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition)

10:45-11:10 LCFS and RFS pathways and what these mean for your project development
  • Share ideas on opportunities related to utilizing different waste strems to generate green, reliable, environmentally favorable, and economical energy for stationary power and transportation vehicles
  • Learn about the amount of organic material that will need a potential home as soon as the regulations ramp up and how this might impact your project development
  • Discover a complete cost scheme covering feedstock acquisition, processing, biomethane permitting costs, engineering costs, revenue streams and how these can be utilized to predict project profitability

California Air Resources Board Sam Wade Chief Transportation Fuel Branch California Air Resources Board

11:10-12:05 Overcoming pipeline interconnections challenges - a 5-year view from 2018
  • Review the current incentive scheme and understand what you need to do to reach utility gas standards
  • Find out whether utility costs are going to be impacted as a result of a re-evaluation of the heating value and siloxane requirements by the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST)
  • Hear developers discuss overcoming hurdles such as proximity to the pipeline, trucking and aggregating
  • Assess different upgrading technologies and whether they are suitable for your project

Calgren Renewable Fuels Lyle Schlyer President Calgren Renewable Fuels

BioFuels Energy, LLC Kenneth J. Frisbie Managing Director BioFuels Energy, LLC

SoCalGas Jim Lucas Market Development Manager SoCalGas

Pacific Gas and Electric Company Dave Lewis Director - Wholesale Marketing & Business Development Pacific Gas and Electric Company

California Public Utilities Commission Jamie Ormond Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst – Energy Division California Public Utilities Commission

12:05-12:30 Tackling pipeline injections obstacles for your methane reductions goals
  • Hear the detailed case study of California’s first operational dairy digester pipeline cluster
  • Learn about pipeline quality injections standards from California and other utilities
  • Understand the efforts to overcome economical hurdles associated with injection CNG and extracting it to use at another location
  • Find out more about utility timelines and find out what the community can do to expedite them

Maas Energy Works Inc. Daryl Maas CEO Maas Energy Works Inc.

14:00-14:45 Exploring opportunities for private / public partnerships in biogas development
  • Learn about the impact on of a grant or public participation on a private investor’s decision to invest; understand how sizeable that grant needs to be
  • Discuss what other factors are significant and what is their impact on the finance your project
  • Understand what is required to form innovative public-private partnerships that would balance the use of innovative technologies, sharing of project costs and risk allocation for your project’s success
  • Find out methods to protect your agency from financial harm if the project goes sideways

Delta Diablo Vince De Lange Executive General Manager Delta Diablo

California Association of Sanitation Agencies Greg Kester Director of Renewable Resource Programs California Association of Sanitation Agencies

CalRecycle Scott Beckner Senior Environmental Scientist CalRecycle

InstarAGF Jonathan Stone Partner InstarAGF

14:45-15:30 Mitigating risk and project success through management operational best practice
  • Hear the expert’s perspective on how to insure long term stability to increase the appetite of private investors
  • Discover methods to maximize ownership interest and minimize debt to attract investors
  • Understand Cap & Trade funding opportunities and how investors advise developers to secure financing
  • Discuss different levels of risks and how they can be mitigated to maximize productivity and long term prospects
  • Find out more about funding for tax equity, debt and equity and financial risk management to maximize the profitability of your project
  • Learn about managing a long term fixed price contract and meet the terms for your project

Ultra Capital Aaron Ratner Managing Director Ultra Capital

Killpatrick Townsend Stockton LLP Mark Riedy Managing Director Killpatrick Townsend Stockton LLP

Cambrian Energy Evan Williams President Cambrian Energy

Generate Capital John Dannan Vice President Generate Capital

16:00-16:45 Capitalize on RNG production for vehicle fuel (RINs/LCFS)
  • Discover the monetary incentives needed to develop successful projects based on the CARB and California Energy Commission NGV incentives distribution
  • Find out what’s expected in terms of vehicle numbers and vehicle types (e.g. buses, types of trucks) available for CNG, LNG and RNG players
  • Understand what is needed to accelerate the transition from a diesel fleet to natural gas (NG) vehicles from RNG fleet operators and NG operators
  • Discuss the realistic timeframe to transition a fleet over to natural gas vehicles and methods to accelerate it
  • Learn operational and safety considerations of fleet conversions to RNG for maximum efficiency on your vehicle fuel project
  • Discuss whether policy changes are needed to account for seasonality of supply, (e.g. will developers be allowed to contribute more biogas to utilities during the summer and deliver it to users during the winter?)

Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition Thomas Lawson President Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition

Trillium CNG William Zobel VP Business Development, Marketing & Strategy Trillium CNG

BP Harrison Clay Vice President Strategic Development and Global Environmental Products BP

Clean Energy Renewables Tyler Henn Vice President and General Manager Clean Energy Renewables

AMP Andy Dvoracek VP of Business Development Amp

16:45-17:10 Create a virtual pipeline with mobile fueling
  • Learn about an alternatives to ‘wheeling’ gas through existing utility pipelines
  • Understand challenges of transporting biogas for fueling fleet vehicles
  • Evaluate the benefits of vehicle fueling at fleet sites versus fueling at biogas production sites

City of Petaluma Jason Beatty Assistant Director and Project Manager City of Petaluma

17:10-17:35 Making RNG the perpetual renewable fuel with biogas and renewable power
  • Discover renewable energy storage using a novel bio-methanation system 
  • Generate grid-quality methane from carbon dioxide or raw biogas
  • Capture value from upgrading carbon dioxide into renewable transportation fuels

Electrochaea Francesco di Bari CFO Electrochaea

17:35-18:15 The New Biogas Paradigm
  • Understand the implications for global OD/biogas project development related to the necessity for a “turnkey - front to back - solution”, as well as the monetization opportunities for offtake products beyond energy
  • Learn about a flexible platform solution that can accommodate a variety of technology options and enable not only RNG/pipeline, CNG/transport or CHP incomes, reclaiming clean water, solid and liquid nutrients to make fertilizers and other soil amendments from digestate treatment
  • Strengthen your ROI by optimizing the complete value chain of economic, agronomic and environmental value drivers

Eisenmann Chris Maloney Global Head, Organics Diversion Eisenmann

CR&R Paul Relis Senior Vice President CR&R

BP Harrison Clay Vice President Strategic Development and Global Environmental Products BP

Greenlane Biogas Brad Douville President Greenlane Biogas

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Tuesday, November 6: DAY 2 CONFERENCE PROGRAM

08:30-08:55 Dairy Methane Capture: Opportunities, Issues, Solutions
  • Explore why California is the largest dairy producing state in the nation, and thus the largest dairy methane emitter
  • Understand why California is aggressively funding dairy methane capture to R-CNG projects
  • Find out more about what California is doing to incentivize dairy R-CNG fuel with significant LCFS credits per MMBTU of gas
  • Discuss points about the significant capital that needs to be deployed to reduce California dairy methane emission by 40% by 2030
  • Get insight into the $1 Billion infrastructure investment opportunity for private equity, corporate partners, pension funds, banks and lenders

California Bioenergy Andrew Craig Director of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiatives at California California Bioenergy LLC

California Bioenergy Neil Black President California Bioenergy LLC

08:55-09:20 Lessons learned from the global biogas to RNG market
  • Discover the Adsorption technology to upgrade biogas from AD and LFG
  • Find out why it is important to remove inert gases to produce biomethane/RNG
  • Identify equipment with high power consumption

Xebec Adsorption Inc. Antonio Saavedra Director of Sales and Business Development Xebec Adsorption Inc.

09:20-09:45 From landfill to CNG, LNG or RNG - case study how to overcome critical challenges of the most lucrative markets
  • Understand the developer’s perspective on the economy of scale when converting LFG to RNG and the implication on your project
  • Learn about the commercial wins and overcoming the commercial challenges related to the colocation of LFG with an anaerobic digester
  • Discover alternative pathways to interconnections standards gas for a profitable outcome of your project
  • Understand how clean-up technologies such as the liquid base selexol technology, membrane technology and PSA technology could revolutionize the LFG to RNG pathway

Fortistar David Unger Senior Vice President (responsible for RNG development strategy) Fortistar

09:45-10:20 Implication of organics diversion requirements on biogas development
  • Discuss LFG and WWTP gas projects opportunities and what is expected in terms of federal support pre and post 2023
  • Understand the conditions required to fund your project and plan for your project to be in commercial operation, whilst mitigating the financial risk
  • Learn about efficient ways to deal with you waste disposal issues
  • Find out all you need to take into consideration for your LFG and WWTP gas projects in a challenging regulatory and financial space

Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts Frank Caponi Division Engineer, Head - Air Quality EngineeringLos Angeles County Sanitation Districts

East Bay Municipal Utility District John Hake Manager of Resource Recovery East Bay Municipal Utility District

California Association of Sanitation Agencies Greg Kester Director of Renewable Resource Programs California Association of Sanitation Agencies

10.50-11:15 Renescience - a new solution for diverting organic waste from landfill to biogas
  • Discuss the current and future organics diversion requirements and the implications for municipalities
  • Introduce Orsted’s Renescience solution and describe how it can meet diversion requirements and generate biogas
  • Identify the opportunities and challenges for developing Renescience, based on our US development experience to date

Ørsted Simon Chignell Head of Project Development, United States Ørsted

11:15-11:40 Biomethane to hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles
  • Hear the developer’s view on renewable hydrogen production and use challenges and how to capitalize on available opportunities
  • Learn about biomethane to hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles (Pathway for biomethane to produce electricity that would tie into vehicle) and the potential technological applications that can be used in your project planning stage

Hexagon Lincoln Mark Babcock Director of Business Development, Mobile Pipeline® Hexagon Lincoln

11:40-12:05 A New Paradigm for Anaerobic Digestion
  • Carboxylate Platform: Production of High Value Carboxylic Acids from High Moisture Organic Wastes
  • Value Proposition: This Stuff Is Worth $1500 per Dry Ton
  • California Opportunity: Post Consumer Food Waste to Synthetic Lubricants for Aviation and AC Compressors
  • Pre-Consumer Food Waste to Smart Fats – Fuel for Humans and their Pets (Bullet Proof Coffee etc)

Earth Energy Renewables (EER) John Wooley CEO and Founder Earth Energy Renewables (EER)

12:05-12:30 Increasing project profitability by reducing your operational risk
  • Learn about contingency plans for when there’s a hick-up and you don’t have enough gas production
  • Understand how to optimize from the biology and dynamics of treatment processes and gas scheduling and gas delivery tou sing gas container trucks
  • Find out what kind of trucks you need and how you can expand your fleet
  • Discuss what improvements have occurred in RNG storage and filling facilities

City of San Mateo David Fink Facilities Maintenance Supervisor City of San Mateo

City of San Mateo Stephen Wu Assistant Engineer City of San Mateo

14:00-14:25 Insights into biogas upgrading to the most stringent of pipeline specifications
  • Learn how to build the case for RNG vs CHP (molecules vs electrons)
  • Develop efficient strategies to meet Southern California Gas Rule 30 specifications
  • Explore different perspectives on the main biogas to RNG upgrading technologies

Greenlane Biogas Brad Douville President Greenlane Biogas

14:25-14:50 Organics recycling with anaerobic digestion from solid waste
  • Find out an economic and rapid deployment approach for organics recycling using existing infrastructure
  • Explore viable options for organics recycling to anaerobic digestion from Mixed Solid Waste
  • Learn how to enable the use of existing anaerobic digestion infrastructure at wastewater treatment plants

Anaergia Yaniv Scherson Managing Director Anaergia

14:50-15:15 Los Angeles County Sanitation District’s food waste pre-processing Facility - installation and start-up
  • Learn about the selection process to slurry food waste used in an anaerobic digester
  • Find out about the installation and start-up of the pre-processing facility

Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County Vikram Reddy Project Engineer Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

15:15-15:40 Overcoming challenges related to commercial deployment of thermochemical/biomass gasification technologies in California
  • Learn how to overcome regulatory hurdles for your future thermochemical / gasification projects and gain clarity over the advantages and disadvantages of using these technologies
  • Understand how thermal conversion technologies could facilitate solutions to comply the organic diversion requirements
  • Gain insight into the transitioning process from demonstration to commercial deployment

SMUD Valentino M. Tiangco Biomass Program Manager, Distributed Generation & RenewablesSMUD


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