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Dallas 2019 Agenda

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Major topics announced!

U.S. Renewables O&M Market Outlook & Opportunities
  • Hear the latest forecasts for U.S. renewables capacity
  • Explore how increased U.S. solar and wind capacity will impact O&M strategies in the next 5 years
  • Find out how digital technology, digitization and adoption rates are affecting industry growth & O&M strategies
  • Discuss benchmark your assets against average turbine & component failure rates and national reliability assessments

IHS Markit Rafael McDonald Director, North American Renewable Power IHS Markit

Executive Asset Owner Panel: Wind & Solar Operational Optimization
  • Hear from key utilities, asset owners and IPPs on their operational goals for wind and solar assets
  • Assess the vast operational successes/ gains made nationwide and lessons learned along the way
  • Identify any pain points in existing operational delivery from the top and where optimization is most needed
  • Explore executive-level insights in to optimization strategies to address those pain point, plus input from the audience

Shell New Energies Jorge Villalobos General Manager of Operations (Wind/Solar) Shell New Energies

E.ON Gerrud Wallaert Senior Vice President Engineering E.ON

Leeward Renewable Energy Jason Allen Chief Operations Officer Leeward Renewable Energy

Duke Energy Corporation Jeff Wehner Vice President Renewables Duke Energy Corporation

CPS Energy Chris Eugster Chief Operations Officer CPS Energy

Liberty (Algonquin) Power Ian MacRobbie Vice President, Operations Liberty (Algonquin) Power

Policy outlook and opportunities for solar owner-operators in Texas
  • Get an overview of the latest Texas policy updates and how they might impact the future of your solar asset and their overall profitability
  • With high renewable energy penetration, and with battery storage, distributed generation, and electric vehicles becoming more prevalent, find out about the changes that you need to take into account while maintaining electric reliability and system integrity

EDP Renewables Vanessa Tutos Director Government Affairs EDP Renewables

How to Maximize the value of your Assets In the South (Texas and Surrounding areas)
  • Find out innovative strategies to truly capitalize on the attractive PPAs in the Texas market and discuss how the policy scheme will impact the PV market in Texas
  • Understand the policy scheme and adapt to the current market conditions to learn best practice when it comes to technical due diligence
  • With the Texas power grid going greener at a rapid pace and some of the commercially-friendly PPAs, find out how to maximize your PV assets value in this region
  • Gain insight into developing and negotiating bankable contracts and learn how to make the case for making the case for PPAs that are in favour of the asset owner

Cypress Creek Renewables Chris Frantz Vice President - Asset Management Cypress Creek Renewables

Project Risk Mitigation - Managing Assets & Contracts from a Financial Perspective (cross-industry session with Utility, C&I and Residential solar)
  • Explore successful ways to stay ahead of the market competitiveness through perfecting your O&M and asset management to increase the performance of your PV plants
  • Discuss different levels of risks and how they can be mitigated to maximize productivity and and meet the timeline of your agreements
  • Learn how to mitigate risk and build a business case that would attract the appetite of investors
  • Hear the expert’s perspective on how to insure long term stability to increase the appetite of private investors
  • Find out more about funding for tax equity, debt and equity and financial risk management to maximize the profitability of your project

Vivint Solar Kent Williams Vice President – Asset Management Vivint Solar

SunPower Corporation Chris Couture Vice President - Residential Financing and Asset Management SunPower Corporation

Nautilus Solar Laura Stern President Nautilus Solar

Cypress Creek Renewables Chris Frantz VP - Asset Management Cypress Creek Renewables

Standardization - how to mitigate risk factors to make sure that you maintain your Service Level Agreement
  • See how to meet your Service Level Agreement [SLA] by providing a Scope of Work that will ensure performance guarantees are met, including the interface between EPC warranty/contractor and O&M warranty/contractor
  • Discover how the PV industry has changed in the last 40 years, where it is now and what steps must be taken for it to become a mature industry
  • Find out about the development of PV O&M reliability and availability standards and what lessons can be applied form other utility-backed technologies.
  • Learn how improved reliability and availability standards will lead to greater control over faults, failures, and labor costs

Sonnedix Marcos Gil Head of Asset Management, Americas Sonnedix

Performance Models
  • Evaluate the accuracy of your inherited performance models and data against actual performance data.
  • Learn how to identify underperformance issues, from tracking anomalies and monitoring production issues to tweaking the system to increase performance.
  • What are the KPIs that are used in performance models and how are they evaluated
  • How do you standardize that calculation to better understand how performance carries across different assets?
  • How can technology be used in different ways to be more effective both as a performance engineering team but also as a company?
  • Understand when to update your inherited models and level set expectations

Cypress Creek Renewables Martin Waters Director, Fleet Performance & Repowering Cypress Creek Renewables

Managing Big, Utility Scale, Projects: The Asset Manager's Perspective
  • Explore the O&M and asset management strategies applied by large utility-scale owner-operators to maximize plant uptime and performance
  • Discuss methods to carry the quality of execution in times of cost crisis and reduced budgets

Southern Power Company Tyler Cromley Senior Engineer Southern Power Company

Learn how early decisions can vastly improve the long-term success of a project
  • Understand the major equipment decisions, SCADA and engineering choices that need to be considered when acquiring/developing a solar plant
  • Learn how early decisions can vastly improve the long-term success of a project.
  • Receive key lessons on how to manage plant challenges post-construction

Engie Rob Morse Director, Solar PV Operations and Management (O&M) Engie

Designing a Solar Farm with O&M in Mind
  • Understand why O&M has a strong impact on the Total Cost of Energy of a solar plant
  • Find out how new technology continues to change the way solar plants are operated and present different maintenance risks
  • Discuss ways to predict the future accurately and why this is necessary to be both competitive in pricing a solar PPA as well as executing it

Southern Power Natalie Clark SPC Renewable Operations Southern Power

Invenergy Brock Taute Renewables, Project Engineer Invenergy

Cypress Creek Renewables Kyle Cooper Vice President, CCR O&M Business Operations Cypress Creek Renewables

Creating effective disaster/transition plans to optimize ongoing fleet operation
  • Find out lessons learnt about enduring & recovering from a natural disaster
  • What are the key takeaways that you need to consider when managing a wide-spread equipment failure?
  • Look into strategies to timely & practically transition O&M duties in case of developer demise
  • How do you facilitate third-party PV-system/fleet sales to passive investors?

Vivint Solar Kent Williams Vice President - Asset Management Vivint Solar

O&M Cost Models - how improved accuracy lowers LCOE
  • Discuss the O&M cost variables associated with different hardware components and how spare parts requirements, obsolescence and compatibility issues factor into the calculations
  • How do you reduce cost for each component, so you can project a more favourable value?
  • What equipment reliability processes can be implemented to address assumptions about components and requirements?
  • Discover how to put more certainty on predicted O&M lifecycle costs by reviewing O&M lifecycle cost models

sPower Robb Wilson Director, Operations and Maintenance sPower

Workforce Management: What O&M staffing models work best for manned VS unmanned utility-scale sites?
  • Learn how carry out operations on your assets, from a workforce perspective
  • Discuss how to train up new techs that have the promise of improving O&M on your plants
  • Understand how to man your plants for overall plant profitability
Translate Data into Actionable Information
  • Find out how the data industry is responding to operational challenges around the world and what role will digital technology play in resolving them
  • Discuss how data and digitalization are shaping company strategies across the PV industry in Texas
  • What are the strategies that owners can apply to realize the full potential of digital technology available to become data-driven organizations?
  • Find out the US PV data collection long-term trends

Sameer Sirdeshpande Commercial Solar Guy

Engie Russell Young Head of Technical Services Engie

Power Factors LLC Jay Lakumb Vice President of Product Management Power Factors LLC

Inverter O&M Strategies
  • Find out the latest O&M activities needed to optimize the maintenance process on inverters, from contracts to maintenance routines
  • What are the most effective lessons learnt by owner-operators who insource O&M vs. those who outsource O&M

Enel Green Power North America Davide Grandi Inverter Specialist Enel Green Power North America

Decide What Future O&M Service Model Works for Your Asset
  • Find out the latest takeaways on in-house O&M, outsourced O&M and the mixture of both models
  • Discuss the importance of size and characteristics of the portfolio, risk, cost, service quality and response time
  • Share ideas on utility O&M service models in the future
  • Explore residential O&M service models in the future

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Remain Competitive: Know What Equipment to Use in your Operations Cycle
  • As an asset owner, what are the costs associated with the equipment that you need to stay ahead of the competition?
  • What is necessary for optimized asset performance so that you are not overcharged or led to utilize unnecessary tools

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How to Operate a PV + Storage Plant
  • What are the key operational takeaways that can be utilized for battery O&M activities?
  • How are owner-operator affected by the fact that PV warranty, plant performance, SCADA, availability and maintenance are managed by separate entities, whereas in storage they are bundled together into one O&M package
  • Discuss the different O&M models available to owners for PV + Storage projects
How Utilities Value and Monetize PV + Storage Power Plants
  • Hear key insights from utility scale PV + storage project owners
  • Find out the general plans to implement utility scale PV + storage projects in the next five years
  • What is the impact of climate change on utility PV plant performance and guarantees?
Energy Storage for Renewables Overview - What’s in it For Me?
  • Understand the evolving renewables market’s increasing need for storage
  • Understand the different types of energy storage technologies available and their applications (energy vs power)
  • Find out “what’s in it for me” across technical, corporate and commercial O&M roles and how this may affect day-to-day operations and budgets
  • Assess the cost of storage projects, transmission lines and operational application
  • Explore the top challenges being met and overcome by energy storage early adopters both in the office and the field

Lockheed Martin Energy Caleb Waugh Head of Analytics - Energy Storage Lockheed Martin Energy

PV Costs and Money Flow: Overview
  • What are the key industry trends and commercial dynamics in Texas and the Southwest region?
  • Find out who the main investors are, what is secondary market involvement and how will this impact the overall market
  • How are PV costs changing and how this will affect an asset owner’s operational PV plants and their overall profitability
  • What are the trending operating costs for asset owners and how can these costs be controlled?
  • Will PV plus storage (PVS) be common for utility-scale projects in three years?

John Fitzgerald Clients Consultant and Project Developer Commercial Solar Guy

Case Study: E.ON’s Texas Energy Storage Projects
  • Hear E.ON’s motivations behind their Texas energy storage investments
  • Gain critical lessons learned from an early adopter

E.ON Climate & Renewables Andrea Bianco Director, Energy Storage Technology Solution E.ON Climate & Renewables

Energy Storage: Understanding Asset Owner/Operator Needs
  • Hear how wind & storage and solar & storage fit in to key utility, IPP and asset owner short- and long-term plans
  • Hear asset owner views on the main challenges impeding battery storage adoption
  • Assess the different paths solar + storage and wind + storage are taking currently
  • Understand in the field O&M needs and implications in relation to energy storage implementation

Engie Russell Young Head of Technical Services Engie

Case Study: Invenergy LLC Battery Operations & Maintenance
  • Hear how wind & storage and solar & storage fit in to key utility, IPP and asset owner short- and long-term plans
  • Hear asset owner views on the main challenges impeding battery storage adoption
  • Assess the different paths solar + storage and wind + storage are taking currently
  • Understand in the field O&M needs and implications in relation to energy storage implementation

Invenergy Kaitlyn Howling Storage Engineer Invenergy

A Blue Skies Energy Storage Future: Asking “What’s Next?”
  • Lithium-ion is the undisputed king of energy storage… currently. Who might emerge as its challenger?
  • Assess whether Solar will always dominate the energy storage market over Wind
  • A look at what Wind and Solar asset owners may need to do to ready themselves for wind + storage domination

Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables Dan Shreve Partner Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Energy Storage 101 Workshop
  • This session is designed to equip you with the information necessary to decide on battery storage implementation. Share insights/concerns with key stakeholders in the industry and understand which technologies are most applicable to you
  • Understand use case study examples from battery storage owners, developers and operators and how you can build a viable business model around this
  • Be joined by peers from the solar PV industry (from the co-located Solar PV O&M Dallas conference) who will add even more expertise to this interactive session

Black & Veatch Moderator: Frank Jakob, Technology Manager, Energy Storage, job Black & Veatch

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