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KEYNOTE: The evolution of wind power - where we are now and where will be in 5 years?
  • How are technology innovations and choices impacting the O&M market?
  • What wind farm optimization tools and best practices are being achieved across the globe?
  • How are superior levels of availability being achieved across the globe?
  • How does project finance influence the approach to maintenance strategies, contracts and budgets?
  • Repowering - what to expect and when?
  • Storage - fad, fiction or reality?
  • Cyber security - what are we facing and how do we protect ourselves?

APEX Clean Energy Andrea Miller Vice President - Asset Management APEX Clean Energy

CASE STUDY: Self-performance best practice
  • Learn how to improve the transition process from your previous O&M model to your current one
  • Understand the balance points to boost your operational control and see ROI on operational knowledge
  • Assess the training, staffing expenses and the new skillset required to quantify/ monetize your data stream

Bluearth Renewables Mike Jablonicky Director, Wind Operations Bluearth Renewables

CASE STUDY: Moving to energy (production) based availability
  • Highlight the metrics that you need to be capturing on a day to day basis to understand your assets from a high level
  • Understand the impact of icing, performance, leading edge erosion, faults and the impact of partial performing issues to link
  • Learn what are the capabilities that need to be enabled to link energy intake and performance metrics
PANEL: Mitigating operational risk and driving performance through your operational model
  • Understand what criteria is relevant to assess for operational model decision-making
  • Assess the different regional O&M models, their impact on performance and the cost savings they are associated with

Kruger Energy JJ Davis O&M Manager - Ontario & West Coast Kruger Energy

Enbridge Inc. Willem Van der Ven Vice President Power Operations Enbridge Inc.

Cordelio Power Laura Jehn President & General Manager Cordelio Power

CASE STUDY: Working with your OEM and improving contractual language with metric tracking
  • Understand what’s needed to transition from contractual availability to energy-based availability
  • Find out steps to centralize terms, find efficiency within O&M and produce power as Operations has higher impact on profitability
  • Learn what can be done to transition from poor data streams and KPIs to monitoring power curve performance, icing, noise, temperature or grid curtailment
CASE STUDY: Tackle severe weather conditions - Overcome icing challenges
  • Understand how to deal with damage caused by severe weather conditions such as icing
  • Hear about the latest in “ice breaking” technology and how this can apply to your operations
  • Learn about ice detection as a tool to mitigate risk factors through better predictability
PRESENTATION: Choosing the right O&M service model for your needs
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of different O&M service models, such as full-service, multi-contract and self-performance and how to work with your OEM as an owner operator
  • Understand the decision-making process based on size and characteristics of wind farm portfolio, security, risk, cost, service quality and response time
PANEL: EOW strategies & data analytics cross functions - Risk-assessment to determine EOW inspection scope
  • Hear how to build data analytics cross-functions (data intelligence + technical/ performance intelligence) for making smart EOW decisions
  • Understand how to utilize data to determine a wind farms’ biggest O&M challenges, including:
    • Icing
    • Detection of underperformance (yaw alignment, leading-edge erosion)
    • Detection of failing components
    • OEM accountability through contractual availability calculation
PRESENTATION: Evolution of the supply chain for wind power in Canada
  • Understand the evolution of parts sourcing in Canada and the effects on how owner-operators carry out O&M
  • Hear the latest on pricing for O&M spare parts and how this will advance with a smarter, more robust supply chain
  • Discuss methods to drive down supply chain costs and ultimately localize it

Capstone Infrastructure John Kirby Director of Wind Operations Capstone Infrastructure

PANEL: OEM Innovation
  • Share insights on lessons learnt and how to best tackle biggest challenges and opportunities
  • Discuss what are technologies in the pipeline, what is required to adopt them and what are the guarantees that operators want to see
  • Assess pros and cons of Oil chip detection technology

Capital Power Sandeep Sharma Head of Renewables Capital Power

Vestas Jessica Joyce Director Service Sales Vestas

PANEL: Status and adoption of new technologies
  • Share insights on lessons learnt and how to best tackle biggest challenges and opportunities
  • Discuss what are technologies in the pipeline, what is required to adopt them and what are the guarantees that operators want to see
  • Assess pros and cons of Oil chip detection technology

Clir Energy Gareth Brown CEO Clir Energy

WORKSHOP: Cybersecurity applications for reliable wind assets
  • Description coming soon
CASE STUDY: How to get the right data to boost operational control and unlock data analytics
  • Learn to translate data into actionable information and manage it effectively so that can be linked with fixing performance issues
  • Untangle the monitoring ambiguity by analyzing metrics to do effective performance management
  • Gain access to the right data streams and improve the condition of older assets
  • Utilizing data analytics hand in hand with operational know-how
  • The role of AI and Machine learning in Data Analytics - is it worth it?

Capstone Infrastructure Tom Burge Director of Wind Operations - Eastern Canada Capstone Infrastructure

PANEL: CMMS - how different companies do it
  • Hear what platforms are utilized and find out how effective they are for applying resources
  • Debate the best ways to store historical asset history, manage schedules, order and warehousing parts
  • Discuss the possibility of a tailor-made cloud-based solution for today’s wind technology employees

Transalta Michael Nar Production Assurance E.I.T Transalta

Tracy Duncan Principle Consultant Renewable Intelligence

Demonstrating O&M CM data analysis value and efficiency with automation tools like Python and RESTFul APIs
  • Leverage data models to move from reactive to proactive maintenance strategies.
  • Interconnect and increase program efficiency with automation tools like Python and RESTFul APIs
  • Completion of the Corrective Action Feedback Loop
  • What KPIs can be used right now to demonstrate End User ROI?
  • Case Study Material

Gram & Juhl Jeff Walkup Vice President of Sales & Operations (North America) Gram & Juhl

PRESENTATION: Aging plant mitigation & extending the longevity of your assets
  • Discuss where the market is heading for end of life assets
  • Hear how to develop smart end-of-life strategies to avoid aging plant problems as turbines age
  • Discuss what “smart” predictive maintenance technologies are available to mitigate seasonal damage & component failure and save operational costs
PRESENTATION: Life preservation and keeping PPAs ergonomically viable
  • Understand how to extend the life of your asset with your 20-year PPA in mind
  • Hear what end-of-life strategies there are to run assets for longer, in keeping with a solid contractual strategy, so that you can operate in a market where costs could be reduced
  • As turbines are aging, see how to re-plan to keep the remaining cash flow in running with the remaining 10 years left of PPAs
PRESENTATION: Grid support services
  • Discuss NERC’s role in O&M and what impact this has on the way owners operate their fleets
  • Hear what aftermarket tools are being put in place to offer grid operators the ability to provide ancillary services (reactive power, operating reserve, frequency control etc.) and debate who is doing this? (OEMs, ISPs, other)
  • Understand the expectations from existing facilities
PRESENTATION: What components are becoming bigger issues?
  • Discuss lessons learnt on leading edge erosion
  • Tackle challenges with components on older plants vs newer plants

Enbridge Inc. Willem Van der Ven Vice President Power Operations Enbridge Inc.

GCube Insurance Services, Inc Jatin Sharma President GCube Insurance Services, Inc

PANEL: Major component repairs and retrofit strategy
  • Discover unconventional and innovative solutions to do main component change outs more efficiently and proficiently to minimize downtime on your site
  • Examine the scope and magnitude of previously successful component change outs, allowing you to plan resources efficiently
  • Learn how to overcome the logistical and safety challenges when carrying out main component change outs on remote sites

APEX Clean Energy Neil James Director Site Operations APEX Clean Energy

Enercon Canada Dan Barker Managing Director - Service Enercon Canada

Bearing Reliability
  • Session description coming soon

Timken Rick Brooks Manager - Wind & Energy Markets Timken

Up tower & internal blade inspections
  • In light of Canada’s unique operating environment, this technology sprint will cover blade inspection measures for reduced OPEX and optimized operations
Reducing blade downtime and OPEX
  • This technology sprint will focus on ways to prevent blade downtime from issues such as icing, leading edge erosion, lightening strikes and more
Tower alignment and plumb inspections
  • This technology sprint will focus on ways to avoid power losses through detecting anomalies and optimizing alignment your turbine with the main wind direction to maximize energy yield
Gear box inspections
  • This sprint will cover anything from using your own senses, acoustic analysis, initial inspections & oil sample collections, vibration analysis and endoscope inspections for improved gearbox O&M
Oil as a component of a gearbox and the importance of filtration
  • This presentation will discuss how wind turbine gearbox oil should be regarded not as merely a consumable, but itself as an integral gearbox component.
  • Oil that is used in a gearbox is a valuable asset and should be designed with this, and its role as a component, in mind.
  • The value and importance of gearbox oil filtration will also be discussed.

Amsoil Brian Burks Senior Application Sales Engineer Wind & Industrial Business Amsoil

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