The 2019 Tidal Agenda

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08:25-08:30 Opening Remarks

Reuters Events Jade Waters Project Director Reuters Events

08:30-09:20 The Role of Government
  • Understand how the industry, central and regional government can work together to support the development of a commercial scale tidal industry that contributes meaningfully to the national energy mix
  • Debate the best policy options for supporting a roadmap that delivers technical innovation, deployment of demonstration projects, LCOE reduction and long-term commercialisation
  • Realise the role of key industry companies and associations in promoting a clear, unified message of viable LCOE reduction strategies that will engender confidence and deliver government support

Simply Blue Energy Intro: Christoph Harwood Director of Policy and Strategy Simply Blue Energy

Sue Barr Chair Marine Energy Council

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Enterprise Partnership Steve Jermy Non-Executive Director Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Enterprise Partnership

Marine Energy Wales David Jones Project Director Marine Energy Wales

Scottish Government Craig Frew Head of Emerging Technologies – Directorate for Energy and Climate ChangeScottish Government

09:20-09:35 Orbital 02 Tidal Turbine Project Update
  • Get the latest official Orbital Marine company update.
  • Learn about the O2 turbine financing solution.
  • Get the O2 turbine overview and current build update.

Orbital Marine Andrew Scott CEO Orbital Marine

09:35-09:50 Tidal stream Industry enerGisEr pRoject (TIGER)
  • Understand about a new UK/FR tidal stream cross border collaborative project
  • Learn about the installation programme and the development of a new supply chain cluster
  • Discuss how learning from the project should be used to strengthen the debate for a change in tidal stream policy support

ORE Catapult Simon Cheeseman Sector Lead, Wave & Tidal Energy ORE Catapult

09:55-10:05 SIMEC Atlantis Project Update

Simecatlantis Laura Fidao Corporate Finance Manager Simecatlantis

10:10-10:30 How to Work With Regulators
  • Know when and how to engage with regulators to avoid project delay or costly expenditure
  • Understand the support on offer from regulators at early phase project planning
  • Discuss how regulators can better support project developers and provide a clear framework for effective planning

Environment Agency Ross Lowrie Environment & Business - Senior Advisor (Energy & Climate) Environment Agency

11:00-11:20 Tidal Range - The Latest Approach
  • Understand the latest operational research guaranteed to increase energy output
  • Learn ways to overcome environmental impact with tidal range
  • An update on the latest tidal range schemes & the way ahead for this industry

Chris Binnie Independent consultant Tidal Engineering and Environmental Services

11:20-11:30 North Wales Tidal Energy Project Update
  • Why is tidal range still in the game?
  • What matters most - energy, jobs or coastal protection?
  • How can tidal range projects move forward?

North Wales Tidal Energy Henry Dixon Chairman North Wales Tidal Energy

11:30-11:50 PHARES Project Update
  • Understand the scope of the project from the site/location and technologies involved
  • Hear about key milestones achieved in the project and future steps
  • Get the feedback from D10-1000 tidal turbine - construction, installation, exploitation and more.

Sabella Marlène Moutel Business Development Engineer Sabella

11:50-12:05 Sustainable Marine Energy; delivering Canada’s first tidal array

Sustainable Marine Jason Hayman Managing Director Sustainable Marine

12:05-12:50 Global Opportunities
  • Hear which markets currently offer the most favourable support for deployment of tidal energy projects
  • Debate project and company export - can project return to the UK?
  • Understand how regional support can facilitate project development in the absence of a national plan of action

Sustainable Marine Jason Hayman Managing Director Sustainable Marine

Water Wall Turbine Marek Sredzki CEO Water Wall Turbine

Magallanes Renovables Alejandro Marques CEO Magallanes Renovables

12:05-12:20 Hydroquest Tidal Project Update

HydroQuest Jean-Francois Simon CEO HydroQuest

14:20-14:35 Eel-Energy Project Update
  • Learn about the biomimicry approach of Eel-Energy’s latest tidal device
  • Understand the advantages of this approach & the LCOE status
  • Learn about Eel-Energy’s innovation in electronics

Eel-Energy Franck Sylvain CEO Eel-Energy

14:35-14:50 Minesto Project Update
  • Get the latest commissioning update on Minesto’s first-of-its-kind tidal kite project in Wales
  • Learn about Minesto’s journey to making tidal energy a key component in the Faroe Islands’ transition to 100% renewable
  • Understand Minesto’s efforts to unlock the low-flow power of the Gulf Stream and the Kuroshio current

Minesto Dr Martin Edlund CEO Minesto

14:50-15:05 Powering the Underwater Revolution
  • Now a reality - Nova’s Shetland tidal array has been generating power for over 3 years
  • Key learnings and development - from Nova’s flagship EnFait tidal project in Shetland
  • Driving down the cost of tidal energy - Nova’s cost reduction pathway
  • Accelerating product innovation - de-risking technical, environmental and financial risk

Nova Innovation John Meagher Director of Business Development Nova Innovation

15:05-15:45 Revenue Models and Business Cases
  • Understand the commercial plans of leading technology developers and the key steps to achieve commercial scale operations
  • Learn how an investment will translate through to economic value
  • Discuss potential methods for tidal energy to generate revenue and secure its long term economic value

Green Giraffe UK Matthew Taylor Financial Services Green Giraffe UK

SIMEC Atlantis Laura Fidao Corporate Finance Manager SIMEC Atlantis

ITPEnergised Gino Baw Principal Engineer ITPEnergised

Burges Salmon Ross Fairley Partner Burges Salmon LLP

16:10-16:25 Morlais Energy Project Update
  • Learn about the Morlais Project background & an update on progress so far
  • What are the current challenges Morlais is facing?
  • The future for Morlais Energy

Morlais Energy Andy Billcliff Consultant Grid Consenting Morlais Energy

16:25-17:00 Securing Finance
  • Understand where you can source finance for development projects, including non-conventional methods of raising capital
  • Learn how to secure project finance from to take projects through development and into commercial reality
  • Discuss what holds finance back, and how we as an industry can instil confidence in financial backers.

Abundance Investment Mark Francis Investments Director Abundance Investment

Peter Dixon Director Kepler Energy

Orbital Marine Sian George Chair of the Board Orbital Marine

17:00-17:20 Working-Around Brexit - Proactive Steps to Secure a Stable Business Environment

GreenbackersTM Investment Capital Andrew Smith Partner GreenbackersTM Investment Capital

17:20-18:00 Industry Collaboration / Convergence & Tough Questions
  • Get involved in the debate as our brave panellists challenge the industry though a thought provoking discussion on why development has been slow, and what can be done about it
  • Do we need a disruptive future?
  • Can collaboration elicit the momentum the tidal secotor needs to reach wide-spread commercial viability

European Marine Energy Centre John Griffiths Associate European Marine Energy Centre

Are Børgesen Founder Tidal Sails AS

tidetech Arne Kollandsrud CEO Tidetec AS


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