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Market Session

Presentation - Market Outlook: Developments in the Global Floating Wind Industry

  • Analyse significant market updates and how they are impacting development opportunities
  • Learn where favourable conditions currently exist in international markets that present opportunities to support ‘development project’ growth through to commercial scale operation – including demand forecasts, policy and existing skills.
  • Look ahead to 2030, the shape of the global industry and the major markets
  • Debate the role floating wind will play in meeting Europe’s 2050 climate goals and forecasted boom in electricity demand
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Wind Europe Floating Task Force Bruno Geschier Chairman Wind Europe Floating Task Force Chief Sales & Marketing Officer IDEOL

Asia Wind Energy Association Edgare Kerkwijk Board Member Asia Wind Energy Association Managing Director Asia Green Capital

Panel - Regulatory and Commercial Support systems

  • Debate how to encourage the development of a floating industry alongside a well-established fixed bottom wind market using integrated policy measures
  • Hear how emerging markets can benefit from a blank slate on policy to create a market that fosters development of both fixed and floating
  • Debate and vote on which policy and regulatory measures will be most effective to support the move to industrial scale commercial operations
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Wind Europe Floating Task Force Chair: Bruno Geschier Chairman Wind Europe Floating Task ForceChief Sales & Marketing Officer IDEOL

Asia Wind Energy Association Steve Jermy Non-Executive Director Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Enterprise Partnership

Panel - Industrial Global Market Readiness

  • Hear from major project developers, supply chain and infrastructure partners their roadmap to commercial scale operational readiness
  • Understand what supply chain infrastructure currently exists (and is planned for development) that can enable quality fabrication, installation and operation of assets at scale
  • Discuss the strategic goals they each have in place towards 2030 and the steps needed to adapt and facilitate commercial scale floating wind projects
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Wind Europe Floating Task Force Chair: Bruno Geschier Chairman Wind Europe Floating Task ForceChief Sales & Marketing Officer IDEOL

Equinor Arne Erik Leading Business Developer Floating Offshore Wind Equinor

EDPR José Pinheiro Project Director - Wind Float Atlantic EDPR

Eolfi Etienne Delcroix Commercial Director Eolfi

Simply Blue Energy Christoph Harwood Director of Policy and Strategy Simply Blue Energy

Deep Dive Emerging Market: The West Coast of Ireland

  • How to exploit the west coast opportunity and get power to the market
  • Understand the current situation for offshore electricity generation in Ireland; a regulatory and commercial update
  • Know the steps you can take to enable your business to share in this new opportunity
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Supernode Marcos Byrne Research and Development Engineer Supernode

Skills Development for an Optimised Floating Industry

  • Know the key differences between working with fixed-bottom and floating wind assets
  • Understand where key skills currently exist and where floating specific knowledge needs to be obtained to enable optimisation
  • Secure the best talent in an increasingly competitive market through attractive job role creation and development
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Financing and Risk Section

Moving off the Balance Sheet - Securing 3rd Party Finance for Development

  • Learn where floating wind developers can look to secure finance for development phase projects; public funding, commercial banks and alternative financiers
  • Understand equity vs debt financing, the major implications, and the crucial role that project structure plays
  • Hear techniques for risk certification and management that will engender confidence in technology and the project development plan whilst lowering insurance premiums
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Fresco Advisory Chair: Doreen Abeysundra Managing Director Fresco Advisory

ABN AMRO Lisa McDermott Executive Director ABN AMRO

MUFG Jean Vercoutter Power and Renewables Project Finance MUFG

Optimising the Business Model: Managing Risk in Project Development and Construction

  • Debate the relationship between the supply chain and the developer for risk and liability sharing
  • Unlock key knowledge and skill sharing through industrial partnerships to limit exposure and risk whilst improving project quality and delivery
  • Understand how insurance companies’ asses project risk, and the steps you can take to lower your premiums
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Green Giraffe Chair: Clément Weber Director Green Giraffe

The Renewables Consulting Group Marc Costa-Ros Associate Director The Renewables Consulting Group

Ralf Skowronnek International Risk Advisor and Authorized Insurance Expert Independent

Watson Farley & Williams LLP Evan Stergoulis Partner Watson Farley & Williams LLP

Aker Solutions Knut Vassbotn Head of Business Development, Offshore Wind Aker Solutions

Principle Power Guillaume Ardoise Senior Technical Manager - Europe Principle Power

Technology Section

Technology Commercialisation Outlook

  • Evaluate current technology options for floating wind generation and the factors that will determine the next phase of technological development
  • Understand the long-term commercialisation roadmap, including when and how the industry will meet key milestones on the path to a competitive LCOE
  • Understand the key steps to scale up demonstrator projects into viable commercial-scale projects
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Carbon Trust Dan Kyle Spearman Offshore Wind Manager Carbon Trust

Developer & Technology Leaders’ Update - Moving to Scale

  • Key Updates from the leading projects in the water – understand the key lessons learned that will impact scaled up operations
  • Ask your questions; join the debate and explore what matters most to you in this highly interactive session
  • Understand the shared connections between each project and how you can adapt your operations to enable you to support future developments
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Eolfi Etienne Delcroix Commercial Director Eolfi

Case Study: Hywind Tampen - Exploring Electrification for Commercial Development

  • Explore the viability of Oil and Gas electrification as a rout to market, alongside alternative sources of demand
  • Learn which important factors must be considered and the logistical challenges of electrifying oil and gas platforms
  • Understand the long-term strategic thinking behind the Hywind Tampen project and how this will affect future floating development and commercial phase projects
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Equinor Halvor Hoen Hersleth Operational Manager - Hywind Scotland Equinor

Technology Commercialisation Roadmap Debate

  • Discussion with the major project and technology developers on key issues including technology convergence, standardisation, certification and supply chain adaptation
  • Debate the full implications of scaling up current development scale projects, including the impacts for ports, vessels, installation, cables, fabrication and more
  • Understand what support platform developers need from government, finance and the supply chain to enable concepts to be mass produced, installed and operated
  • Pose your questions to the panel to understand which key issues are driving technology development and commercial scale plans
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ORE Catapult Gavin Smart Head of Analysis and Insights ORE Catapult

Principle Power Dominique Roddier CTO & Director Principle Power

ideol Thomas ChoisnetChief Technology Officer IDEOL

Floating Technology in Development Showcase & Discussion:
Saitec - SATH Technology development towards Industrialization

  • BlueSATH: Construction, Installation and Deployment of the first Prototype in open sea waters
  • SATH technology 10MW certification roadmap
  • Industrialization of concrete floaters
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Saitec Offshore Technologies David Carrascosa CTO Saitec Offshore Technologies

Floating Technology in Development Showcase & Discussion:
X1 Wind - PivotBuoy project® - Demonstration of an innovative technology to reduce the weight and costs of floating offshore wind

  • Overview of the PivotBuoy project objectives and demo preparation, to be installed in the Canary Islands in 2020.
  • Learn about the key project innovations, including the PivotBuoy® SPM system and a more efficient downwind floater design to reduce the costs of floating wind.
  • Show a collaborative effort where 9 experienced industrial and R&D partners are working together to develop and test this innovative solution.
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X1 Wind Alex Raventos CEO X1 Wind

Design and Technology Section

Cost Reduction for Demonstrators through Outline Design & Methodology Planning

  • Outline HV Design & Cable Routing for the next generation of FLOW
  • Modelling of marine methods for installation, O&M and decom process
  • Conclusions for array design & further project development
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James Fisher Marine Services Dan Start Business Development Manager FLOW James Fisher Marine Services

Designing for Mass Manufacture & Commercial Scale Operations

  • Unleash the power of economies of scale by designing components for mass production and distribution
  • Strike a balance between risk and cost by limiting the overengineering of floating offshore wind projects whilst maintaining the highest safety and reliability standards
  • Utilise existing manufacturing plants, transport infrastructure, ports and installation vessels to cut CAPEX costs of new concepts
  • Collaborate with industrial partners earlier in the design phase to capitalise on the latest manufacturing and production techniques
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Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult Roberts Proskovics Renewable Technology Engineer Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

Unleashing Data Driven Technologies

  • Optimise your design and activates using data analytics by understanding the crucial role of existing data sources, including where to find ‘quality’ data
  • Learn which key tools and technologies exist to enable effective modelling, testing and design improvement, including VR, AR, Digital Twin, Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning
  • Understand the key skills you need to develop to enable an efficient and effective data driven design strategy and what external support systems can be exploited
  • Lower your cost of finance by reassuring financial backers and insurance brokers through transparent operations that are supported with verified and accurate forecasts
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Designing for Optimal Floating O&M

  • Learn which current floating platform designs will enable efficient and cost-effective O&M activities
  • Future proofing design for the O&M of ultra-deepwater and globally dispersed assets, including the development of O&M practices for challenges specific to floating turbines
  • Learn the role of robotics and automation in the future of offshore O&M and how this relates to the design phase
  • Debate the relevance of current fixed-bottom O&M practices and logistical management to the floating market and learn how supply must adapt
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Challenges of Floating Section

Built to Float Turbines

  • Understand the dynamics, loads and design implications of floating and how these challenges are being solved through both turbine optimisation and platform design
  • Recognise how the growth of turbine capacity and size will dictate platform design, installation and O&M requirements
  • Save time and effort through collaborative working across the supply chain to achieve a unified system that enables the optimisation of each component
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Senvion Chair: Ranjit Mene Head of UK Offshore Sales Senvion

Dynamic Cables for Commercial Scale Deployment

  • Understand the practical implications for array and export cables of operating commercial-scale arrays in deeper waters
  • Learn what solutions are currently available for commercial-scale projects
  • Discover how to approach the issue of cabling when designing and planning commercial-scale projects and their O&M
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European Subsea Cables Association (ESCA) Chair: Antony Zymelka Director, BPP Cables European Subsea Cables Association (ESCA)

The Carbon Trust Rory Shanahan Manager - Offshore Wind The Carbon Trust

Mooring Systems Optimised for Floating Wind Assets

  • Explore current and new innovative mooring systems that exist in shipping, oil and gas and defence and compare how these differ to moorings used on floating wind platforms
  • Understand the implications of different mooring systems for insurance and LCOE reduction
  • Recognise how cost reductions can be achieved for mooring systems and offshore installations as we move to commercial scale arrays
  • Understand the critical implications of mooring system supply chain management, logistics, volume effect, wind farm development cycle, new materials, new technologies (inc. synthetic lines), and farm scale optimisations (shared mooring systems, etc.)
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Cross-Sector Learning - Learning from Oil & Gas and Marine Industries

  • Debate the relevance of the oil and gas experience, are borrowed ideas the best way forward?
  • How can cross-industry collaboration and learning be fostered to stimulate brand new solutions and innovations
  • Does cultural conflict exist? Understand the key drivers of each party
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Innovate UK - KTN Chair: John Ransford Knowledge Transfer Manager Innovate UK - KTN

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