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2018 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Silver Sponsors

Fortistar Read More

Company overview coming soon.

Greenlane Biogas
Greenlane Biogas Read More

Greenlane Biogas is a global leader in biogas upgrading solutions. We provide everything required to turn raw biogas released from organic waste into renewable natural gas (RNG) for pipeline injection and natural gas vehicle fuel. With more than three decades of experience, Greenlane Biogas has one of the largest installed bases with more than 100 systems operating in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Bronze Sponsor

Xebec Adsorption Inc Read More

Company overview coming soon.


Anaergia Read More

With a focus on recovering value from waste, Anaergia provides advanced technologies and complete, integrated solutions for municipal solid waste management, organics diversion, advanced anaerobic digestion, and fertilizer production. Anaergia’s Organics Extrusion Press (OREX) offers an efficient approach to extract organics from a wide range of waste sources regardless of contamination levels, while the CleanREX removes the majority of physical contaminants from the extracted organics, preparing it for anaerobic digestion. Anaergia provides unmatched solutions to the most pressing resource recovery challenges using an innovative portfolio of proven technologies and project delivery methods from equipment sale to Design, Build, Own, Operate, Maintain (DBOOM).

Electrochaea GmbH Read More

Electrochaea has developed a commercially viable and disruptive solution for utility-scale energy storage, grid balancing, and carbon reuse.

Our proprietary process converts low-cost and stranded electricity and CO2 into pipeline-grade renewable gas for direct injection into the natural gas grid. The core of our power-to-gas system is a selectively evolved microorganism – a methanogenic archaea. It enables our patented methanation technology to operate at lower capital and operating costs and with greater flexibility than conventional thermochemical methanation processes. Electrochaea is a dynamic early-stage company with headquarters, engineering and development teams in Munich, Germany, and a commercial scale demonstration facility in our Danish subsidiary.


Hexagon is the world leader in composite cylinder design and manufacturing with facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska and Kassel, Germany. To date, Hexagon has manufactured approximately 700,000 composite pressure vessels for multiple applications including vehicle fueling and Mobile Pipeline. Hexagon’s Mobile Pipeline solutions allow for the distribution of conventional natural gas from a pipeline to stranded facilities and communities. Mobile Pipeline is also an effective solution for the collection of Renewable Natural Gas from facilities that are unable to deliver RNG to the gas distribution system due to cost to construct a pipeline interconnect.

InstarAGF Read More

Launched in 2014, InstarAGF is an independent alternative asset management firm with an emphasis on North American middle-market opportunities in the infrastructure sector and other alternative real asset categories. InstarAGF, which makes direct investments and co-investments with like-minded investors and strategic partners, is a joint venture between Instar Group Inc., a company owned by Gregory J. Smith, and AGF Management Limited, a diversified global asset management firm.

Heat to Power Generator Sponsor

Clean Energy Technologies Read More

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, Clean Energy Technologies, (CETY) is a designer, producer and marketer of clean energy products & integrated solutions focused on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. We produce an Organic Rankine Cycle system called the Clean CycleTM heat to power generator through our wholly owned subsidiary Heat Recovery Solutions, (HRS). Our Clean Cycle TM generators create power from waste heat with no additional emission and come in two models, skids for use inside a plant or containers for outdoor applications. By using the Clean CycleTM generator our customers boost their overall energy efficiency. Our product saves fuel, reduces pollution, requires very little maintenance and provides a fast return on investment.


ANGI Energy Systems LLC
ANGI Energy Systems LLC Read More

ANGI Energy Systems is a North American company that designs and manufactures systems for compressed natural gas (CNG), biogas pipeline injection and tube trailer transport applications around the world. With a long-standing reputation for quality and customer service ANGI continues to be the leading supplier of CNG fueling equipment for NGV & Biogas markets. We provide a specialized team of sales, project management, engineering, and field support experts who work with our customers to provide best in class products that produce safe, efficient and effective energy delivery solutions. ANGI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gilbarco-Veeder Root.

Force Energy
Force Energy Systems Read More

Force Energy Systems Inc. represents innovate manufacturers of Waste Heat to Power (WHP) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) equipment across North America.

WHP is Recycled Energy.  Waste heat is captured and through an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system, clean electricity is generated.  Viking Heat Engines produce scalable systems for electricity production and increased fuel efficiency.

Cogeneration or CHP is an efficient source of Heat and Electricity. Tedom has global experience with Biogas, supplying electrical generation systems from 27 kW to 2000 kW.

Clean Energy efficiently generated from alternative and renewable sources is Force Energy’s primary focus.

Fortistar Read More

Company overview coming soon.

GraniteFuel Engineering
GraniteFuel Engineering Read More

GraniteFuel Engineering designs and develops innovative fuel conditioning systems for digester, landfill and wellhead gas. GraniteFuel’s unique fuel conditioning systems are designed to the highest standards of quality with a focus on being the most efficient and cost effective solutions available on the market. With an integrated engineering approach, GraniteFuel works alongside the client to develop the most appropriate gas conditioning system(s) for each application. Whether it be a biogas-power project, or a biogas pipeline injection project, GraniteFuel is a reliable technology partner that is dedicated to ensuring the clients project success.

GraniteFuel Engineering
Morrow Renewables Read More

Morrow Renewables is a privately owned company that provides integrated waste-to-energy solutions to the municipal waste sector. Since its inception in 1986, Morrow has received two patents in biogas treating, led the industry in plant run-times and methane efficiencies, and established a reputation as one of the top biogas treating firms in America. Not only has Morrow built more high BTU biogas projects than any other domestic developer, it is the only U.S. company that: develops, designs, manufactures, operates, and supports biogas projects. Guided by our core values of integrity and sustainability, we focus on delivering high performance assets that maximize value for our clients.


Paques Environmental Technologies
Paques Environmental Technologies Read More

Leading in biological wastewater and gas treatment, Paques has over 30 years’ experience in helping industries and municipalities to reduce their water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources. The THIOPAQ®  scrubber ,which Paques developed in the early 90’s, is the most widely applied biogas and landfill gas desulfurization system.  Paques’ cost-effective effluent purification systems produce biogas from wastewater, while purifying the water and facilitating water reuse. Besides its headquarters in the Netherlands, Paques has subsidiaries and/or production locations in the United States (Burlington, MA), China, Brazil, India and Malaysia.

Swinerton Builders
Swinerton Read More

Harnessing the untapped power of waste products is the way of the future. With the push for renewable energy solutions comes the need for high-functioning facilities that generate power and maximize existing resources.

Swinerton’s Waste to Energy (W2E) division’s primary focus is enabling the production of biogas derived from organic waste, municipal solid waste (MSW), and waste water treatment plants (WWTP).

We partner with renewable energy pioneers to construct powerful structures that revitalize waste products, resulting in cleaner and more sustainable power solutions.



Eisenmann Read More

Company overview coming soon.

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2018 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Silver Sponsors

  • Fortistar
  • Greenlane Biogas

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  • xebec


  • Anaergia
  • Electrochaea
  • Hexagon
  • InstarAGF

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  • CETY


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  • Fortistar
  • GraniteFuel Engineering
  • GraniteFuel Engineering
  • Paques Environmental Technologies
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