Canada's Leading Wind Power Operations and Maintenance Experts Speaking in 2018

  • Kruger
    JJ Davis O&M Manager - Ontario & West Coast
  • Cordelio Power
    Laura Jehn President & General Manager
    Cordelio Power
  • Enbridge Inc.
    Willem Wan der Ven Vice President Power Operations
    Enbridge Inc.
  • Pattern Energy Group
    Lauge Nielsen Regional Manager
    Pattern Energy Group
  • Algonquin Power
    Ian MacRobbie VP Operations
    Algonquin Power

  • BluEarth Renewables
    Mike Jablonicky Director of Wind Operations
    BluEarth Renewables
  • Capstone Infrastructure
    John Kirby Director of Wind Operations
    Capstone Infrastructure
  • APEX Clean Energy
    Andrea Miller Vice President- Asset Management
    APEX Clean Energy
  • Gram & Juhl
    Jeff Walkup Vice President of Sales & Operations (North America)
    Gram & Juhl
  • APEX Clean Energy
    Neil James Director Site Operations
    APEX Clean Energy
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The conference agenda, packed with case studies, will teach you how to boost wind turbine uptime, AEP and profitability. Highlights include: 

  • Boost your operational control zone:

    Utilize your operational data to enhance the use of analytics, proactively train staff and manage operating expense more efficiently

  • Improve your end of warranty strategies:

    Learn how to improve O&M contractual language to better control your turbines and evaluate pros and cons for full-service, multi-contract and self-performance operations

  • Maximize your yield and operational efficiency with the latest technologies:

    Learn about the most applicable tools to increase profitability while minimizing risk through innovative cybersecurity and AI innovation

  • Utilize data analytics for turbine intelligence:

    Understand how to link performance skills and technical expertise with data intelligence to enable data-O&M cross-function capabilities and reduce operational risk

  • Optimize aging plants and asset life extension:

    Adapt to the changing behaviour of older plants and learn how perfect end-of-warranty inspections to find failure signals before component damage and extend the lifetime of your plants

  • Stay on top of failure and repairs:

    Develop intelligent CMS strategies to mitigate risk; blade icing and cold weather challenges; gearbox and tower failure while saving component maintenance costs

  • Mitigate risk on your existing PPAs:

    Apply key operational strategies on existing PPAs and learn how to save energy costs to become cost competitive and reliable as wind becomes a larger part of the electricity market

Download the 2018 Event Brochure

10 Years Proven legacy as North America’s principal business driven wind O&M event!

Meet The Most Influential Executives in Canada’s Wind O&M Business:

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Attendees By Company Type

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Attendees By Seniority

Previous Attendees Invited Back to Wind Operations & Maintenance Summit Include:

Previous Attendees Invited Back to Wind Operations & Maintenance Summit Include:

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