It is time to take stand. Will you drive the Tidal Energy industry forwards?

We know that Tidal Energy is a viable alternative to fossil fuels but deploying the technology commercially has proven difficult to date. As an industry, we need to deliver on these projects, work together to find practical solutions, and put the industry on the front foot again.

But, this is not easy. Proving technology to secure finance, create bankable projects and ultimately lower LCOE are major challenges, challenges we must overcome.

The International Tidal Energy Summit is our opportunity to make this step change. To bring together the stakeholders who can truly influence the future of the Tidal Energy industry.

This isn’t going to be achieved by two days of talking heads. What is required is collaboration. Working groups with practical action points. Debates with purpose. Networking that matters.

If you believe you can influence change in the Tidal Energy industry and help us move towards commercial scale deployment, join us in London and be part of the solution.

The International Tidal Energy Summit - where change happens.

The 2019 International Tidal Energy Summit will bring together 120 dedicated tidal energy leaders. Although part of a larger 650 attendee offshore event, the intimacy and quality of the tidal event networking will be protected. We guarantee an environment where tidal attendees have the option but not the obligation to network with offshore wind professionals.


2019 Headline Speakers include:

  • Minesto
    Martin EdlundCEO
  • Sustainable Marine
    Jason Hayman Managing Director
    Sustainable Marine
  • Orbital Marine
    Andrew Scott CEO
    Orbital Marine
  • North Wales Tidal Energy
    Henry Dixon Chairman
    North Wales Tidal Energy
  • Simply Blue Energy
    Christoph Harwood Director of Policy and Strategy
    Simply Blue Energy

Critical issues to solve, challenges to overcome

  • Secure Finance and Revenue Support - The Road to Cost-Effectiveness:

    Discover how Tidal Energy can minimise risk, prove cost competitiveness and evolve sector collaboration to secure private or public investments

  • Lower LCOE Through Technology Collaboration and Supply Chain Efficiency:

    Evaluate how the supply chain - from developers to suppliers - can standardise technology and adopt existing marine logistics from other sectors to help lower LCOE

  • Backing the Right Projects - Project Updates from Tidal Stream, Range and Lagoon:

    Get the latest project updates in leading Tidal projects across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia to understand what recent announcements will mean for the industry

  • Identify New Markets, Regions, and Opportunities to deploy your technology:

    Assess market conditions for expanding your business globally, the potential for Tidal Energy in nascent markets, and where Tidal technology and knowledge can be deployed in other industries

  • Slash Marine operations costs:

    Takeaway lessons learned from the Offshore Wind industry to reduce your operations costs at installation and O&M phases

  • Policy beyond 2020:

    How to overcome perceptions. Develop ambition and create positivity for the realisation of Tidal Energy to secure Government support

Co-located with Offshore and Floating Wind Europe Conference 2019

No ordinary conference. An interactive meeting that will drive the industry forwards

  • Project Financing Workshops with practical takeaways

    Let’s sit down and thrash things out! Ask the questions you need answered, make the connections to move your business forwards, pick apart the challenges facing the industry

  • Roundtable debates with action points

    Debate the most pressing challenges we have, share findings with the group, seek out like-minded people, drive a common consensus that can be carried forwards

  • Project updates from industry leaders

    Get the inside track from industry leading projects -where are we making progress? What lessons have we learnt? How can we adapt and evolve?

  • Panel discussions with purpose

    We’ve lined up panellists with a range of views about how the industry can move forwards to commercial deployment

  • Innovation showcase

    Disruptive innovation is key if we are to make significant step changes to the Tidal Energy industry – hear from game changers across technology, financing models, and the supply chain

  • Lessons learned from the Offshore Wind industry

    How can your know-how be deployed in the Offshore Wind industry to bolster your order book

Don’t just take our word for it - testimonials from your peers on the value of this meeting:

  • GE

    "ITES is an excellent opportunity to get the latest news on Tidal Energy projects and meet the key players in the Industry."

    - GE
  • ORE Catapult

    "A timely update on the tidal sector at a critical time for the industry."

    - ORE Catapult
  • seeneoh

    "I greatly appreciated to meet and learn from the tidal industry and its major players. ITES 2017 was a very good opportunity to share what's going on in France around tidal, from test centres to upcoming market opportunities."

Get Involved Now

Meet the industry leaders, thought leaders and innovators

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Supporters of the International Tidal Energy Summit in the past include:

  • Committee on Climate Change
    The Rt Hon. Lord DebenChairman
    Committee on Climate Change
  • OpenHydro
    Patrick GougeonCEO
  • Orbital Marine
    Andrew Scott CEO
    Orbital Marine
  • Minesto
    Martin EdlundCEO
  • Tidetec AS
    Joachim Amland M.Sc Chief Technology Officer
    Tidetec AS
  • SIMEC Atlantis Energy
    Tim CorneliusCEO
    SIMEC Atlantis Energy
  • Verdant Power, Inc.
    Dean Corren Chief Technology Officer
    Verdant Power, Inc.
  • Tidal Lagoon Power
    Keith Clarke Chairman
    Tidal Lagoon Power
  • Magallanes Renovables
    Alejandro Marques de MagallanesCEO
    Magallanes Renovables
  • EDF Energies Nouvelles
    Alan Guilhembaque Project Manager
    EDF Energies Nouvelles
  • Natural Energy Wyre
    Bob LongMD
    Natural Energy Wyre
  • Offshore Energy Research Association
    Russell Dmytriw Project Manager
    Offshore Energy Research Association

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Dominic Grocott

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Andre Elkana

Andre Elkana

Commercial Manager
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