What you can expect from the 2020 agenda

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  • Day One: Fixed-Bottom Offshore Wind Strategy Agenda
  • Day Two: Floating Wind Strategy Agenda
  • Workshops

Day One: Fixed-Bottom Offshore Wind Agenda

9:00-9:15am (15 mins)

Number Crunching the Offshore Wind Market

  • The latest and up-to-date industry forecasts and projections
  • Explore lucrative existing and emerging markets
  • Cost trends in development, construction and O&M

Tom Harries, Head of Offshore Wind ResearchBloomberg NEF

9:15-10:00am (45 mins)

Reflection on 2020 and Plans Ahead

  • Hear from project developers, operators and government on their reflections since Covid-19 and the next steps ahead
  • Impact of the oil price drop, could this speed up the road to net zero and market opportunities?
  • How disrupted is the supply chain and how has this impacted projects?
  • Latest operating costs and trends

Moderator: Gunnar Herzig, Managing Director, World Forum Offshore Wind
Lydia Schot, Managing Director - France, Eneco
Ryanne Burges, Head of Offshore Development, EDF Renewables UK
Nigel Slater, Managing Director, Development - Europe, Northland Power
Richard Sandford, Director - Offshore Wind Development Europe, RWE Renewables

10:00-10:15am (15 mins)

Executive Interview - Winning Bids

  • Session details coming soon.

Speaker TBA

10:15-10:50am (35 mins)

The Offshore Wind Investment Community: Open Discussion

  • Staying competitive within the Offshore Investment space
  • The challenges to securing project finance and the rise of PPAs
  • Discussion on M&A activity and reaching financial close

Moderator: Ting Le Deng, Executive Director, Santander Corporate & Investment Banking
Danielle Lane, Director, Vattenfall
Alexandre Franceschini, Vice President, Green Investment Group
Stephane Tetot, Director, BlackRock Real Assets


10:50-11:05am (15 mins)

Session Available


11:05-11:40am (35 mins)

Re-thinking Contracting & Tendering Processes

  • Hear developers, OEMs and suppliers on how they see the potential for changing “business as usual” approach when it comes to tendering and contracting and prospects for lowering CoE
  • Gain insights on whether or not the industry is ready for collaborative bidding and listen to the experience with collaborative bidding from major industry participants
  • Understand main obstacles, from a commercial, cultural and legal perspective, and debate what is needed to ensure savings in construction and operational phases

Moderator: Klint Klingberg-Jensen, Partner, Advokatfirmaet Poul Schmith
Alexander Severance, General Counsel Offshore Wind - Denmark, Siemens Gamesa

11:40-11:55am (15 mins)

OEM Interview: The Perspective of the Turbine Producers

  • An honest assessment on the year and having to adjust to market conditions
  • Technology updates - onto 14 MW turbines and beyond, plans for future

Martin Gerhardt, Head of Platforms and Portfolio Management Offshore, Siemens Gamesa

11:55am-12:30pm (35 mins)

Emerging Markets: Poland and Baltic Sea

  • An update on the opportunities in Poland and the Baltic Sea
  • How to adapt to and win bids in these markets
  • Regulations and government actions to attract the next wave of fleet

Moderator: Bart Dujczynski, Partner, BBM Offshore Poland
Michal Jerzy Kolodziejczyk, CEO, Equinor Poland

Holger Matthiesen, Regional Head of Development - Central Europe, RWE Renewables
Rytis Kėvelaitis, Vice Minister for Energy, Lithuanian Government

12:30-12:45pm (15 mins)

Green Hydrogen - The Opportunity for Offshore Wind

  • Analyse the potential for green hydrogen as a major source of future electricity demand, where Offshore Wind fits into this
  • What has been achieved with Offshore Wind and Hydrogen and what are the next steps

Speaker TBA

12:45-1:20pm (35 mins)

Offshore Wind O&M - Obstacles and Innovation

  • Key pain points for operators when managing fleets
  • Lowering OPEX through automating services and technical solutions

Moderator: Imogen Brown, Research Analyst, Bloomberg NEF
Sam Strivens, Manager - Logistics and O&M, Carbon Trust

1:20-1:35pm (15 mins)

Sharing the Ocean: Addressing Conflicts and Finding Synergies with Other Ocean Industries

  • What are the real and perceived conflicts between offshore wind and other sectors (e.g. fisheries)?
  • What are the potential synergies with other sectors (e.g. aquaculture)?
  • What kind of structure and process for multi-sectoral engagement will best enable the conflicts to be understood, minimized and addressed and how can the synergies be identified and optimized so that offshore wind can advance as smartly as possible?

Paul Holthus, Founding President and CEO, World Ocean Council

1:35-2:10pm (35 mins)

Marine Logistics

  • Implementing a successful marine strategy to ensure projects are on time and on budget
  • Latest developments in ports and vessels

Speaker TBA

2:10-2:25pm (15 mins)

Adapting your Project Plans and Workforce to Ensure Project Success

  • Engaging the supply chain at every tier
  • Capacity and spare parts management

Speaker TBA

2:25-3:00pm (35 mins)

Moving forward: Working with the Local and Global Supply-Chain

  • Cost benefit analysis, local vs global
  • Business models to successfully transfer expertise to local hubs

Moderator: Søren Lassen, Senior Offshore Wind Analyst, Wood Mackenzie
David Stevenson, Head of Energy and Infrastructure, Scottish Government
Lars Svendsen, Head of Procurement, Red Rock Power

Day Two: Floating Wind Strategy Agenda

9:00-9:45am (45 mins)

Developments in the European Floating Wind Industry

  • How much of a hit has Floating Wind taken in midst of Covid-19? Analyse significant market updates and how they are impacting development opportunities
  • Most attractive markets across Europe, including Scotland, France, the Mediterranean and Ireland
  • Regulatory updates and policies in emerging markets

Eddie O'Connor, Executive Chairman, Mainstream Renewable Power

9:45-10:00am (15 mins)

What are the Hottest Markets in Floating Wind?

  • Explore the market friendly policies that have propelled growth in the fastest growing markets
  • Securing finance and working with the local supply chain to capitalize on these policies
10:00-10:15am (15 mins)

Equinor Floating Wind Strategy Q&A - Road to Net Zero

  • Lessons learnt from Hywind Scotland project, translating this to Hywind Tampen
  • Equinor’s immediate and long-term floating wind strategy
  • Expertise from Oil and Gas that have been transferred across

Sebastian Bringsværd, Head of Floating Wind, Equinor 

10:15-10:30am (15 mins)

Session Available

10:30-11:00am (30 mins)

Speeding Commercialization through Risk Mitigation

  • Detailing the key points of risk from the developer, supply chain and insurance perspective
  • Tackling technology risks, including electrical connection risk and cabling
  • Countering commercialisation risks, including substructure and wind turbine compatibility

Moderator: Gavin Smart, Head of Insights, ORE Catapult
Hannah König, Head of Wind and Maritime Technology, EnBW
Ignacio Pantojo, Floating Offshore Wind Department Manager, Iberdrola

11:00-11:15am (15 mins)

Winning Bids in Scotland

  • Session details TBC
11:15am-11:45am (30 mins)

The Secrets of Project Financing

  • Working with commercial banks, alternative investors and securing public funds to finance the development stage
  • Understand and debate the risks to technology bankability

Jean Vercoutter, Vice President, Renewable Project Finance, MUFG
Lisa McDermott, Executive Director, ABN AMRO Bank

11:45am-1:00pm (75 mins)

Project Developer Case Studies - EDPR, Circo, ENGIE, Aker Solutions, Total, Simply Blue Energy, European Investment Bank

  • 5 back to back 15 minute project case studies
  • Hear from major and small developers on their projects in floating wind, including Wind Float Atlantic, plans for the Celtic Sea and the EFGL pilot project.
1:00-1:30pm (30 mins)

Ask the Developers - Project Developer Q&A

José Pinheiro, Project Director - Wind Float Atlantic, EDP Renewables
Jean-Mathieu Kolb, Project Director - EFGL Project, ENGIE
Mikael Jakobsson, Founder and Chairman, Cierco
Astrid Skarheim Onsum, Head of Offshore Wind, Aker Solutions
Alessandro Boschi, Head of Renewable Division, EIB
Christoph Harwood, Director of Policy and Strategy, Simply Blue Energy

1:30-1:45pm (15 mins)

Principle Power - Technology Showcase

  • Session details TBC

José Pinheiro, Project Director - Wind Float Atlantic, EDP Renewables
Jean-Mathieu Kolb, Project Director - EFGL Project, ENGIE
Mikael Jakobsson, Founder and Chairman, Cierco
Astrid Skarheim Onsum, Head of Offshore Wind, Aker Solutions
Alessandro Boschi, Head of Renewable Division, EIB
Christoph Harwood, Director of Policy and Strategy, Simply Blue Energy

1:45-2.00pm (15 mins)

Case Study: The Latest in Mooring Systems

  • Latest innovation in mooring systems and methods to minimise CAPEX and OPEX while reducing project risk
  • Improving system reliability, monitoring and maintenance
  • Utilising Oil and Gas expertise for FOWT applications
2.00-2:15pm (15 mins)

Case Study: The Best in High Voltage Cabling

  • Tackling the cabling issue through groundbreaking technology
  • Monitoring and inspection requirements for commercial floating wind power project, preventing cabling issues
2:15-2.30pm (15 mins)

Technology Q&A

  • Session details TBC
2:30-3.00pm (30 mins)

Looking Ahead: The Recipe To Accelerate Towards Utility-Scale Power Plant

  • Session chaired by Lloyd's Register 


Offshore Wind Workshops

45 mins

Lifecycle project risk mitigation: Insurance lessons from 2020

  • Dissecting the key pain points and costs during the project lifecycle
  • Key lessons learned from Covid-19 and working towards pandemic relief packages

Speaker TBA

45 mins

Optimising the reliability of your data

  • Minimizing OPEX through reliable data flow
  • Utilizing condition-based monitoring and diagnostics, ensuring your assets provides stability, and long service life

Speaker TBA

45 mins

World class foundations ready for deployment

  • Software to deliver lightweight and innovative designs to support the latest turbines
  • Increasingly greater water depths for varying soil conditions

Speaker TBA

Floating Wind Workshops

45 mins

Fit for shallow or deep waters: Floating wind mooring solutions

  • Mooring systems together with connectors and tensioners, suitable for any water depth
  • Tensioners simple for primary tensioning and able to re-tension at any point
  • Flexibility mooring solutions suitable for every anchor type needed to suit seabed conditions

Speaker TBA

45 mins

The Best in Class Project Designs

  • Case study into foundation designs
  • Steel structures, anchors and chains suitable for commercially viable projects

Speaker TBA

45 mins

Attracting Investors: Ideas into the Installations

  • Improving the bankability of your project by de-risking your designs and development strategy
  • Benchmarks and standards to pass the investor checklist

Speaker TBA

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