Agenda from 2019

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Day One

8:30 - 8:40 New Energy Update and Chair Person Introduction

3megawatt Edmee Kelsey CEO 3-Megawatt

Market Outlook 2019
8:40 - 9.00 The future of the evolving PV market
  • Short and long term installation outlook for Europe
  • Analysis of the falling cost of PV O&M and what this means for the market
  • Likely CAPEX developments
  • Market challenges and the growing storage market

Bloomberg New Energy Finance Jenny Chase Manager of Solar Insight Bloomberg New Energy Finance

9.00 - 9.25 Managing Solar Assets: What investors want and delivering high returns
  • Insight and case studies into investment focused asset management
  • Identifying and optimising the hidden upsides
  • Guaranteeing ROI on all assets and achieving operational excellence across a large portfolio

MPC Capital David Delaire Managing Director MPC Capital

9.25 - 10.15 Solar Asset Management market outlook, 2019-2024
  • What are the key industry trends - who is investing, secondary market involvement and how will this impact the overall market
  • What are the trending operating costs for asset owners and how can these costs be controlled?
  • What are the targeted returns for investors, and how can this maximise the profitability of your Asset Management and O&M strategy

3megawatt Moderater: Edmee Kelsey CEO 3-Megawatt

Megawatt-X Laurent Segalen Managing Partner Megawatt-X

Lightsource BP Adele Ara Director of Asset Management Lightsource BP

WiseEnergy Abid Kazim CEO WiseEnergy

Horus Capital Rodolfo Bigolin Managing Partner Horus Capital

Octopus Energy Thomas Rosser Director of Solar Asset Management Octopus Energy

Data, Monitoring and Analytics
10.45 - 11.10 Managing remote sites
  • Case study into effectively monitoring assets from remote locations
  • Look at current best practice for centralising management and how this helps with people management, communication lines and overall costs
  • See how to act upon information gathered to prevent extended downtime and boost output

Scatec Solar Pal Strom Senior VP,
Head of O&M
Scatec Solar

11.10 - 11.30 From Big Data to Smart Data O&M

Ingeteam Power Enrique Camacho Predictive Maintenance and Life Extension Coordinator Ingeteam Power

11.30 - 11.50 The Digitisation of PV Operations
  • How digitisation can optimise services
  • Understand the four segments of digitisation
  • The process: “form the Alarm to the Report”

Meteocontrol Martin Schneider Managing Director Meteocontrol

11.50 - 12.30 What do Asset Owners and Asset Managers want from Data and Analytics? 

Inaccess Moderator: Ioannis Grammatikakis UK Country Manager Inaccess

Aquila Capital Christian Ahrens Head of Solar Asset Management Aquila Capital

Allianz Global Investors Jacqueline Huynh Asset Manager Allianz Global Investors

RES Marc HoltzHead of Technical Asset ManagementRES France

12.30 - 12.40 Aerial Inspections and processing data from above

Sitemark Vishal Punamiya CEO Sitemark

Strategies for Portfolio Expansion
14.00 - 14:45 Where to allocate resources: Subsidy Free vs Operational Assets
  • The cash flow forecasted: PPA vs ROC/FiT
  • Lifetime of the project: Old assets vs new assets
  • Performance forecast: Data logged vs simulated values
  • OM and AM costs: Classic high fees vs new low OPEX
  • Operational strategy - The transition to increasingly output

Solrac Moderator: Carlos Javier Maestro Technical Director Solrac

NextEnergy Capital Lorena Ciciriello Head of Debt Financing NextEnergy Capital

Bluefield Partners LLP Francesco Girardi Senior Director Bluefield Partners LLP

Esparity Solar James Sibony CEOEsparity Solar

14:45 - 15:30 PPAs in the European Market
  • How to optimise both Financial and Physical PPAs
  • Understand regulations and adapt to the current market conditions to learn best practice when it comes to technical due diligence
  • Making the case for PPA contracts that are in favour of the asset owner
  • Gain insight into developing and negotiating bankable contracts

Wood MacKenzie Moderator: Prashant Khorona Managing Consultant Wood MacKenzie

Encavis Martin Scharrer Head of Legal Encavis AG

Greensolver Guy Auger CEO Greensolver

Macquarie Group Ulrika Wising Head of Solar and Storage Macquarie Group

Munich Re Patrick Hinze Senior Project Manager Munich Re

Technologies and Optimisation of Solar Plants
16.00 - 16.30 Repowering Large-Scale PV Systems with DC-Coupled Storage
  • Repowering with String Optimizers to improve performance and ROI
  • Lowering the cost of PV and storage using String Optimizers
  • Using String Optimizers to add DC-Coupled Storage to an existing system at a lower cost

Ampt LLC Daryl Parker VP Sales and Marketing Ampt LLC

16.30 - 17.15 Is there room for Disruption in PV O&M and Asset Management? 
  • What technologies are investors looking at to improve their O&M
  • Industry investors and tech experts share examples on where to allocate resources and which investments are cutting costs for Asset Owners

Ver-Rev Fund Moderator: Bart Dujczynski CIO Ver-Rev Fund

Viridian Solar Dr KT Tan Technical Director Viridian Solar

Nippon Koei Johannes Burgard
CEO and Co-Founder

BNEF Jenny Chase Manager of Solar Insight BNEF

Raycatch Mike Goldstein Founder Raycatch

Octopus Energy Ben Burgess Senior Asset Manager Octopus Energy

17.15 - 18.00 Technology Showcase


3Megawatt Edmee Kelsey CEO 3Megawatt

Encavis Saul Lazzarini Technical Portfolio Manager Encavis

Nordic Solar Marinus Boogert Founder Nordic Solar

Armstrong Energy Stefano Salerno Director of Asset Management Armstrong Energy

Pitch One: “Easily scale your use of aerial inspections with a single solution"

Alexander Engelfried Co-Founder & CBDO FairFleet

Pitch Two: “DEHN DEGM Lightning Protection concepts”

Marjan Valand Business Development Manager Power Generation

Pitch Three: “Huawei’s Smart IV-Curve Diagnosis”

Roland Huempfner VP of Inverter Product Line and Head of Energy Competence Center Europe Huawei

18:00 - 19:30 Evening networking drinks
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Day Two

8:45-9:00 Chair Person Introduction

Navigant Research Pritil Gunjan Senior Analyst Navigant Research

Storage and O&M
9:00 - 9:40 Adding storage to your Portfolio
  • Understanding storage policy and regulation
  • Hear how to capitalise on the growing storage market, a business case
  • Understand the differences of the O&M contract: solar versus battery storage
  • Hear how to manage the difference in warranties between the PV cell and the storage system
  • Learn from first hand case studies

Everoze Moderator: Ragna Schmidt-Haupt Managing Partner Everoze

Foresight Group Eric WeemaelsTechnical Acquisition ManagerForesight Group

Gresham House John O’Toole Technical Director Gresham House

BayWa Tobias Bittkau Global Head of Services BayWa R.E 

9:40 - 10:05 Standardisation
  • Understand what aspects of Asset Management would most benefit from industry standards
  • Gain insight into standardising O&M, to easing portfolio management and reducing inefficiencies
  • How to apply a standardised approach to achieve operational excellence

Sonnedix Juan Fernandez Head of Asset Management Spain Sonnedix

10:05 - 10:30 Operating and Maintaining Solar Parks on a Global Scale

Belectric Barry Bennett Head of International O&M Belectric

Technical Optimisation
11.00 - 11:25 Technical O&M beyond traditional solar parks
  • Where Asset Managers expanding their portfolio into and what does this mean for O&M
  • How to best maintain a floating solar park
  • Tackling O&M in extreme climates and remote locations

ENcome Luca Marcucci Managing Director ENcome Energy Performance 

11:25 - 11:45 Improving value and longevity from existing assets
  • Repowering a site - centrals to string, timeline, costs, downtime associated with the project, challenges, performance improvement and payback on investment
  • Grid fixes - partial turndown schemes rather than full shut downs, installing voltage constraint panels to avoid outages, intertrip installations

PSH Operations Nicola Waters Managing Director PSH Operations

11:45 - 12:10 Case study into Retrofit Coating
  • Case study from Enerparc’s large scale retrofit coating project alongside DSM
  • Cost-benefit analysis results - letting you know whether coating modules from aged assets is a cost-effective method to boost output

Enerparc Armin Scherl Head of System Engineering Enerparc AG

DSM Paolo Tusa Commercial Director DSM

12:10 - 12:35 Technology Innovation and Risk Mitigation of Solar Assets
  • The importance of PV module components for solar investment return
  • Financial influence of system lifetime on Levelized Cost of Electricity
  • Reality check: not all panels are made equal - highlights from DuPont’s +1 GW PV field survey
  • Innovation for bi-facial panels, to help reduce weight, increase production yields and avoid PID related issues
  • Adopting accelerated testing protocols that are better aligned with how materials and panels age in the field

JinksoSolar Andrea Viaro Head of Technical Service, Europe JinkoSolar

DuPont Lucie Garreau-Iles Technical Regional Leader, EMEA DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions

Achieving Operational Excellence
14:00 - 14:25 O&M strategy: what to outsource and what to keep inhouse?
  • An analysis of what services and aspects of O&M are more profitable when outsourced
  • Bringing services back in-house - what has proved to improve performance and boost output
  • Best practice in monitoring performance of both in-house and outsourced O&M

Valerio Pelizzi, PV expert

14:25 - 14:50 Assessing and Managing Asset Risk
  • Explore best practices for risk assessment and how this can help with overall returns
  • New solutions to mitigate risk on your individual projects
  • How to tackle risk in large scale portfolios, especially when incorporating storage or consolidating assets

Glennmont Partners Jordi Francesch Head of Asset Management Glennmont Partners

14:50 - 15:15 Revamping Distressed Assets to a bankable standard
  • How to determine an asset is distressed, costing your portfolio and reducing output
  • How to manage and capitalise on assets that are under-performing outside the EPC warranty
  • Case study into how to optimise the revenues of this asset

Innova Capital Simone Mandica Senior Technical Manager Innova Capital

15:15 - 16:00 Closing plenary: Cost effective O&M solutions to maximise the returns of existing Assets
  • How quality O&M has emerged as distinguishing factor after (growing) market competition over the last years
  • Exploring the most promising solutions to optimise both small scale and large scale plants
  • Quality in O&M contracts: what to include to ensure O&M is performed at highest standards, while costs are controlled

BayWa R.E Moderator: Stefano CruccuSenior Manager of Strategic Projects BayWa R.E

ReneSola Antonio Alcaro Head of UK Portfolio ReneSola

Alectris Constantinos Peonides Director Alectris

John Laing Capital Management Joe Miletic Head of Solar Asset Management John Laing Capital Management

Foresight Marta Valien Asset Manager Foresight Group

16:00 - Conference Adjourns, Coffee to Go

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