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PV Operations Europe 2019

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Below is the Agenda from the 2018 event:

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07:30-09:00 REGISTRATION, EXHIBITION & WELCOME COFFEE - Sponsored by dasnano
09:00-09:15 Introduction - Jon Harman, New Energy Update
09:15-10:00 Plenary Keynote - Wind & PV
Smarter Asset Management and Investment Strategies, How to Maximize Returns and Maintain Growth
  • With the growing trend for private equity investment in clean energy showing no signs of slowing down, hear from key stakeholders about the current state of play and outlook for the year ahead
  • Hear examples how you can expand your current portfolio with wind and PV sites and what to look for when making investment decisions
  • Discover how refined asset management and operations and maintenance strategies do not always mean reducing capital expenditure opportunities

3megawatt Moderator: Edmee Kelsey CEO 3megawatt

BlackRock Renewable Power Group Peter Reftery Managing Director BlackRock Renewable Power Group

Accenture Melissa Stark Global Head of Renewables Accenture

Lloyds Register Karl Ove Ingebrigtsen Director Low Carbon Power Generation Lloyds Register

Polenergia Bart Dujczynski CFO Polenergia

Next Energy Capital Abid Kazim Managing Director Next Energy Capital

10:00-10:45 EXHIBITION & NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK - Sponsored by dasnano
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Market Outlook 2018
10:45-11:00 Key trends in European onshore wind O&M

This will cover but not be limited to the following:

  • BNEF's European onshore wind installation forecast 2018 -2025
  • Current market challenges for onshore wind
  • Turbine and O&M pricing trends
  • Data analysis and it's role in O&M cost reduction

BNEF Keegan Kruger Senior European Wind Analyst BNEF

Main Wind Agenda
Energy Storage Workshop Sessions
Workshop Host: Eversheds Sutherland
11:00-11:25 CASE STUDY: Bringing O&M In-House and Achieving the Goal of Condition Based Maintenance
  • Hear ERG’s experience of building an in-house maintenance capability in just three years over more than 1GW of WTG.
  • Discover how they are now prioritizing the use of CMS systems and turbine data to move to a model of predictive maintenance
  • Learn how to contain the effects of asset aging through maintenance techniques for life extension

ERG Gianluca Teodori Head of Maintenance Operations ERG

ERG Marco Cannarozzo Production Optimisation Manager ERG

11:25-11:50 Brüel & Kjær Vibro addresses the new generation data acquisition unit technology and requirements for wind turbine monitoring
  • Monitoring system hardware, is it an important link in the condition monitoring solu
  • Evolution of the data acquisition unit over the last 10 years
  • The need for flexibility to adapt to constantly changing wind turbine types
  • What is a holistic approach to monitoring, and why is it important?
  • Big data and alarm management
  • What role does machine learning play?
  • The need for system security for outages and cyber attacks

Brüel & Kjær Vibro Anders Reske-Nielsen Head of Development Brüel & Kjær Vibro

11:00-11:45 Energy Storage Workshop: Overview of the current storage market and looking at the future
  • Get an analysis of Germany’s and UK’s business models for energy storage and how they differ to other business models in the market
  • Understand how Energy Storage projects are integrated – both pre-development and post development – and explore the business cases for both, plus the need to know elements of introducing such a project into a renewable energy generation asset
  • Get an introductory view on a special tender process for battery storage that will enable specific support for the grid
  • Group Q&A and RoundTable sessions

Workshop Host: Eversheds Sutherland Chair: Michael Grimes Partner in the Clean Energy Sustainability Group Eversheds Sutherland

Workshop Host:NIPPON KOEI Frank Bernard Senior Vice-President Energy Storage NIPPON KOEI CO. LTD.

basalt Markus Geisselmann Vice President BASALT Infrastructure Partners

Augusta Co. Harry Gibson Associate Director Augusta Co.

Deloitte Gavin Quantock Director Deloitte

11:50-12:35 How Data & Digital can be a Game Changer for Onshore Wind O&M
  • Business and technology trends are forcing the industry to reimagine industrial plants. As an increasing number of disruptions “enter the field”, these will be recoded into transformed processes and newly enabled services, changing industrial plants as we know them
  • Discover how this “digital reinvention” applies to renewables and which digital capabilities are considered by renewable operators key levers for unlocking optimisation across the portfolio and leading in the “new”
  • Learn how data is becoming the “gold dust” of the renewables sector and how a multi-speed technology architecture can help balance and optimize O&M, driving down costs for both in-house and out-sourced O&M

Accenture Chair: Melissa Stark Global Head of Renewables Accenture

Accenture Cristian Corbetti Renewables Lead Europe Accenture

11:45-12:30 Energy Storage Workshop: Technology advances on and off-grid
  • Explore how high retail electricity prices have led to a rise in self-consumed solar power and the installation of battery storage and hear if and how technology advances will respond to this trend
  • See how the use of distributed battery storage in conjunction with both renewable and traditional generation can stabilise the grid and drive higher ROIs for energy generators
  • Group Q&A and RoundTable sessions

Workshop Host: Eversheds Sutherland Chair: Michael Grimes Partner in the Clean Energy Sustainability Group Eversheds Sutherland

DNV GL Dr. Martijn Huibers Senior Consultant - Team Lead Solar & Storage DNV GL

Younicos Lars Stephan Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs Younicos GmbH

14:15-14:40 Online wear pattern diagnostics in wind turbine gearboxes
  • Failure and Risk assessment in wind turbine Gearboxes
  • Influence of Operational Condition into the Gearbox Lifetime
  • How to increase reliability and reduce operational risk in Gearboxes
  • Condition Monitoring techniques assessment and effectiveness analysis
  • Study cases

Atten 2 Edgar J. Martinez CEO Atten 2

14:40-15:05 Extending Lifetime and Boost Performance on Existing Assets
  • Renewing the asset business case
  • Lifetime extension by Retrofit
  • O&M flexibility
  • Case stories

Mita-Teknik Kristian Kjærholm VP Business Development & Product Management Mita-Teknik

14:15-15:00 Energy Storage Workshop: Storage policy and regulation
  • Understand the main opportunities for energy storage, given the policies in both the UK and Germany (and beyond)
  • Understand how you, as a player in the European Renewable Energy market, can help to improve the regulatory landscape for storage systems and why this will ultimately benefit you
  • Group Q&A and RoundTable sessions

Workshop Host: Eversheds Sutherland Chair: Jean-Pascal Boutin Head of Regulatory and Partner in the Clean Energy Sustainability Group Eversheds Sutherland

Workshop Host:Camborne Capital Dan Taylor Managing Director Camborne Capital

Younicos GmbH Lars Stephan Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs Younicos GmbH

Accenture Melissa Stark Global Head of Renewables Accenture

15:05-15:50 ROUNDTABLE: Full service has to be reinvented!
  • Pricing pressure forces the wind industry to become more and more competitive. Service contract lead times get shorter and shorter. Conventional full-service models seem to be old fashioned and therefore full service has to be reinvented!

This round table session shall:

  • Give you an overview of existing full service models
  • Show you where changes are coming up already
  • Develop a future solution of full service
  • Clarify how to handle increasing

Deutsche Windtechnik Host: Deutsche Windtechnik

15:50-16:00 NOTUS | A disruptive Technique for Non destructive Testing of Wind Blades
  • Surface and coating defects account for more than 30% of the cost of maintenance in Wind turbine blades. Until now, only visual inspection methods in field (or destructive methods in the factory) were to used to fully assess the quality of the protection layers.
  • NOTUS is an integrated wind turbine's blade, aerospace and ship thickness and adherence inspection system developed by das-Nano in co-operation with the Frahunhofer Institute, and already operating successfully in industrial environments.
  • NOTUS system offers the unique feature to evaluate the adherence between two layers in a non-destructive manner, while measuring the thickness of each layer individually. The system is fully automated and can be operated by regular workshop staff without special qualification.

Das Nano Eduardo Azanza Ladron Co-Founder and CEODas Nano

15:00-15.45 Energy Storage Workshop: Funding battery storage
  • Get to grips with the different revenue streams for battery storage
  • Discuss whether energy storage is ready for project finance, and if so, what and when you can expect from the market as it evolves
  • Financial models: How can ad hoc battery storage systems be added to existing renewable energy plants without prejudicing such plants and/or green subsidies
  • Group Q&A and RoundTable sessions

Workshop Host: Eversheds Sutherland Chair: Jean-Pascal Boutin Head of Regulatory and Partner in the Clean Energy Sustainability Group Eversheds Sutherland

Workshop Host: Leclanché SA Heiko Ross Vice President Utilities & Grid Solutions Leclanché SA

Workshop Host: Susi PartnersGustavo Coito Senior Vice President Susi Partners

PolenergiaBart Dujczynski CFO Polenergia

SDCLWarren Pimm Partner SDCL

16:00-16:30 EXHIBITION & NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK - Sponsored by dasnano
16:30-16:55 How to look at controller retrofit as an enabler for achieving lower service agreement cost and preparation for lifetime extension
  • Open controller software as a key for integrating new technologies to lower service cost and new warranties
  • How to implement a measurement process to ensure full transparency before and after retrofit - following the Danish rebuilding program.
  • Case study on optimizing Vestas V47 - removing the need for VRCC.
  • Case study on new MW turbine retrofit solution

DEIF Jan Harrestrup Vice President Business Development DEIF

DEIF Frank Svarre Global Business Development Director DEIF

16:55-17:20 GE Solutions to Increase Asset Value in Aging Fleets
  • AEP enhancing technologies will help you to optimize your asset’s revenues
  • Upgrades & other creative concepts are needed to improve your OPEX
  • Life Time Extension increases the life of your asset

GE Christoph Hoffmann Wind Services Product Line Leader GE

17:20-17:45 Lifetime Extension Reports
  • With windfarms aging all over Europe hear how you can benefit from the wealth of data that has now been collected on various turbine models. Learn about the weakest components of old turbine models. Discover how you can run your current assets and why it is time to re-think your O&M concept for older turbines.
  • Learn how to make fully informed decisions about the best steps to take when your warranty expires and your asset has to compete with market price.
  • Hear practical advice about the implications of asset life extension and how to navigate them.
  • Make sure you are fully aware of the implications of extension before reaching a final decision.

8.2 Consulting Philipp Stukenbrock Head of Sales 8.2 Consulting

17:45-18:30 Navigating the technology landscape: how best to optimise your project
  • Discover the questions buyers of wind farm technology ask themselves when making decisions about solutions that can provide them with a route to a better wind farm
  • With an ever-expanding technology landscape for wind farm owners to explore, from portfolio aggregation software systems to SCADA upgrades and the installation of turbine mounted lidar and many more technologies besides, discuss how you know which technologies are best for your turbines, your portfolio or your business
  • Hear the panel debate what information and tools do you need to decide on the technology that you will eventually use and hear how buyers of these technologies make their evaluation – benchmarking / data sharing etc?

BVG Associates Moderator: Neil Douglass Director BVG Associates

Greenbyte Jonas Corne CEOGreenbyte

Ventient Scott Mackenzie CEO Ventient

Leosphere Peter Spencer Managing Director Leosphere

Senvion Frank Heinz VP Global Service Sales Senvion

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8:00-8:50 REGISTRATION, EXHIBITION & WELCOME COFFEE - Sponsored by fos4x
8:50-9:25 Implementation of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and the Standardization of Recording Metrics
  • Learn from a large owner operator ambitious project to select and implement a CMMS system across all sites.
  • Get invaluable insight into the key challenges during implementation and how these were overcome.
  • The importance of RDS-PP - Reference Designation System for Power Plants, key features and implementation status in the wind industry.
  • Evaluate their end goal of getting a complete understanding of operating costs and assess the potential benefits to your windfarm.

Iberwind Rui Maia Director Operations and Maintenance Iberwind

Bachmann Monitoring Axel Ringhandt Senior Project Manager Bachmann Monitoring

9:25-9:50 Learnings on building a scalable +12.000 wind turbine and multi technology diagnostics platform for each user
  • User rules, how easy integration and adaptability are getting more and more relevant
  • Scalable is key in fast changing environment
  • Smarter data transforms companies and impacts the way work is done and its economic impact

NEM Soloutions Ander Larrañaga Energy Business Development Director NEM Solutions

9:50-10:10 From Big Data to Smart Data: Key sources in the wind industry
  • The large number of wind turbines to operate and maintain, the wide range of suppliers and associated services, together with the growing number of operational data, work orders and parameters recorded increases the volume of information exponentially. For example, during 5 years of operation of a fleet of 1,000 wind turbines, more than 1,000,000 shutdowns can be recorded and more than 60,000 reports of different services can be received.

Therefore, it is needed to change from Big Data to Smart Data generating O&M KPI’s based on questions like the next ones in order to improve the decision-making help:

  • How much energy (or what is the same, €) have I lost in repetitive stops? - Can it be reduced? - What is the expected savings if I introduce improvements? - What is the return on my investment?
  • What technology is the one that less energy losses (or what is the same, €) produces me?
  • What is the optimal maintenance strategy in this country? - Can I apply the same to other countries? - Do I have similar problems in a technology in different countries?
  • How much energy have I lost in preventatives? - Should I change my preventive model? - What is the expected savings?
  • How much energy have I lost in multiplier changes globally?

Ingeteam Luis Moreno Sales Manager Ingeteam

10:10-10:20 Valuable insights with rotor blade sensing - optimization potential for your wind assets
  • Fiber-optic sensors as the right choice for rotor blade sensing
  • Precise rotor blade ice detection to reduce downtime
  • Early damage detection to schedule maintenance
  • Load monitoring to extend turbine life time

fos4X David Händel Key Account Manager fos4X

10:20-10:45 EXHIBITION & NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK - Sponsored by fos4x
10:45-11:10 Managing Risk While Also Lowering your LCOE
  • Hear how E.ON has used a structured Asset Risk Management approach to support the LCOE reduction activities
  • Get insights into how an effective Asset Risk Management framework can 1) be designed to provide a focus for support or central functions and 2) implemented in a way that provides a bridge between top level requirements and practical work on sites
  • Benefit from a large owners perspective and evaluate your ability to implement similar changes across your portfolio

E.ON Steve Hillier Team Leader Asset Governance E.ON

11:10-11:30 Data access and the law - is restricting data illegal?

Your turbines. Your data. You can do what you like with that data. Are you sure about that?

Many turbine owners and operators tell us that they experience problems with accessing and using data from their turbines and with accessing the operating software and spares and tools.

When O&M is 60% of turbine OPEX and you need predictive maintenance, you need good data to achieve your LCOE and maintenance targets.

In an O&M market worth hundreds of millions of Euros : Who owns that data? Who controls that data? How can you access that data to improve performance and guarantee safe operation?

Is it against the law to restrict access?

We think it is.

This session looks at data ownership and access, competition law and the regulatory framework in the wind energy sector. We will discuss the main issues and what we think needs to happen next.

ONYX InSight Fraser Morris Business Development Manager ONYX InSight

ONYX InSight John Faulks General Counsel ONYX InSight

11:30-12:15 Future Operating Models of OEMs and ISPs?
  • With the trend towards shorter full service contracts showing no signs of stalling how do OEMs react?
  • Do ISPs need to become increasing specialized to compete?
  • How is the market going to look in five years’ time?

E.ON Roland Flaig Head - Wind Operations (Onshore Europe) E.ON

Senvion Frank Heinz VP Global Service Sales Senvion

Deutsche WindtechnikBilly Stevenson Managing Director Deutsche Windtechnik

Greensolver Guy Auger CEO Greensolver

12:15-14:15 ROUNDTABLE - Democratising Data for Onshore Wind (hosted by Accenture)

accentureAccenture, WEBS and BNEF are hosting the first invite-only round table discussion for mid-market onshore wind operators, defined as operators with installed capacity of between 400 MW and 2 GW.

  • Explore the potential to share operational data across the industry to enable benchmarking against peers and help improve overall competitiveness
  • Share innovative approaches to integrating different data sets and running cloud-based analytics to optimize across the value chain, increasing revenues and driving down O&M costs
  • Facilitate a discussion on the practical next steps mid-market operators, and the industry as a whole, can take to drive a step-change in approach and outcome

For further details please contact

14:15-14:45 Shifting from Hourly Availability to Energy Availability, Time for a New Approach to Contact Benchmarking
  • Discover how a large Utility’s shifted their contract performance benchmarking and how this was implemented.
  • Asses the key advantages to the use of the energy availability metric.
  • Understand the implication of this new approach for service providers

EDPR Pedro Alves Transversal Activities Manager EDPR

14:45-15:05 Best Practice in Predictive Analytics - Making it Work in Practice - Case Study on Nordex and ZEVIT collaboration
  • The business challenges
  • The approach and methodology
  • Operationalization of predictive analytics and the next steps

Nordex Rahul Premraj Group Lead Data Analysis Nordex Energy GmbH

Anders Hvashoj CEO ZEVIT ApS

15:05-15:25 Wind Turbine Servicing - trends and impacts
  • How does servicing timing and duration vary across the industry.
  • What is the relationship between servicing and wind farm availability
  • How are servicing trends evolving and what does this mean for the industry?

WEBS Conaill Sorghan Engineering Specialist WEBS

15:25-15:45 Cost Reduction of Decommissioning Wind Farms while maintaining you CSR image
  • What is the Corporate Social Responsibility in the Wind Power Industry for all stakeholders as their assets comes to End-Of-Life?
  • By having a Pre-decommissioning plan, would this minimize the environmental impact and consenting applications for new innovative technologies
  • Key variables such as specialized industrial recycling, is not spoken about, why?

GMDeco Wind Gary Mcintyre Managing Director GMDeco Wind

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