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Humboldt Bay Seeks Tenders to Renovate Port for OW

Northern Californian Harbour Opens RFP – deadline November 1

Humbolt Bay Harbor

An existing harbour in one of the largest bays on the Pacific Coast is looking for marine infrastructure developers to rejuvenate its port facilities. The long-term goal for the terminal is to repurpose the area into a Multi-purpose Marine Terminal to support the proposed offshore wind energy development in Humboldt Bay and future offshore wind projects in the area.

The bay itself is a natural coastal lagoon, located on the north coast of California, about 200 miles (320km) north of San Francisco. The nearest city is the wonderfully-named Eureka, situated on Route 101, which means that overland transport links are favourable. It is the second largest enclosed bay in California, and has facilities for fishing, recreation and commercial vessels.

Currently there are plans for the Redwood Coast Offshore Wind Project, which would deploy 5 to 15 turbines in a 100-150 MW offshore wind project around 25 miles from Eureka, in waters 600-1000m deep. BOEM is looking for tenders for Pacific coast OW schemes and has offered a variety of leases in the nearby area.


Humboldt Bay Harbour


The harbour entrance is 48 ft. deep and the shipping channel is 38 ft. deep. The port contains nine deep draft berths. 15 percent of Humboldt Bay’s 33 miles is considered appropriate for harbour facility development. The Redwood Marine Terminal I cargo handling facilities are currently in disrepair. The federal Navigation channel at Redwood 1 terminal currently is established at 38 ft. depth. An approximately 6.3 acre 1100 ft. length berth, wood dock, with approximately 75 acres of industrial land (41 acres Harbor District and 34 acres adjacent willing property owner), 2 warehouses, and a 2 ton crane are located portside. It is currently being used for various purposes including aquaculture and fisheries storage. These uses will be required to be relocated to acceptable locations prior to constructing new facilities.


RFP – Deadline 1st November 2019


The Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District will receive bids until 4:00 p.m. on Friday, November 1, 2019, for the Lease of Redwood Marine Terminal I.

The Port is soliciting proposals for the development, use, and occupancy of Redwood Marine Terminal I. The long-term goal for the terminal is to repurpose the area into a Multipurpose Marine Terminal to support the proposed offshore wind energy development which is proposed by the federal Bureau of Offshore Energy Management (BOEM) 30 miles offshore of Humboldt Bay and other maritime industries.

The RFP can be found here:

Request for Proposal - Redwood Marine Terminal I

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