Defining a new business case for Tidal Energy

Advisory Board:

The agenda was constructed following 50+ hours of research interviews with industry leaders and innovators. We are thankful to the following for their support in shaping the agenda:

  • EMEC
    John GriffithsAssociate
    EMEC Ltd
  • Independent Consultant
    Sue Barr Energy Consultant
  • Morlais
    Andy Billcliff Technical Director
  • ORE Catapult
    Simon Cheeseman Wave and Tidal Sector Specialist
    ORE Catapult

New conference format to foster collaboration between participants:

  • Project Financing Workshops with practical takeaways

    Let’s sit down and thrash things out! Ask the questions you need answered, make the connections to move your business forwards, pick apart the challenges facing the industry

  • Roundtable debates with action points

    Debate the most pressing challenges we have, share findings with the group, seek out like-minded people, drive a common consensus that can be carried forwards

  • Project updates from industry leaders

    Get the inside track from industry leading projects -where are we making progress? What lessons have we learnt? How can we adapt and evolve?

  • Panel discussions with purpose

    We’ve lined up panellists with a range of views about how the industry can move forwards to commercial deployment

  • Innovation showcase

    Disruptive innovation is key if we are to make significant step changes to the Tidal Energy industry - hear from game changers across technology, financing models, and the supply chain

  • Lessons learned from the Offshore Wind industry

    How can your know-how be deployed in the Offshore Wind industry to bolster your order book

Tidal Energy Summit - 27th November 2018

9.00 - 9.15: Icebreaker - what do we want to achieve from today, who do you want to meet, who’s in the room?

New Energy Update Michael Setters New Energy Update

9.15 - 9.45 Government and the Industry - Working Together Towards Commercial Exploitation of Tidal Energy

UK Parliament Rt Hon Alistair Carmichael MP for Orkney and Shetland - UK Parliament

Environment Agency Ross Lowrie Environment & Business - Senior Advisor (Energy & Climate) Environment Agency

9.45 - 11.15 Leading Project Updates in Tidal Stream and Tidal Range

BT-projects 9.45: Menno Broers CEO BT Projects

Orbital 10.00: Andrew Scott CEO Orbital Marine Power (formerly Scotrenewables Tidal Power)

Minesto 10.15: Martin Edlund CEO Minesto

Morlais 10.30: Graham Morley Project Manager Morlais

North Wales Tidal Energy 10.45: Henry Dixon Chairman North Wales Tidal Energy

11.00 - 11.15: Q&A with above speakers

11.45 - 12.30: Workshop: ORE Catapult’s Tidal Stream and Wave Energy Cost Reduction Report - Key Findings and Advice

ORE Catapult Simon Cheeseman Wave and Tidal Sector Specialist ORE Catapult

ORE Catapult Gavin Smart Head of Analysis & Insights ORE Catapult

12.30 - 13.15 Panel: From R&D to Commercial Level - Financial Solutions for Navigating the ‘Valley of Death’

Deja Blue Consulting Andrew Smith Consultant Deja Blue Consulting

Green Giraffe Matthew Taylor Green Giraffe

Abundance Mark Francis Investments Director Abundance

Independent Consultant Tony Gale Managing Director Tony Gale Cleantech Consultants

Minesto Martin Edlund CEO Minesto

13:15 - 14:15 NETWORKING LUNCH
14.15 - 15.00 Panel: Politics of Tidal Energy and the Journey to Revenue Support in the UK

Sustainable Marine Energy Christoph Harwood Head of Policy Sustainable Marine Energy

Sue Barr Chair of the Marine Energy Council

SIMEC Atlantis Cameron Smith Director of Business Development SIMEC Atlantis

James Fisher Steve Jermy Marine & Offshore Aviation Specialist James Fisher

Marine Energy Wales David Jones Project Director Marine Energy Wales

15:15 - 15:30 Transferability of Technology and the Collaborative Road to Bankability

National Subsea Research Initiative Tony Laing Director - Research and Market Acceleration National Subsea Research Initiative

15:30 - 16:15 Roundtable: Towards Standardisation of Technology – Stop ‘Reinventing the Wheel’ at Supply Chain Level

EMEC Ltd Session Facilitator: John Griffiths Associate EMEC Ltd

Eversheds Table moderator: Richard Streeter Partner Eversheds

16.15 - 17.30 Project Updates from Key Regions Around the World

seeneoh 16.15: Marlène Kiersnowski Tidal Test Site Manager SEENEOH

Sustainable Marine Energy 16.25: Jason Hayman Managing Director Sustainable Marine Energy

HydroQuest 16.35: Jean-François Simon CEO HydroQuest

Magallanes Renovables 16.45: Pablo Mansilla Salinero Project Manager Magallanes Renovables

Hydrokinetic Energy Corp 16.55: Walter Schurtenberger Director Hydrokinetic Energy Corp

17.05: Q&A


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Andre Elkana

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New Energy Update
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