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Competitive Auctions and Zero Subsidy Scaling up & Next Generation Technology Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Asset Optimisation The Data Revolution Floating Offshore Wind New Project Development Opportunities

Offshore Wind Leader’s Private Dinner (Invitation only)
  • This is an invitation-only private dinner meeting for c-suite / high-level executive offshore wind leaders to discuss the expansion of European offshore wind and new opportunities in other markets, and to allow the fruitful exchange of plans and ideas over a gourmet 3-course meal.

* 30 spaces available - invitation to be confirmed by New Energy Update only
Location - Novatel London West - evening of 26 November 2018

Competitive Auctions and Zero Subsidy
Offshore Wind: The Coming of Age?
  • Debate the progress of the offshore wind industry, within a wider market reality, and it will become the backbone to the future global energy supply
  • Engage with pioneering offshore wind leaders and hear their thoughts on the transition from CFDs to PPAs and how you can apply this to your business model
  • Hear how the demands of tendering bodies have shifted and the most effective ways to comply with them

GE Capital Paul Hennemeyer Managing Director GE Capital

EDP Renewables JoĂŁo Paulo Costeira Chief Development Officer & Chief Operating Officer - Offshore EDP Renewables

US Wind Inc. Paolo Sammartino Executive Vice President US Wind Inc.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Mariana Heinrich Manager, Climate & Energy World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

What is the deal with Zero Subsidy?
  • Debate the rationale for zero subsidy bids and understand the implications of moving from feed in tariffs to a pure merchant market
  • Learn how industry leading developers have bid at zero subsidy, and why they chose now to do so
  • Discover what developing at zero subsidy means, and how to insulate yourself against risk while maximising opportunity

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Offshore-Windenergie (AGOW) Chairman: Uwe Knickrehm Geschäftsführer / Managing Director Arbeitsgemeinschaft Offshore-Windenergie (AGOW)

Equinor Halfdan Brustad Vice President - Offshore Wind Equinor

Vattenfall Danielle Lane Director - Offshore Wind Portfolios and Transactions Vattenfall

Innogy Bart Oberink Head of Bid Management Innogy

Eneco Ruben Dijkstra Director - Offshore Wind Eneco

EnBW Holger Grubel Head Of Portfolio Development Offshore Wind EnBW

Investment at Grid Parity
  • Consider the future of an industry that may not rely on government subsidies and the investment opportunities that will take their place
  • Gain an understanding of the obligations and demands that will be required to secure future financial agreements
  • Awaken yourself to the pros and cons of an industry where conventional financing models will soon be outdated and where new models will require new skills and tools

K2 Consulting Moderator: Thomas ArensbachProject ManagementK2 Management

Amsterdam Capital Partners Michael van der Heijden Managing Director Amsterdam Capital Partners

ABN AMRO Lisa Mcdermott Executive Director - Renewables and Project Financing ABN AMRO

Bloomberg New Energy Finance TBCBloomberg New Energy Finance

NERA Daniel RadovDirectorNERA Economic Consulting

Operations & Maintenance After Zero Subsidy
  • Understand the unique opportunities to increase profits during the operations phase of a zero-subsidy project and ensure that margins do not suffer in an era of new financial dynamics
  • Identify where cost be stripped without removing efficiency, which pre-build expenditures can be made to ensure long term profits, and what considerations will need to be made to protect the viability of bigger and better turbines

EnBw Michael Splett Head of Operations & Maintenance EnBw

Lunch Workshop: Challenges for offshore wind farm decommissioning - Government and Industry perspectives
  • Why we need to plan for decommissioning now
  • Cost drivers and opportunities for cost reduction
  • Building flexibility for end of life asset management - repowering and phased decommissioning

Beis Mandy King Environment and Decommissioning Energy Infrastructure Planning Team Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy 

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New Project Development Opportunities
Emerging Markets; Lessons, Risks & Prices
  • A brief summary of emerging markets in Asia Pacific, India to North America to the Mediterranean and why local, country and site risks must not be taken lightly
  • Explore OWC's experience in Taiwan on early stage projects and what lessons have been learned
  • What lessons can we bring from experiences in Europe and how must they be tempered for emerging markets?
  • Price trends - what can we expect from the first projects in a new market?

Offshore Wind Consultants Limited John MacAskill Director Offshore Wind Consultants Limited

New Frontiers - Where do we go from here?
  • Look at new opportunities outside of Europe’s conventional markets and where the famous "EU learning curve" is applicable in terms development skills vs. where we need to observe and learn all over again
  • Hear about the latest pipeline of global projects and how to reach operational efficiency quickly, from a business and operational point of view
  • Discuss the creation of local supply chains in these new markets and what you need to do to capitalise on these opportunities 

MAKE Consulting Steen Brout Nielsen Vice President MAKE Consulting

Renewable Resources International LLC Andy Geissbuehler Managing Partner Renewable Resources International LLC

Natixis Corporate & Investment Bank Ranjan Moulik Managing Director, Power & Renewables Industry Group, Real Assets Natixis Corporate & Investment Bank

Scaling up & Next Generation Technology
Turbines - Speedy Installation
  • Maintain installation standards as we transition to larger turbine models so that when your projects increase in size you have the facilities and staff in place to support them
  • Consider how the 24-hour target was achieved at the current scale, and what kind of practices will be necessary to maintain or improve upon this benchmark

Siemens Gamesa Jon Lerche Senior Lean Project Manager Siemens Gamesa

Blades - Bigger & Better?
  • Hear about the next generation of 10MW+ blades about to boost output and the savings that will come from scaling up
  • Learn of the infrastructural demands that will come with transporting blades and the structural requirements for commissioning the turbines, to avoid unanticipated disruptions
  • Investigate how larger turbines will affect Health and Safety procedures, and how to scale up maintenance practices so that existing solutions can be carried over

BVG Associates Moderator: Bruce Valpy Managing Director BVG Associates

Foundations - Bigger & Better
  • How to deliver projects that are larger, deeper and fixed further from shore
  • Discover the materials and manufacturing standards that will allow you to delve deeper without sacrificing platform performance
  • Projections and predictions of the unique challenges presented by moving further from shore and ensure that you are prepared for every difference in environmental dynamic

The Carbon Trust Michael Stephenson Offshore Wind Associate The Carbon Trust

Stepping Up to 66kv Cabling/East Anglia One
  • Understand the right time to make the transition to 66kv subsea cabling, when the rewards of increased power transmission and reduced physical assets will be unlocked
  • Gain perspective on the benefits and challenges that you will experience by introducing this technology to your future projects
  • Consider the standards which will be applied to 66kv as the industry increases its understanding of the technology, placing yourself well ahead of the pack

JDR Cable Systems James Young Chief Technology Officer JDR Cable Systems

Scaling Up - What does this mean for the Supply Chain?
  • Introduce yourself to the new requirements that will come with escalation. Come to terms with how increases in scale will affect the relationship between developers and their supply chain
  • Understand the standards being considered from heads of procurement for use on bigger blades & bases, preparing you to plan projects without concern for financial insecurity

EDP RenewablesJavier Torrijos CuestaUK Offshore Wind Supply Chain Manager 
EDP Renewables

Enbridge Willem Jan van der Ven Vice President - Operations Enbridge

Shell New Energies Joris Veldhoven Contract & Procurement Manager Wind Shell New Energies

Vessels - Upgrading & Globalising
  • Ensure that your marine solutions are in position to reach peak performance from construction to decommission, reducing maintenance periods and increasing profit
  • As farms swell in size and operations are performed further from shore - evaluate whether to upgrade existing fleet or acquire new vessels, and how to avoid sacrificing efficiency for cost savings when you do
  • Prepare for the implementation of smart systems which will allow your vessels to communicate and perform at a speed which will devastate downtime
  • Globalising vessels - see how marine logistic strategies look in the US, in Taiwan and in other markets and develop vessels to move about accordingly 

Renewable Resources International LLC Andy Geissbuehler Managing Partner Renewable Resources International LLC

Van Oord Roy van Loveren Regional Manager Offshore Wind Van Oord

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Operations & Maintenance
Blades - Maintenance
  • Hear the common issues which cause turbines to decay. As your turbines age make sure that they are not degrading any faster than they must, maintaining the highest possible productivity
  • Leading edge erosion is one of the leading causes of turbine productivity loss. Discover the most effective ways to mitigate any further damage to operational assets

8.2 Aarufield Andrew Bellamy Co-Founder and Director 8.2 Aarufield

Eneco Ina Barge - Lincklaen ArriënsAsset Manager Offshore Wind Eneco

Fixed Foundations - Maintenance
  • With turbines that will be in operation for far longer than ever before, alert yourself to the equipment capable of protecting these turbines for their entire lifetime, increasing their efficiency and decreasing downtime
  • From the latest upgrades in Thermal Spray Aluminium to the potential of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, consider the case for each technology and determine which will ensure the optimum output
Subsea Power Cable Asset Management
  • Understand the challenges that need to be overcome to maximise asset energy yield while minimising transmission risks and service interruptions 
  • Drawing parallels from the telecommunications sector, see how "club" arrangements have led to efficiencies for asset owners
  • See what proactive, cost-effective tools are available to maximise energy yields over the lifetime of an asset

Global Marine Ian Bryan Managing Director Group Business Operations Global Marine

Protecting Subsea Cables with Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Fibre Optic Technology
  • The threats to cable integrity that DAS can detect
  • How DAS is used to monitor and detect imminent failures, and raise alarms
  • The economic case to use DAS technology

Fotech Solutions Stuart Large Sales & Product Line Director Fotech Solutions

Subsea Array Cabling Loss Prevention
  • The largest insurance losses recorded across offshore wind last year were down to sub-sea cabling. Avoid unnecessary spending by making simple changes to standards and acquisition
  • Familiarise yourself with the common causes of export cable malfunction from installation and throughout operation
  • Discuss practices that will protect against preventable malfunctions, reducing unnecessary downtime and saving on repairs
Operations & Asset Optimisation
Battery Storage and Offshore Wind
  • Understand, from Equinor’s perspective, why Batwind storage was added as a pilot project to Hywind wind farm and hear the challenges faced with this to date
  • Delve into how battery technology is already being integrated in offshore wind and what technologies are coming into the market, and what more we can expect over the next 5 years
  • Get a candid review of the background to policy and regulation with energy storage + renewables and what ongoing changes you can expect in that space

Aggreko Marcus Saul Senior European Sales Manager Aggreko

REA Frank Gordon Policy Manager REA

Automation - Machines in Offshore Wind
  • Take a top-down view of the entire supply chain to understand where automation will hit first, and just how much it can save you in money and man-hours
  • Quiz innovative technology developers on their unmanned solutions and evaluate in real terms the potential presented to you
  • Listen to those that have already taken steps to automate their processes, and gain a first-hand knowledge of the real-world results that can be gained from automation
O&M Innovation Demonstration
  • ORE Catapult have world class facilities for demonstrating innovative O&M solutions, including a 7MW R&D turbine. Investigate the results of successful demonstration projects and explore the potential these solutions harbour for operating and planned projects alike
  • Evaluate the technical and commercial benefits of high potential O&M innovations, allowing you to pinpoint the most fiscally fortuitous time to make the move to machines

ORE Catapult Andrew Kay Operations & Maintenance Manager ORE Catapult

Oil & Gas Expertise & Equipment
  • Take technologies & practices that have proven themselves in the Oil & Gas sphere and understand how they can be applied to shrink expenditure for marine renewables.
  • Consider the supply chain dynamics of Oil & Gas, and how they can be adapted to encourage standardisation and industrialisation in offshore wind
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The Data Revolution
Wind Turbine Gearbox Remaining Useful Lifetime and Early Failure Detection
  • Digital Twin
  • Neural Network

Siemens PLM Wim Hendric Simcenter Engineering Business Developer Energy Sector Siemens PLM

Software & Systems Transformation
  • This session will alert you to available software that will drastically reduce your overhead and lower LCOE from pre-build to life-long operations
  • From weather condition testing on upcoming builds, to predictive 3-D modelling and digital twin turbines, pin-point the projects that will deliver the most real-world savings to you

Ramboll Ursula Smolka Senior Engineer Ramboll

Extracting Value from Performance Data
  • Access to SCADA information is not new but the parameters and volume of available data are growing exponentially.  During operations, performance data can be combined with analytics to feed reliability centred maintenance and servicing strategies to minimise unplanned downtime and enhance equipment reliability
  • In this presentation we will discuss how these performance datasets can be integrated with other data streams and utilised smartly to ensure these resources can value by driving O&M decision making

Natural Power Lauren Wheatley Director of Advisory and Analytics Natural Power

Transformation of Offshore O&M - the Romeo Project
  • Hear how to increase reliability and decrease downtime of legacy offshore wind projects through effective O&M and Monitoring techniques
  • With results from the ROMEO project, one year on from its launch, understand how this project is transforming O&M procedures

Iberdrola Cesar Yanes Baonza Team Manager - Technology and Sustainability Department
Project Director - Romeo Project Iberdrola

Scottish Power Renewables Robert Jones Lead Asset Performance Analysis Engineer Scottish Power Renewables

Power curve verification procedure beyond the actual IEC standard
  • Measure and subsequently monitor the power curves / performance on each turbine in a wind farm instead of selecting a representative one
  • Make the power curve / performance measurements comparable to each other, to reference measurements as well as over the whole life time
  • Detect real underperformers and exclude false positives indicated by the SCADA system

Romo Wind Karl Fatrdla Head of Business Development Romo Wind

Software for Operations and Maintenance
  • How can software reduce the LCOE by joining the systems for planning, operations and execution with suppliers and clients
  • Explore a central data repository that reports on specific wind farm KPI’s, across the supply chain also improves the efficiency and safety of a wind farm
  • See how transforming technologies can analyse stored data to create valuable insight on your behalf

Renewable Strategy Limited Elias Dencker Managing Director Renewable Strategy Limited

Floating Offshore Wind
LCOE and the road ahead
Panel Discussion: Floating Wind Roadmap & Hotspots
  • Hear a comprehensive status overview of current floating wind projects and evaluate the best time to move on the technology yourself
  • Gain an insight into which governments (both in Europe and worldwide) are gearing up to support the floating wind industry
  • Discover where the greatest potential for the technology lies, and the infrastructural demands that will have to be instituted in order for your company to access it

The Carbon Trust Chair: Rhodri James Manager of Policy and Innovation The Carbon Trust

Principle Power Joao Metelo CEO Principle Power

EnBw Hannah Konig Head of Wind and Maritime Technology EnBw

Equinor Arne Eik Leading Business Developer Floating Offshore Wind Equinor

Eolfi Alain Delsupexhe CEO Eolfi

Panel Discussion: The pathway to LCOE reduction and commercialisation of floating turbines
  • What are the key cost reduction drivers from where floating wind is today to first commercial projects?
  • What role do key stakeholders play - supply chain, project developers, financers, insurance, academia, governments?
  • What is the balance between public policy support and private sector action to achieve commercialisation of floating wind?

ORE Catapult Chair: Gavin Smart Head of Insights ORE Catapult

Green Giraffe Clement Weber Green Giraffe

Senvion Ranjit Mene Head of UK Offshore Sales Senvion

Subsea7 Alan Macleay Engineering Director Subsea7

Global Energy Group Stephen Thompson Sales Manager Global Energy Group


Long term floating wind LCOE: Perspectives on competitiveness and feasibility
  • Explore the influence of key parameters on the LCOE of floating offshore wind, and what they mean for all floating wind platform designs
  • Understand how floating foundations will enable turbine upsizing in order to drive higher productivity
  • Explore which infrastructures can be adapted for industrialization and serial fabrication


“Project life cycle”
Presentation: Floating vs. Fixed
  • Learn the major differences between fixed and floating wind and how to adopt the knowledge and skills from the more mature fixed sector
  • Hear the lessons learned from an electricity provider who has made the transition and inform your business strategy for the future

EDF Renouvelables Christine de Jouëtte PGL Project Director EDF Renouvelables

Presentation: Operations & Maintenance
  • Understand the most commonly occurring O&M issues of a floating offshore turbine so that you can recognise and avoid the same complications
  • Gain the upper hand over competitors by learning the proven strategies for overcoming existing challenges

Equinor Speaker: Halvor Hoen Hersleth Operational Manager Equinor

Floating Wind Project Updates - Case Studies
Hywind Scotland, Equinor

Equinor Speaker: Arne Eik Leading Business Developer Floating Offshore Wind Equinor

XCF: A unique floating wind turbine solution for tomorrow’s energy challenges
  • The construction of a performing wind floater using concrete
  • A simplified process for maintenance and monitoring
  • The modularity and flexibility benefits induced by this solution

Ceteal Speaker: Pascal Heisel Structural engineer and R&D Manager Ceteal

WindFloat Atlantic Portugal, A Consortium (Principle Power, ENGIE and EDPR)

Principle Power Speaker: Dominique Roddier CTO Principle Power

EDP Renewables José Pinheiro Project Director EDP Renewables

Les Ă©oliennes flottantes du Golfe du Lion [LEFGL] Consortium

Engie Jean-Mathieu Kolb Project Director - EFGL Pilot Floating Offshore Wind Project Engie

EolMed Pilot Floating Offshore Wind Farm Consortium
Les Ă©oliennes flottantes de Groix & Belle-ile

Eolfi Etienne Delcroix Commercial Director Eolfi

Les Ă©oliennes flottantes de Provence Grand Large [PGL] Offshore Wind Farm 

EDF Renouvelables Julien Simon Design Manager EDF Renouvelables

Kincardine Floating Wind Project
Speaker TBC - Awaiting Confirmation
Panel Discussion: Key Learnings From Project Experiences So Far
  • Understand what worked well and what didn’t work well
  • Hear how project development teams might approach things differently next time and why
  • Get a view on how project development teams would approach large-scale commercial deployment, with what they have learnt to date

Equinor Arne Eik Leading Business Developer Floating Offshore Wind Equinor

EDP Renewables José Pinheiro Project Director EDP Renewables

Engie Jean-Mathieu Kolb Project Director - EFGL Pilot Floating Offshore Wind Project Engie

Principle Power Dominique Roddier CTO Principle Power


Key Enabling, Component Technologies
Presentation: Moorings
  • Explore the current mooring technology for floating platforms and where there is room for future developments 
  • Understand the cost of mooring systems and cost of offshore installations, and where cost reductions can be achieved as we step into commercialisation
  • Look a the mooring system supply chain management and logistics, volume effect, wind farm development cycle and also new materials, new technologies, and farm scale optimizations (shared mooring systems, etc.) from the mooring systems perspective
  • Mooring system reliability, monitoring, maintenance of the mooring systems (OPEX issues)

InterMoor Inc. Tom Fulton Chief Technology Officer InterMoor Inc.

Vryhof Senol Ozmutlu Projects Director Vryhof

Presentation: High Voltage Dynamic Cabling
  • Understand the advancement of “suitable” designs for the development of high voltage dynamic cables and when these will could be ready for commercial deployment
  • Outline the monitoring and inspection requirements for commercial floating wind power projects that will impact on these cables

JDR Cable Systems James Young Chief Technology OfficerJDR Cable Systems

Panel Discussion: Lessons Floating Wind Can Learn from Oil & Gas
  • Unlock the potential of floating wind by understanding the transferability of technology, practices and work-force from the Oil & Gas industry
  • Employ years of expertise by listening to established Oil & Gas insiders explain why and how they diversified into floating wind

Aker Solutions Knut Vassbotn Head of Business Development Aker Solutions

Equinor Halvor Hoen Herselth Operational Manager - Hywind Equinor

Turbine, Supply Chain and Risk
Panel: Floating Offshore Wind in Korea and Japan
Speakers TBC - Awaiting Confirmation
Panel: Now & Next Generation Platforms
  • Compare the range of floating platform designs on the market right now and how they can be put to use for your project
  • From environmental suitability to risk profiles, the merits of industry-leading designs will be discussed at length to give you the same edge as the established competitors


Saitec Offshore David Carrascosa Francis Chief Technology Officer Saitec Offshore

Saitec Offshore Alex Raventos CEO & Co-founder X1 Wind

Panel Discussion: Building a Global Floating Wind Supply Chain
  • What are the similarities and differences between the fixed-bottom supply chain and the floating turbine supply chain: Hulls, towers, turbines, mooring lines, anchors, dynamic cables?
  • What parts of the design, specifications, and supply chain will be different and unique to floating turbines and how will they be developed?
  • Discuss the supply of components such as turbines, foundations, blades, fabricated steel or concrete and mooring lines that will be required to supply floating wind farm projects.
  • Analyze the skills and labour requirements to meet the demands of the design and supply chains.
Panel Discussion: Floating Wind - Risk & Finance
  • Understand the position on the floating wind sector that European governments are taking and find out where future projects should turn for vital financing
  • Hear of the financial challenges experienced by first movers to ensure the same difficulties do not befall your future projects
  • Understand how certificators and risk analysts evaluate floating wind projects and avoid exposing your development to unnecessary disruption

Fresco Advisory Doreen Abeysundra Managing Director Fresco Advisory

Societe Generale Allan Baker Managing Director - Global Head of Power Societe Generale

DNV GL Magnus Ebbesen Senior Consultant DNV GL

Green Giraffe Clement Weber Senior Analyst Green Giraffe

European Investment Bank Alessandro Boschi Head of Renewable Energy Division European Investment Bank

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