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PV Operations Europe 2019

The 2019 agenda is designed to bring key industry leaders together to address, discuss and propose solutions to the key challenges affecting current Wind O&M activates.

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Day 1

Strategic Industry Overview Section
Industry Leaders Panel: Opportunities and challenges for onshore Wind O&M in 2019
  • Hear how the strategic O&M decisions can shape how the European onshore wind industry will respond to the post-subsidy era
  • Discover how the key 2019 topics, including data, lifetime extension, service contracts and centralisation of knowledge systems are shaping company decision making across the O&M industry
  • Discover exciting new opportunities currently available in a maturing market

E.ON Roland Flaig Wind operations - Head of EU North E.ON

Vattenfall Anna Jasper-Martens Director Business Excellence & Asset Management Onshore Wind Vattenfall

Greencoat Capital Jason Porter Asset Manager Greencoat Capital

Panel Chairperson

E.ON Stuart Broadley CEO Energy Industries Council (EIC)

What’s next for European O&M?
  • Future outlook for European and global wind
  • O&M cost trends and strategies
  • Industry outlook, drivers and the future of European O&M

Bloomberg Oliver Metcalfe Wind Analyst Bloomberg

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Data Driven O&M Section
Data, Digitisation and Disruption in the Wind O&M market
  • Understand which new digital technologies are being implemented successfully to help drive improved maintenance activities and optimise operations.
  • Learn how to Increase turbine reliability and energy availability through effective application of innovation
  • Understand the role of the supply chain in supporting new projects and initiative aimed at driving value through digital

Ver-reV Bart Dujczynski CIO, Ver-reV Fund Senior Affiliate, FTI Consulting Founder, Proventus Renewables Ltd

Glennmont Partners Jordi Francesch Head of Asset Management / CRO Glennmont Partners

Falck Renewables Vittorio Grande Head of Operations Falck Renewables

ENEL Antonio Moset Hernandez Head of Wind Competence CentreENEL

Innogy Rudi Young Fleet Manager Innogy

Ventient Energy Steven Heath Mechanical Engineer Ventient Energy

Res-Group Renaud Chevallaz-Perrier Director of Operations Res

Utilise Turbine Condition Monitoring to deliver long term asset optimisation
  • Understand the benefits of condition monitoring beyond only early fault detection
  • Case Studies: Hear how TCM has been applied successfully and how it can apply to your operations
  • Lean what it takes to optimise using TCM and the costs involved

Gram & Juhl Zabihullah Alefi COO, Leader Condition Monitoring Gram & Juhl

Analytics for Real time understanding between OEMs and Owner/Operators
  • Gain greater insights in to operational patterns with the correct use of operational data
  • Avoid service contract conflict with OEMs by understanding the rout causes of underperformance
  • Utilise dependable data and operational transparency to reach solutions faster and so minimise asset downtime

Renvico Andrea Perduca Chief Executive Officer Renvico

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Life-time Extension Section
Onshore wind bench-marking and the impact of age of operation on performance
  • What is the value of benchmarking performance and what are the typical use-cases?
  • Who are WEBS (Wind Energy Benchmarking Service) and how representative are our benchmarks?
  • Deep dive into the impact of windfarm age on performance in terms of production, availability, reliability and logistics.

WEBS Conaill Sorghan Engineering Specialist WEBS

Key Factors to Enable Profitable Lifetime Extension
  • Employ data analytics to your operations to enable you to understand present and projected operating costs
  • Understanding which exciting new innovations can work with your original turbine design for post OEM contract retrofit
  • Strategies for risk management that can help you avoid costly repairs and satisfy extended and new insurance policies

ERG Giacomo Barbieri Production Optimization Manager ERG

ERG Davide Prato Production Optimization Manager ERG

Repowering: key indicators to direct end of life asset decision making
  • Utilise historic site data to understand real-operational load to enable development of the most optimal future strategy
  • Analyse modern major component updates and how they compare to retrofitted turbines for both CAPEX and OPEX
  • Understand how you can leverage existing infrastructure for to reduce LCOE on new assets

BVG Associates Graham Gow Associate Director BVG Associates

RES-Group Karen Anne Hutton Head of Innovation and Optimisation RES

Engie Ewen Morrison Engie

Strategic approaches for to enable optimal performance during extended asset life
  • Understand how to utilise life extension as a bridge for future repowering
  • O&M approaches you can act on today to enable a smooth transition into lifetime extension
  • Understand opportunities for extension and how your specific operations can be optimised

GE Renewables Christoph Hoffmann GE Wind Services Product Line Leader Europe GE Renewables

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Asset Portfolio Management and the Centralisation of Systems and Knowledge Section
Engender your control rooms with the necessary tools to speed up time response and improve efficiency
  • Understand how an integration of artificial intelligence allows us more complex operation protocols
  • Learn how added capacity through AI can increase economic-based availability
  • Implement advance strategies for lifespan extension plan
  • Minimise energy losses due to environmental curtailments

Greeneagle Solutions Alejandro Cabrera CEO Greeneagle Solutions

Utilising Integrated Systems to Bring About Knowledge Based O&M
  • Understand your asset through integration of all data sources into a central and usable system
  • Streamline communication and control of your asset through transparency of information
  • Move towards an O&M strategy routed in Knowledge

Bachmann David Futter Product Line Management Bachmann

How to reduce grid imbalance penalties for merchant wind plants?
  • Situation: Wind farms are gradually getting exposed to power price volatility
  • Complication: Price volatility causes revenue losses even with accurate production forecast
  • Solution: Use market intelligence to minimise price risk in the day-ahead market

SAMAWATT Mahmoud Hamada, PhD, MBA Managing Director SAMAWATT

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Day 2

Service Contract Optimisation Sessions
How to use Contracts for Optimised Service solutions
  • Understand E.ON’s approach to negotiating service arrangements that benefit specified key performance indicators
  • Hear how various stakeholders can interact to generate an efficient service solution
  • Learn how to effectively manage and maintain service arrangements

E.ON Roland Flaig Wind operations - Head of EU North E.ON

Rethinking Full Service Contracts
  • Understand how to mitigate key risks and costs when stepping out of full-service contracts
  • How to select the best contract scope for optimal maintenance cost efficiency
  • Drive service contract decision making by utilising your historic turbine and field data

EDPR Pedro Alves Transversal Activities Manager EDPR

Contract Revolution for Optimised Service Solutions
  • Unlock opportunities from expiring OEM warranty contracts by seeking alternative solutions
  • Reducing commercial risk due to earlier warning & intervention and your Increase asset knowledge for continuous improvement on maintenance practices
  • Explore options for multi-band and specialist servicing and adapt your business model for the future

SKF Raf Kerkhofs Manager Wind Aftermarket and Digitisation SKF

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Technical O&M implemented Sessions
Streamline maintenance practices through next-generation remote monitoring & analytics
  • Discover how to make use of existing data streams to create a holistic view of asset performance
  • Enhance existing local remote monitoring activities through transition to a central monitoring hub
  • Optimise your entire portfolio through centralisation of knowledge and analytic activities

BVG Associates Neil Douglas Director BVG Associates

Vattenfall Jaap Kleerebezem Director for Operations and Maintenance Onshore Vattenfall

Online wear pattern diagnostics in wind turbine gearboxes
  • Failure and risk assessment in wind turbine gearboxes
  • Influence of operational condition into the gearbox lifetime
  • How to increase reliability and reduce operational risk in gearboxes

Atten2 Edgar Martinez De Aguas CEO Atten2

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How to optimise performance with a reliability centred approach
  • Case Study: Learn how a major utility achieved over €2.5M savings through a data driven maintenance optimisation programme
  • How to unlock additional asset value from smarter scheduled maintenance
  • Discover how to achieve continuous O&M improvement using effective data management

Onyx InSight Evgenia Golysheva Head of Consultancy, UK Onyx InSight

Effectively implement advanced diagnostic and predictive maintenance
  • Learn why the reactive mantra ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ needs to change in favour of proactive maintenance
  • Increase turbine reliability and energy availability through effective predictive maintenance
  • Utilise cloud services to upscale local ecosystems of knowledge into portfolio wide knowledge centres

Kongsberg Digital Gerthory Toussaint Technical Advisory Lead for analytics Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital Rasmus Mølgaard Hviid Senior Product Champion Kongsberg Digital

Optimise your turbine with new technologies
  • Which turbine upgrades are currently delivering increased output
  • Learn the latest developments in hardware and software to power-up operations
  • Evaluate procedures for measuring optimisation upgrade performance

Fos4X GmbH Robert Erdmann CDO and member of the Executive Board Fos4X GmbH


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