Get fresh insights from key players and innovators in the Wind industry

We’ve put over 100 hours of peer to peer research into creating the Wind O&M Dallas agenda. We identified brand new areas that YOU wanted us to showcase and have put together our freshest agenda ever. You’ll hear from our largest ever owner/operator speaker faculty, brand new OEM and service provider names and innovative start-up companies that will give you the latest and greatest in Wind O&M and energy storage.

Workshops at Dallas 2019

Day 1: April 16

3:15 - 4:30 Workforce Development Workshop

Location: 2nd Floor of the hotel - Workshop Room (Follow signs)
Find out more in the agenda below

Day 2: April 17

12:45 - 1:45 End-of-Life Case Studies Workshop: Open to all Attendees

Located in the wind conference room San Antonio (4th floor of the hotel)
Find out more in the agenda below

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Choose the topics most relevant to you from across the tracks:

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  • Headline Sessions

  • Operations Track - Wind Room 1

  • Maintenance Track - Wind Room 2

  • Afternoon Workshop

San Antonio Conference Rooms (3rd Floor of Conference)

6:45 - 7:45 (60 mins)

Registration and Networking Breakfast

7:00 - 7:45 (45 mins)

Invite only - Owner/Operator Workshop 1 - Workforce Training Case Studies

Operationalizing your safety culture

  • Open discussion among owners/operators on the importance of bridging the gap between safety and operations; as we strive to enhance our safety culture and performance as an industry

The key discussion points:

  • Empowering your workforce; Everyone has the right to refuse unsafe work; but how as an industry can we take this a step further?
  • Safety engagement; Enhancing the safety, health and wellbeing of the workforce, while increasing productivity!
  • Visible Felt Leadership; building trust among employees, customers, shareholders and communities to ensure a zero-harm workplace
  • Safety metrics & Key Performance Indicators; shifting the focus on preventative and proactive safety measures, Prevention is better than cure!

Host: Matthew MacDonald, Field Program Manager, Liberty Power

07:45 - 08:00 (15 mins)

Welcome from the Organizers & Chairman’s Introduction

Jon Harman, Head of Portfolio, New Energy Update

08:00 - 08:25 (20 mins)

U.S. Renewables O&M Market Outlook & Opportunities

  • Hear the latest forecasts for U.S. renewables capacity
  • Explore how increased U.S. wind and solar capacity will impact O&M strategies in the next 5 years
  • Find out how digital technology, digitization and adoption rates are affecting industry growth & O&M strategies
  • Discuss benchmark your assets against average turbine & component failure rates and national reliability assessments

Rafael McDonald, Director, North American Renewable Power, IHS Markit

08:25 - 09:10 (45 mins)

Executive Asset Owner Panel: Wind & Solar Operational Optimization

  • Hear from key utilities, asset owners and IPPs on their operational goals for wind and solar assets
  • Assess the vast operational successes/ gains made nationwide and lessons learned along the way
  • Identify any pain points in existing operational delivery from the top and where optimization is most needed
  • Explore executive-level insights in to optimization strategies to address those pain point, plus input from the audience

[MODERATOR] Rafael McDonald, Director, North American Renewable Power, IHS Markit

Ian MacRobbie, VP Operations, Liberty Power

Jorge Villalobos, General Manager of Operations (Wind/Solar), Shell New Energies

Gerrud Wallaert, Senior Vice President Engineering, E.ON

Jason Allen, Chief Operations Officer, Leeward Renewable Energy

Jeff Wehner, Vice President Renewables, Duke Energy Corporation

Cris Eugster, Chief Operating Officer, CPS Energy

09:10 - 10:00 (50 mins)

Multi Stakeholder Panel: High-Level Budget Prioritization Across Assets

  • Establishing a clear and standardized contingency plan for unplanned major component failures
  • Getting buy in from the field to “do more with less”
  • Investment in the latest technologies for leaner O&M teams, remote inspection and predictive maintenance

[Moderator] Dan Shreve, Partner, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Dana Herrera, General Manager - Asset Management, Shell New Energies

David Smith, Director, Asset Management Asia & North America, BlackRock Real Assets

John Gibson, Vice President of Operations, Goldwind

10:00 - 10:30 (30 mins)


10:30 - 11:00 (30 mins)

Executive OEM Panel: Perspectives of an Evolving Renewables Industry

Wind turbine OEMs discuss:

  • How they are delivering new client solutions that venture outside of the typical scope of supply for major wind turbine OEMs
  • What this evolution will mean for the Wind O&M community, contract/warranty costs and available long-term services
  • OEM component supply strategies

[Moderator] Dan Shreve, Partner, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Darnell Walker, CEO Services Americas, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Marco Molina, Americas Services Sales Director, GE Renewable Energy

11:00 - 12:15 (75 mins)

NEW FOR 2019: Technology Innovation Showcase

  • In this session we’ll showcase the latest and greatest in technology innovations across wind O&M. You’ll hear quick-fire TED talk style presentations from start-up companies outlining their technology and how it will shake up the industry!
  • Our specialist judging panel will then provide feedback based off the presentations, offering insight into what they liked and what they’d like to see improved
  • Offer your feedback too through our interactive Q&A app, where we’ll be polling and showing your feedback to the whole audience!


Ian MacRobbie, VP Operations, Liberty Power

Matthew Burt, Managing Director, Operations, Excelsior Energy Capital

David Balfrey, Senior VP Technology and Asset Management, APEX Clean Energy

Presenting Companies:

Greg Wolfe, CEO, Fischer Block

Gareth Brown, CEO, Clir Renewables Inc.

Rayna Handelman, President & CEO, Angstrom Energy Solutions

Ryan Church, Founder and CEO, Biome Renewables

Daniela Roeper, Founder & CEO, Borealis Wind

Glen Aitken, President, Liftwerx Solutions, Inc

12:15 - 2:00 (105 mins)


Operations Track - Wind Room 1

Maintenance Track - Wind Room 2

Operations Track - Wind Room 1

2:00 - 2:40 (40 mins)

Remote Operations Centers & Teams: The Future of Lean, Profitable Wind O&M?

  • Explore the multiple location monitoring benefits and considerations through ROCs for your wind farms
  • Bridge the skilled labor gap - are ROCs (and the teams or workers themselves) the solution or a pipe dream?
  • Learn how ROC teams are streamlining workflows and optimizing efficiency with user-friendly technologies
  • Discuss the ‘day in the life of’ an ROC and the sheer magnitude of these operations
  • Hear from operators on how ROCs have positively impacted their bottom lines

[MODERATOR] Judah Moseson, Director, Business Development, Harvest Energy Services

Brad Purtell, Director Services Business Development, Invenergy

Scott Elliot, Wind Asset Manager, PGE

Troy Ryan, Director of Operations, Leeward Energy

Neil James, Vice President Operations and Maintenance, APEX Clean Energy

Maintenance Track - Wind Room 2

2:00 - 2:25 (25 mins)

IoT and Advanced Spectral Analysis: The Future of Wind Turbine Health Monitoring

  • Each element of a wind turbine drive-train has a unique spectral signature which changes as the element degrades in health
  • Learn how continuous monitoring of spectral signatures is key to an effective preventative maintenance program
  • IoT and data analytics is enabling real-time visibility and assessment of asset health across entire enterprises, improving pre-fault detection, and reducing O&M costs

A real-world case study will be discussed during this session

Greg Wolfe, CEO, Fischer Block

2:25 - 2:40 (15 mins)

Use of AI as input for Informed wind energy O&M investment decisions

  • Understand how AI can help drive the O&M costs down without increasing the risk of failures
  • Ability to adapt to learn different environments - AI as force multiplier in predictive maintenance
  • Providing input to condition-based maintenance models will result in reliable predictions to optimize business outcomes

Ilia Rosenberg, VP Programs, Cogniac

Operations Track - Wind Room 1

2:40 - 3:05 (25 mins)

Are you a Mickey Mouse Business?

  • Hear how other industries have effectively managed their assets and understand how learning from them can be positive in order to refine your asset management strategy. 

Lee Faulkner, Senior Director of Operations, US, Innogy Renewables

Maintenance Track - Wind Room 2

2:25 - 3:05 (40 mins)

Blades Maintenance and Budgeting

  • Understand where owners can improve their blade maintenance efforts
  • Get to grips with the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, that can be leveraged to ensure blade maintenance costs are reduced

Sam Tasker, Aftermarket Manager, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Operations Track - Wind Room 1

3:05 - 3:30 (25 mins)

GE Renewable Energy: The Future of Wind Services

  • In this session, understand what wind services look like today and GE’s vision and product path for future operations.
  • Understand how GE’s services are evolving with better technology, smarter analytics and moving unplanned events to planned.

Denver Bane, Services Product Strategy Leader, GE Renewable Energy

Maintenance Track - Wind Room 2

3:05 - 3:30 (25 mins)

Main shaft bearing designs and improvements

  • Learn how a pre-loaded main bearing can shield against incoming axial loads
  • Understand the advantages of a torque limiting device
  • Find out how innovative gearbox bearing designs can protect your gearbox

Richard Brooks, Manager - Wind & Energy Markets, Timken

3:30 - 4:00 (30 mins)


3:15 - 4:30 (75 mins)

Workforce Development Workshop
Location: 2nd Floor of the hotel - Workshop Room (Follow signs)

The wind industry has so far generated 105,000 jobs for people in the USA, wind turbine technician is one of two fastest growing jobs in the USA. In this workshop you will learn, network and develop workforce development strategies that will ensure you hire, train and retain top talent in the years to come.

  • Training and Development: Understand what training is required to ensure your employees remain safe and efficient in the workplace. Get to grips with the different training suppliers that you can work with on this.
  • Retention: Understand key push factors that are causing talented wind technicians to leave the industry and take-away key use-case studies from HR and management that have successfully led to the retention of talent in an organization.
  • Recruitment: Understand how you can work with companies to ensure you are sourcing the best new talent as the industry grows at a staggering rate.

Shawn Lamb, CEO - US Operations, Danish Wind Power Academy Americas

Auston Van Slyke, Wind Training Operations Manager, GE Renewable Energy

Samuel Akey, Operations Training Manager, Avangrid Renewables

Troy Ryan, Director of Operations, Leeward Energy

Rosco Backus, Training Specialist, Duke Energy

Operations Track - Wind Room 1

4:00 - 4:25 (25 mins)

Preparing for the Future - What the wind industry O&M sector needs to do today to stay relevant tomorrow

  • The wind industry has made significant strides to become cost competitive. While this is a great result based on the efforts of many, the industry cannot afford to become complacent. What does the O&M sector need to do now to prepare for the future and ensure wind energy is a primary contributor to the generation mix.

Michael Petersen, Director, Service Operations, Canada & Eastern USA, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Maintenance Track - Wind Room 2

4:00 - 4:30 (30 mins)

Lessons Learned in Maintenance cost optimization - E.ON

  • Impact of cost optimization on your technology
  • Simple ways to use existing data and statistics to control O and M costs
  • The role of engineering in O and M cost optimization

Arnold Wilmink, VP Wind Turbine Engineering, North America, E.ON Climate & Renewables

Operations Track - Wind Room 1

4:25 - 5:05 (40 mins)

Self-Performance Panel: A How-To in Remaining Relevant in a Changing Industry

  • Using performance analytics to bring your Condition Based Maintenance program to the next level
  • How an effective training program can help to attract, build, and retain a wind technician workforce
  • Best practices in remote monitoring center management

[MODERATOR] Bruce Hamilton, Director, Energy, Navigant

Neil James, Vice President Operations and Maintenance, APEX Clean Energy

Krys Rootham, VP Operations, Acciona Energy USA

Gerrud Wallaert, Senior VP Engineering, US, E.ON Climate and Renewables

Jeff Wehner, VP Renewables, Duke Energy

Maintenance Track - Wind Room 2

4:30 - 5:00 (30 mins)

Demonstrating CMS Value and Program Efficiency with RESTFul APIs

  • Leverage data models to move from reactive to proactive maintenance strategies.
  • Interconnect and increase program efficiency with automation tools like Python and RESTFul API’s
  • Completion of the Corrective Action Feedback Loop
  • What KPI’s can be used right now to demonstrate End User ROI
  • Case Study Material

Jeff Walkup, VP Operations & Sales, Gram & Juhl North America

Operations Track - Wind Room 1

5:05 - 5:45 (40 mins)

Self-perform versus Third-Party for O&M Services

  • A process approach for making the decision to self-perform or hire a third-party
  • Criteria for selecting third-party service providers
  • Setting performance guaranties
  • Splitting the decision: Services to self-perform and what to contract out to optimize site efficiency
  • Working with lenders and financiers to gain their buy-in

[MODERATOR] Carsten Anderson, CEO, Danish Wind Power Academy Americas

David Braun, President, GlidePath Asset Management

Ben Jordan, Director of Outside Services, Duke Energy

Wayne Atkinson, Customer Service Manager, Mortenson Energy Services

Jim Mikel, President, RENEW Energy

Maintenance Track - Wind Room 2

5:00 - 5:30 (30 mins)

CASE STUDY: Leeward Energy’s Lessons Learned in Maintenance

  • Maintenance - Our Primary Job
  • Scheduling
  • Turbine Age Issues / Faults
  • Safety Trough Strategy
  • Quality - Critical to Success
  • Technicians - Care, Development, and Retention
  • Large Corrective - Needs & Management

Troy Ryan, Director of Operations, Leeward Energy

Operations Track - Wind Room 1

5:45 - 6:15 (30 mins)

Long Term Risk Management & Insurance

  • Learn to more accurately quantify unforeseen generation losses due to plant downtime and examine the range of risk transfer opportunities available when self-performing
  • Leverage exclusive insurer perspectives to explore the critical do’s and don’ts of long term resource risk and its potential impact on your portfolio

Jatin Sharma, President, GCube

Maintenance Track - Wind Room 2

5:30 - 6:30 (60 mins)

Condition Monitoring & Fault Diagnosis in Wind Energy Systems

  • Methods for advanced wind turbine condition monitoring and early diagnosis
  • How to assess the reliability of your condition monitoring and improve fault diagnosis techniques
  • Herald the detection of wind turbine electromechanical faults via effective power analysis

[MODERATOR] Jeremy Erndt, Director, Renewable Energy, Bureau Veritas

Zhiwei Zhang, VP Engineering, North America, ONYX InSight

Chris Giunta, Operational & Technical Manager, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Reynir Hilmisson, Sales Engineer & Diagnostic Specialist, Brüel & Kjaer Vibro

6:15 - 8:00 (105 mins)


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