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  • Operations & Asset Management
  • Services Strategy & Optimization
  • End of Life: Extend Asset Life or Repower?
  • Data Driven O&M
  • Workforce Development
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Energy Storage
  • Headline Maintenance Sessions
  • Blades
  • Gearboxes & Maintenance Strategies
  • BOP


Welcome from the Organizers & Chairman’s Introduction

U.S. Renewables O&M Market Outlook & Opportunities

  • Hear the latest forecasts for U.S. renewables capacity
  • Explore how increased U.S. wind and solar capacity will impact O&M strategies in the next 5 years
  • Find out how digital technology, digitization and adoption rates are affecting industry growth & O&M strategies
  • Discuss benchmark your assets against average turbine & component failure rates and national reliability assessments

IHS Markit Rafael McDonald Director, North American Renewable Power IHS Markit

Executive Asset Owner Panel: Wind & Solar Operational Optimization

  • Hear from key utilities, asset owners and IPPs on their operational goals for wind and solar assets
  • Assess the vast operational successes/ gains made nationwide and lessons learned along the way
  • Identify any pain points in existing operational delivery from the top and where optimization is most needed
  • Explore executive-level insights in to optimization strategies to address those pain point, plus input from the audience

Liberty Power Ian MacRobbie VP Operations Liberty Power

Shell New Energies Jorge Villalobos General Manager of Operations (Wind/Solar) Shell New Energies

E.ON Gerrud Wallaert Senior Vice President Engineering E.ON

Leeward Renewable Energy Jason Allen Chief Operations Officer Leeward Renewable Energy

Duke Energy Corporation Jeff Wehner Vice President Renewables Duke Energy Corporation

CPS Energy Chris Eugster Chief Operations Officer CPS Energy

Executive OEM Panel: Perspectives of an Evolving Renewables Industry

Wind turbine OEMs discuss:

  • How they are delivering new client solutions that venture outside of the typical scope of supply for major wind turbine OEMs
  • What this evolution will mean for the Wind O&M community, contract/warranty costs and available long-term services
  • OEM component supply strategies

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Darnell Walker CEO Services Americas Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

GE Renewable Energy Marco Molina Americas Services Sales Director GE Renewable Energy

Multi Stakeholder Panel: High-Level Budget Prioritization Across Wind Assets

  • Establishing a clear and standardized contingency plan for unplanned major component failures
  • Getting buy in from the field to “do more with less”
  • Investment in the latest technologies for leaner O&M teams, remote inspection and predictive maintenance

Shell New Energies Dana Herrera General Manager - Asset Management Shell New Energies

BlackRock David Smith Director, Asset Management Asia & North America BlackRock

Goldwind John Gibson Vice President of Operations Goldwind

Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables [Moderator] Dan Shreve Partner Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

NEW FOR 2019: Technology Innovation Showcase

  • In this session we’ll showcase the latest and greatest in technology innovations across wind O&M. You’ll hear quick-fire TED talk style presentations from start-up companies outlining their technology and how it will shake up the industry!
  • Our specialist judging panel will then provide feedback based off the presentations, offering insight into what they liked and what they’d like to see improved
  • Offer your feedback too through our interactive Q&A app, where we’ll be polling and showing your feedback to the whole audience!


Liberty Power Ian MacRobbie VP Operations Liberty Power

Excelsior Energy Capital Matthew Burt Managing Director, Operations Excelsior Energy Capital

APEX Clean Energy David Balfrey Senior VP Technology and Asset Management APEX Clean Energy

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Pamela Carabello Engineering Manager Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Pitching Companies:

Clir Renewables Inc. Gareth Brown CEO Clir Renewables Inc.

Angstrom Energy Solutions Rayna Handelman President & CEO Angstrom Energy Solutions

Biome Renewables Ryan Church Founder and CEO Biome Renewables

Daniela Roeper Founder & CEO Borealis Wind

Liftwerx Solutions, Inc Glen Aitken President Liftwerx Solutions, Inc

Operations and Asset Management: Headline Sessions

Multi-Stakeholder Panel: Turbine Advancement Implications for O&M and Asset Management

  • Understand the implications of increasing wind turbine quality and size on production, maintenance and asset management decision making
  • Get to grips with the effect larger blades and towers have in creating infrastructure and logistical chokepoints, leading to development and operations challenges
  • Learn from owner/operator, OEM and supply chain use case studies that will ensure you can increase production without simultaneously increasing risk and downtime

BayWa r.e. Wind, LLC Joerg Beland Vice President - Operations BayWa r.e. Wind, LLC

Remote Operations Centers & Teams: The Future of Lean, Profitable Wind O&M?

  • Explore the multiple location monitoring benefits and considerations through ROCs for your wind farms
  • Bridge the skilled labor gap – are ROCs (and the teams or workers themselves) the solution or a pipe dream?
  • Learn how ROC teams are streamlining workflows and optimizing efficiency with user-friendly technologies
  • Discuss the ‘day in the life of’ an ROC and the sheer magnitude of these operations
  • Hear from operators on how ROCs have positively impacted their bottom lines

Harvest Energy Services [MODERATOR] Judah Moseson Director, Business Development Harvest Energy Services

Invenergy Brad Purtell Director Services Business Development Invenergy

PGE Scott Elliot Wind Asset Manager PGE

Leeward Energy Troy Ryan Director of Operations Leeward Energy

APEX Clean Energy Neil James Vice President Operations and Maintenance APEX Clean Energy

Long Term Risk Management & Insurance

  • Learn to more accurately quantify unforeseen generation losses due to plant downtime and examine the range of risk transfer opportunities available when self-performing
  • Leverage exclusive insurer perspectives to explore the critical do’s and don’ts of long term resource risk and its potential impact on your portfolio

GCube Jatin Sharma President GCube

Are you a Mickey Mouse Business?

  • Hear how other industries have effectively managed their assets and understand how learning from them can be positive in order to refine your asset management strategy.

Innogy Renewables Lee Faulkner Senior Director of Operations, US Innogy Renewables

Services Strategy and Optimization

Self-Performance Panel: A How-To in Remaining Relevant in a Changing Industry

  • Using performance analytics to bring your Condition Based Maintenance program to the next level
  • How an effective training program can help to attract, build, and retain a wind technician workforce
  • Best practices in remote monitoring center management

Navigant [MODERATOR] Bruce Hamilton Director, Energy Navigant

APEX Clean Energy Neil James Vice President Operations and Maintenance APEX Clean Energy

Acciona Energy USA Krys Rootham VP Operations Acciona Energy USA

E.ON Climate and Renewables Gerrud Wallaert Senior VP Engineering, US E.ON Climate and Renewables

Duke Energy Jeff Wehner VP Renewables Duke Energy

The Art of Successful Self-Performance: Asset Owner Lessons Learned

  • Lessons-learned and key challenges overcome in the transition to self-perform - What worked and what didn’t
  • The required O&M infrastructural investments prior to operation
  • Data and documentation collection and analysis requirements for successful O&M
  • Developing a water-tight supplier network and secondary services

Danish Wind Power Academy Americas Carsten Anderson CEO Danish Wind Power Academy Americas

Self-perform versus Third-Party for O&M Services

  • A process approach for making the decision to self-perform or hire a third-party
  • Criteria for selecting third-party service providers
  • Setting performance guaranties
  • Splitting the decision: Services to self-perform and what to contract out to optimize site efficiency
  • Working with lenders and financiers to gain their buy-in

GlidePath Asset Management David Braun President GlidePath Asset Management

Duke Energy Ben Jordan Director of Outside Services Duke Energy

Mortenson Energy Services Wayne Atkinson Customer Service Manager Mortenson Energy Services

RENEW Energy Jim Mikel President RENEW Energy

Optimizing Service Solutions

  • Unlock opportunities from expiring OEM warranty contracts by seeking alternative solutions
  • Understand how to best optimize contracts for optimal maintenance cost efficiency
  • Utilize historical data to ensure contracts are relevant to your asset

End of Life: Extend Asset Life or Repower?

WORKSHOP: End of Life Use Case Studies

  • Weigh up the benefits, risks and costs that come with various end of life decisions
  • Understand how mastering O&M now can lead to a smoother transition into life extension, reducing costs and downtime
  • Hear use-case study expertise in end of life decision making and execution from key stakeholders in the process

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Eduardo Llorente Senior Director Multi brand, North, Central and South America Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Repowering Panel - Key Considerations For Future Projects

  • In this session you will understand the key considerations that need to be undertaken when preparing and undertaking a repowering project
  • Get to grips with CAPEX and OPEX costs when repowering and understand how this can vary on a project to project basis. Understand where costs may unexpectantly rise and how to remain on time and on budget
  • Hear considerations and lessons learned regarding commissioning, startup, accounting, legal, insurance. FAA approvals and thorough checks of reused equipment for partial repower projects

Sargent & Lundy Eric Soderlund Senior Manager Sargent & Lundy

Life Extension: An Alternative to Repowering

Where incentives for wind power have fallen, repowering has become less attractive, prompting a wave of interest in life extension. Our speakers will discuss:

  • How you can extract the maximum value of your aging fleet with life extension strategies at 1/10 of the cost of repowering per MW
  • The benefits of life extension for reduced LCEO and increased project revenue
  • Taking advantage of less challenging planning and regulatory approvals with life extension
  • Lower investment costs versus potentially increased O&M costs – does it balance out?

Enbridge Rob Jozwiak Director, Power Operations US Enbridge

Data Driven O&M

2019 Digitization Landscape for the U.S. Wind & Solar Industries: Culture, Complexity & Cybersecurity

  • Assess what digitization means for the U.S. renewables industry, based on European market & out-of-industry assessments
  • Find out how you can unlock the renewable energy industry’s full potential with digital
  • Hear how key stakeholders are optimizing operational gains with Big Data analytics + going beyond data
  • Take a digital reality check

AI Best Practices for Autonomous Inspection

  • Get to grips with how AI-based inspection reporting improves your bottom line
  • Understand why better data leads to better maintenance practices from the perspective of the owner and the vendor
  • Assess key factors in evaluating AI and assistive technology

Where is the ROI for owner/operators?

  • Panel information TBC

EPRI [MODERATOR] Raja V. Pulikollu Ph.D. Senior Technical Leader, Generation - Renewables EPRI

Duke Energy Corporation Jeff Wehner Vice President Renewables Duke Energy Corporation

DTE Sumanth Mukunur Renewables Manager DTE

GE Renewable Energy Ron Brzezinski Software Solutions Senior Sales Manager GE Renewable Energy

Gram & Juhl North America Jeff Walkup VP Operations & Sales Gram & Juhl North America

transalta Michael Nar Wind Performance EIT TransAlta

Real Time Asset Control, Data Collection, & Reporting for GADS Performance Reporting

  • This presentation overviews methods and algorithms designed to both control, and report wind turbine downtime and underperformance to the North American (GADS) standard. Focus will be placed on the procedures behind normalizing data from all original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to a unified GADS standard, as well as procedures required to audit and shadow edit availability from turbine alarms.

Bazefield Americas Brad Johnson Lead Solutions Architect Bazefield Americas

Predictive maintenance: Keeping a pulse on turbine health

  • An introduction to Predict, Greenbyte’s Artificial Intelligence digital condition monitoring system, and the data science behind it.
  • How SCADA data is used to reveal impending failures 2-9 months in advance with 94% accuracy.
  • Real life success rates and stories: reduction of lost production by up to 12%.
  • Main drivers: cost reduction, intelligent maintenance, increase component longevity.
  • Explore the built-in state of the art smart recommendation system.

Greenbyte AB Pramod Bangalore Head of Research Greenbyte AB

NEW FOR 2019: Workforce Development

Workforce Development Workshop

The wind industry has so far generated 105,000 jobs for people in the USA, wind turbine technician is one of two fastest growing jobs in the USA. In this workshop you will learn, network and develop workforce development strategies that will ensure you hire, train and retain top talent in the years to come. 

  • Training and Development: Understand what training is required to ensure your employees remain safe and efficient in the workplace. Get to grips with the different training suppliers that you can work with on this.
  • Retention: Understand key push factors that are causing talented wind technicians to leave the industry and take-away key use-case studies from HR and management that have successfully led to the retention of talent in an organization.
  • Recruitment: Understand how you can work with companies to ensure you are sourcing the best new talent as the industry grows at a staggering rate.

Danish Wind Power Academy Americas Shawn Lamb CEO - US Operations Danish Wind Power Academy Americas

GE Renewable Energy Auston Van Slyke Wind Training Operations Manager GE Renewable Energy

Avangrid Renewables Samuel Akey Operations Training Manager Avangrid Renewables

Leeward Energy Troy Ryan Director of Operations Leeward Energy

Duke Energy Renewables Jeremiah Beebout Training Manager Duke Energy Renewables

Tactical Safety Cultures: Thriving in the Grey

  • Presentation details coming soon...

APEX Clean Energy John Boyle Health & Safety Manager APEX Clean Energy

NEW FOR 2019: Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain Workshop Session

In this interactive workshop session, you will understand challenges and opportunities in the wind turbine supply chain. Owners, OEMs and supply chain & logistics companies will offer use case study examples in how they have overcome logistical headaches in an evolving industry.

  • Understand today’s disruption: Get to grips with the disruption facing the supply chain today such as steel tariffs increasing prices and potential supply chain bottlenecks in the future.
  • Future challenges: Understand how improvements in wind turbine technology can lead to larger and more complex component parts that cause incredible strain on the supply chain. Get to grips with how the key stakeholders are overcoming chokepoints in the industry to ensure low costs and speedy delivery.
  • Opportunities for growth and cost reduction: What new technologies, such as IoT, can be leveraged to ensure that the wind turbine supply chain runs smoothly and at a lower price? We’ll outline these and how they can be implemented in practice.

Blade Transportation Challenges and Solutions

  • Longer blades mean a more difficult transportation process, manufacturers and developers have now got to balance up whether to split the blade into multiple parts or to transport as a whole
  • Understand how transporting in multiple parts can increase risk of failures and increased maintenance costs
  • Understand how transporting as a whole can incur greater costs on the road, but increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs and risk

Understanding The Complete Supply Cycle

  • Understand how the supply chain works from sourcing to delivery to wind farm
  • Pinpoint innovation opportunities and potential chokepoints
  • Hear from leading suppliers in how they operate their supply cycle to a high standard

Using data as part of the wind turbine supply chain

  • Understand the latest in blockchain, IoT, AI and much more in the supply chain process 
  • Find out how to leverage these technologies to optimize inventory, visibility and collaboration tools to improve supplier performance, and make use of the automation of processes to reduce stock levels, costs and issues with supply.

NEW FOR 2019: Energy Storage

Energy Storage for Renewables Overview - What’s in it For Me?

  • Understand the evolving renewables market’s increasing need for storage
  • Understand the different types of energy storage technologies available and their applications (energy vs power)
  • Find out “what’s in it for me” across technical, corporate and commercial O&M roles and how this may affect day-to-day operations and budgets
  • Assess the cost of storage projects, transmission lines and operational application
  • Explore the top challenges being met and overcome by energy storage early adopters both in the office and the field

Lockheed Martin Energy Caleb Waugh Head of Analytics - Energy Storage Lockheed Martin Energy

Energy Storage 101 Workshop

  • This session is designed to equip you with the information necessary to decide on battery storage implementation. Share insights/concerns with key stakeholders in the industry and understand which technologies are most applicable to you
  • Understand use case study examples from battery storage owners, developers and operators and how you can build a viable business model around this
  • Be joined by peers from the solar PV industry (from the co-located Solar PV O&M Dallas conference) who will add even more expertise to this interactive session

FlexGen Moderator: Alan Grosse VP Development FlexGen

Case Study: E.ON’s Texas Energy Storage Projects

  • Hear E.ON’s motivations behind their Texas energy storage investments
  • Gain critical lessons learned from an early adopter

E.ON Climate & Renewables Andrea Bianco Director, Energy Storage Technology Solution E.ON Climate & Renewables

Energy Storage: Understanding Asset Owner/Operator Needs

  • Hear how wind & storage and solar & storage fit in to key utility, IPP and asset owner short- and long-term plans
  • Hear asset owner views on the main challenges impeding battery storage adoption
  • Assess the different paths solar + storage and wind + storage are taking currently
  • Understand in the field O&M needs and implications in relation to energy storage implementation

Case Study: Invenergy LLC Battery Operations & Maintenance

  • Reality check on the storage “buzzword” – learn which applications it is best suited to
  • With a sophisticated, stable U.S. grid, explore where storage is needed most
  • Hear from and meet top:
    Systems integrators, Turnkey storage solution providers, Storage element suppliers (battery, inverter, containment)

Invenergy Kaitlyn Howling Storage Engineer Invenergy

A Blue Skies Energy Storage Future: Asking “What’s Next?”

  • Lithium-ion is the undisputed king of energy storage… currently. Who might emerge as its challenger?
  • Assess whether Solar will always dominate the energy storage market over Wind
  • A look at what Wind and Solar asset owners may need to do to ready themselves for wind + storage domination

Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables Dan Shreve Partner Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Battery Storage Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Understand how suppliers source the materials needed for battery storage projects
  • Get to grips with challenges facing the battery storage supply chain, such as long lead times that can put pressure on project timelines
  • Discuss challenges and solutions being explored by the supply chain in order to reduce costs and logistical headaches

Headline Maintenance Sessions

CASE STUDY: E.ON’s Lessons Learned in Maintenance

  • Presentation details coming soon...

E.ON Arnold Wilmink VP Wind Turbine Engineering, North America E.ON

CASE STUDY: Leeward Energy’s Lessons Learned in Maintenance

  • Presentation details coming soon...

Leeward Energy Troy Ryan Director of Operations Leeward Energy

Components Technical Agenda - Blades

US R&D for the Next Gen in Extreme-Scale Wind Turbine Rotors

  • RDOE A2e research program and potential for reducing wind LCOE by half
  • A2e science-based research to enable next generation extreme-scale wind turbine rotors (advanced physics, computational modeling, supercomputing, etc.)
  • DOE engineering research to enable next generation extreme-scale wind turbine rotors (multi-disciplinary design, advanced manufacturing, adaptive rotors)

Manufacturers Share Strategies for Improved Blade Quality & Lower Cost O&M

  • Hear the latest in manufacturing advancements to improve blade quality, reliability
  • Learn about the potential for failsafe manufacturing and new automated processes
  • Assess how these innovations could dramatically improve your O&M bottom line and asset management capabilities

Enbridge [MODERATOR] Rob Jozwiak Director, Power Operations US Enbridge

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Sam Tasker Aftermarket Manager Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Advances in Materials to Improve Blade Reliability & Cost Function

  • Understand how increasing lengths of blades to improve production leads to a higher maintenance costs and increased risk of failure
  • Get to grips with the latest in composites technology that will ensure longer blades does not mean longer downtime
  • Hear use case studies from site technical staff and the supply chain in how best to utilize new composites to prevent potential losses in revenue

Blades ROUNDTABLES: Investment & Application Lessons-Learned for Blade Upgrades

  • Assess the latest upgrade opportunities
  • Assessing durability, reliability & damage tolerance for new rotor designs
  • Assessing ultra-long wind turbine blades for next-gen turbines
  • Hear tangible evidence of improved turbine production with blade enhancements
  • Explore upgrade pain-points and lessons learned from OEMs and Operators
  • Learn how you can mitigate defects and failures

Components Technical Agenda - Gearboxes & Maintenance Strategies

Condition Monitoring & Fault Diagnosis in Wind Energy Systems

  • Methods for advanced wind turbine condition monitoring and early diagnosis
  • How to assess the reliability of your condition monitoring and improve fault diagnosis techniques
  • Herald the detection of wind turbine electromechanical faults via effective power analysis

Bureau Veritas Jeremy Erndt Director, Renewable Energy Bureau Veritas

ONYX InSight Zhiwei Zhang VP Engineering, North America ONYX InSight

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Paul van der Weg Operations Support Manager Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Brüel & Kjaer Vibro Reynir Hilmisson Sales Engineer & Diagnostic Specialist Brüel & Kjaer Vibro

Demonstrating CMS Value and Program Efficiency with RESTFul APIs

  • Leverage data models to move from reactive to proactive maintenance strategies.
  • Interconnect and increase program efficiency with automation tools like Python and RESTFul API’s
  • Completion of the Corrective Action Feedback Loop
  • What KPI’s can be used right now to demonstrate End User ROI 
  • Case Study Material

Gram & Juhl North America Jeff Walkup VP Operations & Sales Gram & Juhl North America

NGC smart gearbox

  • NGC's integrated data collection and analysis platform for wind turbine gearboxes accurately predicts potential problems in their infancy, allowing users to minimize operational costs and efficiently manage downtime
  • NGC's extensive experience designing, manufacturing, and servicing wind gearboxes has provided us with the knowledge needed to extrapolate necessary action from data quickly and accurately. This focus will reduce product repair costs and allow product end users to maintain higher turbine availability and productivity. Our goal is for product end users to feel the economic benefits of “zero” spare parts inventory without impact to generation availability
  • NGC’s new service model, driven by mobile technology, will allow customers direct access to our service system, improving response time and providing the highest quality service experience

NGC Transmission Equipment (America), Inc. Johnny He Enterprise Manager and Interim Operation Manager NGC Transmission Equipment (America), Inc.

Case Study: Preventing Gearbox Damage from Dangerous Loads

  • Learn how a pre-loaded main bearing can shield against incoming axial loads
  • Understand the advantages of a torque limiting device
  • Find out how innovative gearbox bearing designs can protect your gearbox

Timken Brian Ray Chief Engineer Timken

Components Technical Agenda - BOP

Achieving Successful BOP: Owner Troubleshooting Strategies

Issues and Solutions will be discussed for the following areas;

  • Pad mount Transformers
  • Collections systems
  • Substations
  • Met Masts
  • Roads and Drainage

Harvest Energy Services [MODERATOR] Judah Moseson Director, Business Development Harvest Energy Services

E.ON Max Meyer BOP Site Supervisor, South Plains Wind Energy E.ON

Leeward Energy Troy Ryan Director of Operations, Leeward Energy

AES Brad Hendrix BOP Lead AES

Oil Sampling Panel: Taking Swift Action

  • Understand how to properly identify the cause of poor test results and most importantly action this in internal repairs and/or oil replacement
  • Get to grips with the risks associated with slow oil sample reaction times and how this can cause accidents and damage production
  • Learn about new techniques and methods that can be used in order to alleviate risks associated with poor oil sample results

AMSOIL [MODERATOR] Brian Burks Senior Application Sales Engineer AMSOIL

Xcel Energy Tony Mallizzio Senior Wind Turbine Engineer, Borers, Courtenay, Grand Meadow, Nobles and Pleasant Valley Wind Farms Xcel Energy

E.ON Federico Barron Drivetrain Engineer E.ON

ALLETE Clean Energy Mike Cassidy Operations Engineer II ALLETE Clean Energy

Leeward Renewables Troy Ryan Director of Operations Leeward Renewables

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