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PV Operations Europe 2019

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2019 hosted a number of insightful sessions, the summaries of which you can read below

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8.30-8.40 Chair Person Introduction

E.ON Stuart Broadley CEO The Energy Industries Council (EIC)

8.40 - 9.00 Industry Outlook: What’s next for European O&M?

Oliver began with a overview of the European onshore markets, mentioning in particular the promising performance of Spanish and Scandinavian markets. He went on to focus on issues of O&M, concluding that the OEM space with shrink in the future as the industry moves towards fewer turbine developments with a focus on turbine capacity. He concluded by considering the positives for moving maintenance in house and was particularly excited by the potential for cloud computing, automation and new software entering the market.

Bloomberg Oliver Metcalfe Wind Analyst Bloomberg

9.00 - 9:50 Industry Leaders Panel Discussion: Opportunities and challenges for Wind O&M in 2019

The discussion panel primarily looked to answer the question of, how the industry can take advantage of recent market growth. This conversation focused upon the potential for the standardization of processes, how digitalization can drive more predictive maintenance and the sharing of knowledge between companies across the industry. The panel commented that all of these goals will promote better extension strategies for the future of assets.

E.ON Roland Flaig Wind operations - Head of EU North E.ON

Vattenfall Anna Jasper-Martens Director Business Excellence & Asset Management Onshore Wind Vattenfall

Greencoat Capital Jason Porter Asset Manager Greencoat Capital

ENGIE Jan De Groof Head of Procurement and Commercial Asset Management ENGIE

9:50-10.15 Utilise Turbine Condition Monitoring to deliver long term asset optimisation

TCM has introduced successful growth for 22500 turbines by allowing the detection of defaults early. This has avoided catastrophic failures, optimized costs and allowed the improvement of the operational condition of turbines. A big factor in achieving this has been progress made in data usage for machine learning.

Gram & Juhl Zabihullah Alefi COO, Leader Condition Monitoring Gram & Juhl

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10:45-11:10 Actionable tools to enable online wear pattern diagnostics for wind turbine gearboxes

Edgar discussed the tools available that enable online wear pattern diagnostics for wind turbine gearboxes. He said that most failures to gearboxes are a result of low servicing leading to water in the oil of a turbine, which in a worst case scenario can stop the turbine due to the stress on the gearbox. Currently diagnosis is difficult as it is done after the failure has occurred and is often inaccurate due to it being carried out on the oil and not the machine that is actually in operation. The new method developed by Atten2 can allow the continuous measurement of machine conditions and offer information into the operation conditions. This means that diagnosis is carried out on operational scenarios, instead of forensics.

Atten2 Edgar Martinez De Aguas CEO Atten2

11:10-11:30 Scalable analytics for effective asset management across an entire portfolio

Carlos spoke about scalable analytics that can promote effective asset management. Historically maintenance has been reactive, there is now a need to use data to centralize the process on an integrated platform. He presented evidence of predictive analytic techniques providing savings of more than 2 million euros, simply by taking full advantage of data. It allows machines to analyse their own performance.

NEM Solutions Carlos Silva Project Manager NEM Solutions

11.30-12.15 Panel Discussion: Improving O&M through digitisation, remote monitoring and analytics
  • Which areas of O&M benefit most from digitalisation?
  • Is integration more important than the "one big system" approach?
  • Do you need deep pockets to make big gains?
  • Are data sharing platforms viable and what benefits could they bring?
  • Is it time we stopped talking about "big data"?

BVG Associates Chairperson: Graham Gow Associate Director BVG Associates

Vattenfall Jaap Kleerebezem Director for Operations and Maintenance Onshore Vattenfall

Kongsberg Digital Kristian Holm VP RenewablesKongsberg Digital

Ventient Energy Alden D’Souza Procurement and Commercial Manager Ventient Energy

12.15-12.40 Effectively implement advanced diagnostic and predictive maintenance

Kongsberg discussed using CMS vibrations and artificial intelligence to reduce downtime and operations cost. This requires a full system that is able to not only diagnose, but find solutions to problems. Data is important and particularly that everybody has the data in a format that is useful for them. The overall benefit is that predictive maintenance allows the efficient planning and execution of maintenance while the plant is running, reducing downtime.

Kongsberg Digital Gerthory Toussaint Technical Advisory Lead for analytics Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital Rasmus Mølgaard Hviid Senior Product Champion Kongsberg Digital

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13:00-14:00 DAY 1 Lunchtime Interactive Workshop (Cross-based learning with Wind and PV)
Learn how to Unlock Value from Condition-Based Maintenance
  • Learn actionable techniques to implement an effective condition-based maintenance system into both Wind and PV Operations.
  • Utilise big condition monitoring data to extract tangible value
  • Discuss and debate with your peers the challenges and limitations you have faced with CBM
  • Examples from Cranfield’s projects on Wind Turbines and Support Structures;

Dr Mahmood Shafiee (PhD, CEng, FIMechE, MIET, MIAM, MIMA, MORS, FHEA, PGCAP) Director of MSc Programme in “Renewable Energy” and Associate Professor in “Risk and Reliability Engineering”; Department of Energy and Power Cranfield University

14.00-14.45 Panel Discussion: Role of Data Analytics in the Life Extension

Kongsberg discussed using CMS vibrations and artificial intelligence to reduce downtime and operations cost. This requires a full system that is able to not only diagnose, but find solutions to problems. Data is important and particularly that everybody has the data in a format that is useful for them. The overall benefit is that predictive maintenance allows the efficient planning and execution of maintenance while the plant is running, reducing downtime.

Ver-reV Bart Dujczynski CIO, Ver-reV Fund Senior Affiliate, FTI Consulting Founder, Proventus Renewables Ltd

Greensolver Guy Auger CEO Greensolver

ENEL Antonio Moset Hernandez Head of Wind Competence CentreENEL

Image result for vector cuatroMarco Guarneroli Head of Technical Advisory ItalyVector Cuatro

14:45-15.05 Creating an Affordable Digital Twin of a Legacy Turbine for Enhanced Decision Making Clarity

The vision for the digital twin is to have an online interconnected wind turbine that can be updated with smart sensors and edge analytics. They gave a case study outlining how this can enhance decision making that can enable profitable lifetime extension

Fos4X GmbH Robert Erdmann CDO and member of the Executive Board Fos4X GmbH

15:05-15:30 Case Study: Key Factors to Enable Profitable Lifetime Extension
  • Understand the key challenges you need to address to enable successful lifetime extension
  • Erg case study: Improve the reliability and obtain lifetime extension: focus on technical and economic aspects to reach 30 years of operation
  • Strategies for risk management that can help you avoid costly repairs and satisfy extended and new insurance policies

ERG Giacomo Barbieri Production Optimization Manager ERG

ERG Davide Prato Production Optimization Manager ERG

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16:00-16.25 Strategic approaches for to enable optimal performance during extended asset life

It is not economical to maintain a turbine forever and optimal extension of its lifetime changes per turbine. Life extension requires significant analysis to be delivered correctly and is best carried out when there is clarity in how everybody is operating. Importantly, it was highlighted that O&M cost is not increased during the extension period.

GE Renewables Jan DörrServices Business Development, Parts & RepairsGE Renewable Energy

16.25-16.45 Optimal Service Approaches to Successfully Extend the Life of Your Turbine

Outlined their service designed to offer a tailored approach that allows customers to successfully extend the lifetime of their turbines. The major benefits that have been experienced from using the service is an increase in transparency and flexibility as producers progress with the process of extension.

Deutsche Windtechnik Christian Winkenjohann International Business Development Manager Deutsche Windtechnik

16:45-17:30 Panel Discussion: Key indicators to direct end of life asset decision making
  • How well can you know 20-year-old assets and how can through-life management help (include reference to IEC 61400-28)?
  • Desktop modelling vs physical inspections: Even if you know the details of the original design, how well can you theoretically estimate RUL given that you have 20 years of varied O&M practices and various replacement parts - do we gain more insight simply by improving our EoL inspection processes?
  • How well do we understand the provenance of replacement/refurbished parts and their impact on RUL?
  • Can we life extend without limit using recycled and refurbished parts?
  • Can we refurbish and/or de-commission with zero-waste? How important is this politically?
  • What is the bigger headache – asset integrity or consenting and real estate issues?
  • What is the impact on financial models and decision making if we think about EoL right from the start? Is there any evidence of owner/operators taking this approach?

BVG Associates Chairperson: Graham Gow Associate Director BVG Associates

RES-Group Karen Anne Hutton Head of Innovation and Optimisation RES

Engie Ewen Morrison Mechanical Engineer Engie

EnBW Tim Rubert Project Engineer EnBW

James Barry CEO Renewable Parts

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Testimonials from delegates:

  • Innogy

    “I’m greatly looking forward to two full days of discussion and engagement with knowledgeable subject matter experts and business leaders on key industry topics, which are set out in a well-balanced and constructed agenda. I have high expectations for leaving Munich with an enhanced wider network and new ideas to explore and further develop.”

    - Innogy
  • Greencoat Capital

    "With a firm focus on the future and innovation in O&M, this conference will help set the agenda for the sector for 2019."

    - Bloomberg
  • Greencoat Capital

    "For a company that buys operational wind farms the key for us is to continuously improve and optimise the performance of the investments we have made. The agenda addresses various areas where operators can seek out gains in revenue and reductions in opex."

    - Greencoat Capital



BVG Associates Neil Douglas Director BVG Associates

9:00-9.25 E.ON’s Guide to Service Contract Excellence

Describing how to deliver a successful service contract Roland was keen to indicate the importance of the need to develop a relationship where both sides understand each other before the contract is signed. Once the contract is in place it is important that rules of the contract are followed, there is regular auditing and performance is monitored continuously.

E.ON Roland Flaig Wind operations - Head of EU North E.ON

9:25-9.45 Industrial digitalization: from data to decisions

Discussed types of data driven decision making that can support maintenance. TBER, Time between event (alarm/error) and replacement can be useful in determining the time period that can be expected from when an alarm is sounded for an issue and when the piece will need replacing, meanwhile MTBF defines the average time for product failure. Both allow more proactive maintenance, but also require a greater cooperation between bearing suppliers and producers to get the best out of the turbine, this is something that can be driven by target driven contracts.

SKF Raf Kerkhofs Manager Wind Aftermarket and Digitalization SKF

9:45-10.10 New methods to managing energy yield risks and warranty backups

The presentation considered the management of energy yield risk and warranty backups using data. It is important that asset owners are calculating potential risk to protect themselves and investors. Once risks are identified it is important to have experts who understand how to deal with the issues that occur in the construction and operation processes, as well as from the environment. Munich RE is developing a tailor made solution that can be utilized to deliver this.

Munich REDr. Tobias Aigner Underwriter Green Tech Solutions Munich RE

Munich RERonny Bendlin Spür Project Manager Munich RE

10.10-10.30 Onshore wind benchmarking and the impact of age of operation on performance

Indicated the potential for data in benchmarking onshore wind levels and the impact of age on performance. To achieve this companies must work together in sharing data and understanding the potential value that can be unlocked by data. Benchmarking would allow wind farms to compare performance in an anonymous name.

WEBS Conaill Sorghan Engineering Specialist WEBS

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11.00-11:25 Utilising Integrated Systems to Bring About Knowledge Based O&M

Understanding the potential for controller integrated monitoring to increase knowledge based O&M. Integrated systems can allow companies to understand which areas can be targeted for cost reduction. If this was operating on the basis of bearing it would be important to understand how much stress can be put on turbines before they need to be changed, this can extend the lifetime of the asset.

Bachmann David Futter Product Line ManagerBachmann Monitoring GmbH

11:25-11:50 How to optimise performance with a reliability centred approach

How new technology can deliver greater reliability to allow operational costs to be reduced. Harsh environments are leading to different types of failure and there is often no basic solution available. It is important to collect and analyse data in order to understand failures. By increasing reliability and protect from undetected failures costs can be reduced.

Onyx InSight Evgenia Golysheva Head of Consultancy, UK ONYX InSight

11:50-12:40 Key factors impacting Lifetime analysis & extension options

Indicated three main areas important for development: life extension of assets, data analysis and creating returns. It is important to address life extension from a financial, engineering and regulatory point of view to drive the optimal result, in this way mixed transition teams are important. To warrant the investment in life extension there must be a greater understanding of the potential gains available.

WindGainHub Carlo Durante Founder WindGainHub

Glennmont Partners Jordi Francesch Head of Asset Management / CRO Glennmont Partners

RES Marc Holtz Head of Technical Asset Management RES

Innogy Rudi Young Fleet Manager Innogy

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14.00-14:25 Engender your control rooms with the necessary tools to speed up time response and improve efficiency

Discussed the savings in two case studies that followed the workflow model. One of which was used to turn non-resettable errors into resettable errors. The second was developed with the goal of increasing economic viability of wind farms by stopping them when the pool price is lower that the marginal operations cost. The breakdown of real savings and efficiencies was given.

Greeneagle Solutions Alejandro Cabrera CEO Greeneagle Solutions

14.25-14.45 How to reduce grid imbalance penalties for merchant wind plants?

Outlined the issue of having grid imbalance penalties which significantly exceed the power price. The problems can be solved by nominating how much energy will be available to sell based on previous records, model the price and revenue and finally incorporate price volatility. This can achieve imbalance cost decreases and total P&L increases.

SAMAWATT Mahmoud Hamada, PhD, MBA Managing Director SAMAWATT

14:45-15:10 Progressive O&M - Implementing cost saving without compromising on Quality

The ability to use data analysis to optimise uptime to allow the implementation of cost saving without damaging the standards achieved by the turbine. It involves an approach that considers long term planning, with a focus on process driven enhancements. Strategies can be implemented per component to drive cost savings across processes and procedures.

RES Brian McDaid Head of Turbine O&M RES


Testimonials from delegates:

  • RES

    "The subject is very interesting and really in line with all the work we are doing for the asset owner to help them to take the best approach on managing end of life. I will be very happy to share our experience on our last assets. Proposing the best optimized strategy for the end of life of wind turbines is a new exiting part of our work."

    - RES
  • ORE Catapult

    "NEU have pulled together a comprehensive agenda for the workshop and attracted some really interesting speakers and delegates to contribute to discussions. What I find very appealing is that while there is a clear appreciation of the importance and value of digitalisation in our industry which is reflected in the data driven topic titles, there remains a very strong focus on the underlying domain of O&M and the problems that digitalisation is trying to solve such as predictive maintenance and life extension."

    - ORE Catapult
  • SKF

    "The agenda covers a lot of the hot topics that are playing today in the wind industry. I’m looking forward to listening to all the presentations and discussions of my colleagues. No doubt this will trigger good insights and discussions."

    - SKF

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