What you can expect from the 2020 agenda

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Regulatory Keynote: Exploring the U.S. policy initiatives supporting biogas and RNG production and utilization (post-Co-vid)

  • Explore the routes to accelerate the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and RFS pathways to recover after the market slowdown
  • Understand the new routes to market and how the LCFS regulation is expected to impact the transition to greener transportation systems in several U.S. states
  • Find out how to overcome main challenges when trying to benefit from the LCFS incentive scheme
  • Gain clarity on the tax structure for compliance purposes and operation of commercially advantageous projects

Financial Panel: Tackling financial uncertainty, availability of capital and funding for new projects

  • Understand how public funds can be used to leverage private financing and long term fixed priced contracts
  • Learn about how sizeable a grant needs to be to attract private investment
  • Discuss what other factors are significant and what is their impact on the finance your project
  • Understand what is required to form innovative public-private partnerships that would balance the use of innovative technologies, sharing of project costs and risk allocation for your project’s success
  • Find out more about the tipping fee needed for a project to be financeable

Developer Panel: Exploring new routes to tackle lack of demand challenges

  • Find out the developer’s perspective best ways to deal with pronounced lack of fuel demand, when pricing is dependent upon demand of diesel and gasoline?
  • Explore the alternatives to grow RNG demand from a fleet standpoint?
  • Understand how to preserve cashflows in biogas and RNG in North America

Fleet Owner Panel: Tackling challenges associated with GHG and carbon reduction

  • Understand how to manage data for a more accurate reporting process
  • Find out how to build the business case and defined strategies for an efficient and realistic carbon reduction plan
  • Explore the steps towards a standardized approach to carbon auditing and how to engage appropriate stakeholders
  • Learn how to work towards a collaborative approach with the supply chain partners

Supply Chain Panel: Debating solutions to tackle operational issues

  • Understand how to overcome permitting challenges for new projects
  • How can supply chain delays be addressed for a minimal impact on project efficiency?
  • How can seasonality of production be optimized? What is the pathway for storage to become a viable option?
  • How can we tackle the challenges that commercial projects with the debt market constantly changing?

Municipality Panel: Exploring the organics diversions opportunities for the food waste and wastewater treatment (WWTP) sectors

  • Understand the conditions required to fund your project and plan for your project to be in commercial operation, whilst mitigating the financial risk
  • Analyze strategies to reach SB 1383 objectives through co-digestion of diverted organic waste and explore innovative technologies to turn this challenge into a commercial opportunity
  • Find out about the constituents and partner jurisdictions on the benefits of producing biogas from organic waste

Multi-Stakeholder Panel: Overcoming challenges associated with biogas project development whilst driving ROI

  • Discover the integrated value chain driving economic, agronomic, and environmental value that will help you maximize your project potential
  • Find out the multi-stakeholder viewpoint on how to capitalize on the growing organics diversion to biogas market
  • Get a perspective into the geographic opportunities that will help you minimize risk while increasing reward, as well as navigating organics diversion legislation

Dairy Developer Panel: Utilizing dairy methane in line with carbon reduction goals

  • Find out the latest update on methane reduction goals by 40% by 2030
  • Explore what makes dairy an attractive investment opportunity for private equity, corporate partners, pension funds, banks and lenders
  • Understand how to maximize the value to the project farmer and minimize the value to the middleman to better the project structure and off-take contracts?

Dairy Developer Case Study: Fueling a renewable future from dairy manure to R-CNG and electric vehicle fuels

  • Explore the strategies needed to aggregate dairy biomethane fuel at a large scale (millions of gallons)?
  • Find out how to incorporate dairy systems utilizing electric fuel generators

Multi-Stakeholder Panel: Monetizing renewable natural gas production for vehicle fuel after 2020

  • Explore ways to grow your RNG demand from a fleet standpoint
  • Discover the vehicle conversion costs and the incentives available and how these can be utilized to predict project profitability
  • Find out more about the collaboration opportunities between developers, waste management facilities, refineries

Developer Panel: Post oil price crash collaboration between the natural gas vehicle market and RNG developers for successful vehicle fuel projects

  • Learn an update on the natural gas vehicle conversions (diesel engines - NG engines fueled by RNG), as well as the number of existing natural gas vehicles that can be fueled by RNG
  • Discuss the process to accelerate the transition from a diesel fleet to cleaner transportation systems Find out predictions regarding vehicle numbers for CNG, LNG and RNG players
  • Discover the technical considerations for fleet conversions to RNG that have proven maximum efficiency

Multi-Stakeholder Panel: Pipeline injection in California (in state, out of state) with or without pilot project status

  • Hear about the utility injection application/commissioning history injection standards (CA vs the others) to identify the technical differences and what technologies meet the standard
  • Overcome hurdles such as proximity to the pipeline, trucking and aggregating
  • Understand the efforts to overcome economical hurdles associated with injection CNG and extracting it to use at another location
  • Find out more about utility timelines and how to expedite them

Workshop (Hydrogen Producer Case Study): RNG to hydrogen application in electric vehicle market

  • Find out more about renewable hydrogen production, challenges and how to capitalize on available opportunities
  • Explore the lessons learnt from biomethane to hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles and the potential technological applications that can be used in your project planning stage
  • Learn about electric vehicle charging using biogas fuel

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