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Speaker guidelines

Congratulations on becoming a speaker at USOW19! We have set forth these speaker guidelines to ensure that you deliver something exciting and unique, so the rest of us may learn, share and be inspired.

USOW19 is a highly-anticipated event, and we are very selective over who we have on-stage. The conference is very much our 'product' and we always do our utmost to make sure that our speakers provide the audience with high-quality information…

10 speaker commandments

*Shamelessly adapted from the ‘TED Commandments’ – rules every speaker needs to know

  1. Thou shalt not trot out thy usual shtick. The audience is depending on you to deliver new, innovative material. Even if you are unable to reveal specific details of a project, you can certainly talk about your ideas, your reasoning, your philosophy and your predictions.
  2. Thou shalt not use the stage as a platform to promote thyself. From our experience, self-promotion or lengthy explanations of product portfolio, company history and organizational structure are never well received. We want to help you ensure that the audience leave the conference with your presentation front of mind, and this is not the way to achieve that.
  3. Thou shalt reveal thy passion. Please communicate the ‘why’ behind your methods, where they are taking you, and why they are important to you.
  4. Speak of thine failure as well as thine success. We know it’s not easy to admit mistakes, but they are necessary and present in all of our work. Tell us where you went wrong, why it was the incorrect thing to do, where you ended up and what you learned along the way. Take us on the real-life journey with you.
  5. Thou shalt use case studies, data and sources to back up thine revelations. We frequently hear from frustrated audience members who are exhausted by vague concepts and hollow phrases. There is a desire for facts and evidence throughout this industry – and this audience is no exception.
  1. Thou shalt use PowerPoint as backup only. We’ve all been there – fiercely detailed diagrams and illegible text that is relied upon to explain what you’re doing – please avoid this. The value of your speech will come from the big idea you are presenting rather than complex slides which rarely translate in a large room.
  2. Thou shalt refer to the description of thine speech in the agenda. You may wish to deviate from your line a little, but the description of your speech is exactly what our audience asked for during our research, and is what they have travelled many miles to hear.
  3. Thou shalt not read thine speech from thine extensively prepared notes. Staring at your notes throughout your talk will not get message across. You want to be speaking naturally, engagingly, using stories, and referring to other speeches you have seen throughout the day. Aim for impact.
  4. Thou shalt engage in glorious interaction with thine audience. Make sure you ask the audience to participate. They are the reason you are presenting. Leave time for questions.
  5. Thou shalt not steal minutes from those who follow you. Keep to time. 15-20 minutes is enough to convey any idea, no matter how complex. Don’t overrun so there is no time for questions. Rehearse.

FAQs for Speakers

What do you need from me now I am confirmed to speak at the conference?

You must send your proposed presentation title accompanies by 3 explanatory bullet points highlighting the content of your presentation. Please provide a detailed sentence for each bullet point describing your presentation (really spell out what you are covering and what the learning outcomes are so that anyone can understand).

Then, read the rest of this FAQ carefully because it contains information that will help you prepare. Remember the 5 Ps for Prior Planning Promotes Proper Performance

What should I include in my presentation?

We've put together the ‘10 speaker commandments’ for maximizing the potential of your presentation. We’d also recommend taking a look at the suggestions given here.

What time am I scheduled to speak during the conference?

Please refer to the conference schedule

NB: The timed agenda will be released at least 4 weeks prior to the conference, but the program must remain somewhat fluid to accommodate for last minute changes, drop-outs etc., so we may be forced to change the time of your presentation. In the unlikely event this happens, you will be informed immediately but we do ask that you keep your calendar flexible during the conference to accommodate for any changes. Be available in the conference hall at least 15-minutes before your presentation.

What format should my presentation be in?

Our screens will be widescreen 16:9 format. To ensure your presentation is the right size in PowerPoint go to Design > Slide Size > Widescreen (16:9). NB if your presentation is not in 16:9 format your entire presentation, text and images will be displayed incorrectly.

How do I submit my presentation?
  1. Save your presentation in Power Point format (16:9) to Dropbox
  2. Please label your file like this: Full Name, Company, Presentation title.
  3. If you have trouble uploading your presentation files to Dropbox, please email the file to Adam Minkley at You must submit your presentation by deadline Sunday 26th May. Do not miss this deadline.
  4. Don’t forget to bring a back-up presentation on a USB flash drive to the conference.
When is the presentation submission deadline?

You must submit your presentation to Dropbox by deadline Sunday 26th May. Do NOT miss this deadline under any circumstances please. Your presentation will be checked for quality control and that it passes technical requirements. If you miss the deadline, we will assume that you are not intending to speak at the conference and your presentation will be removed from the program or filled by a reserve speaker. It is absolutely unacceptable to expect that you can hand your USB containing your presentation to the AV team before you walk on stage. Be excellent instead and be mindful of your deadline.

Audio – how do I submit audio files for my presentation?

Please highlight to the conference director if you are including audio so we can test it properly. Please let us know at least 1 week prior to the event if this is the case.

Videos - how do I submit video files for my presentation?

Ideally, we ask that you embed your video into the slide as this ensures smoother transitioning. Please send the original video file with your presentation as a backup, and make sure this is done in advance of the event to allow for testing on site. Please try to avoid streaming videos from the internet during your presentation – no-one likes to watch as YouTube buffers!

I have sensitive data in my slides. How do I ensure they are not shared after the conference?

If you wish, particular slides can be omitted from the post-event digital presentations that we make available to delegates. This must be arranged with the conference director Adam Minkley immediately after the conference. Our conferences often provide an opportunity for our journalists to cover the most important stories within the industry and so speeches, graphics and pictures from the presentations may be used in our print and online articles. Please let the conference director know if you are not comfortable with this.

How do I change the title or description of my presentation on the event website?

Email any changes to Adam Minkley at

How do I submit my bio?

Save your Bio in a word doc file to Dropbox.

Please label your file like this: Bio, Full Name, Company

If you have trouble uploading your file to Dropbox, please email the file to Adam Minkley at You must submit your bio by deadline Sunday 26th May. Do not miss this deadline.

How do I submit my photo?

As soon as possible, email a high-resolution professional photo of yourself by email to Adam Minkley at It will be displayed on our website and brochure seen by thousands of people. Make the right impression!

Do I need to bring my laptop to the conference?

A conference laptop will be used for all presentations. Your presentation will be saved on the laptop, provided you gave it to us in advance. It is always advised to bring a back-up copy of your presentation on a USB flash drive in case of any technical difficulties loading your slides on the screen. The laptop will be situated at the back of the room, and you will have a wireless clicker from which to advance your presentation slides. You will also have a small screen on, or next to the podium, which will mirror the slides on screen, for your comfort.

Will there be a static microphone, or can I move around?

You have the choice of either – if you would like a lapel microphone then please let us know in advance so we can do our best to accommodate you.

I require disability access - can you accommodate my needs?

Absolutely! Please let us know in advance exactly what you need and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

I have specific dietary requirements - do you take these into account?

We provide vegetarian options as standard, if you have any other requirements please let the conference director know at least 1 weeks before the event and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

FAQs for Panel Speakers

I am a panel moderator. What are my responsibilities?

The moderator is responsible for coordinating the panel discussion in advance of the conference and on the day. This involves collating pre-determined questions you’re your panelists and putting them together into one document, which you will have in front of you during the panel. It is crucially important that you stick top the pre-determined questions the panelists have submitted so that they can answer with interesting and factual answers. Please DO make time for ad-hoc and provocative questions for a lively debate. Once all of the pre-determined questions have been

How do I prepare for my panel discussion?

The conference director will introduce you to your panel moderator via email 4 weeks prior to the conference so that you can prepare for your role during the panel. It is advised that the moderator organizes a conference call with all panelists to discuss details of the panel.

What is the format for my panel?
  1. Your moderator will make a brief introduction to the panel topic and then ask you to give a 1-minute introduction to your bio.
  2. Following the bio introductions, the moderator will ask you 3-5 pre-determined questions. It is your responsibility to agree and submit these questions to the moderator well in advance of the conference. Your questions will be followed strictly by the moderator during your panel discussion. This allows for you to be prepared with interesting and factual answers. However, the moderator may freestyle by asking appropriate ad-hoc questions as and when necessary.
  3. After the Q&A's between the panelists are complete, the moderator will take questions from the audience via and direct them to the appropriate panelists. is a tool that delegates will use to submit questions electronically via their internet browsers. The questions will be moderated by Adam Minkley before appearing on stage screen behind you.
How much time is allocated to my panel?
This will depend on how many people are confirmed for your panel and may be subject to change. Usually panels of three will last between 30-45 minutes. Panels of 3-5 people usually last 45-60 minutes. Please check the website agenda page for details.
Do I need to prepare Power Point slides for my panel discussion?

You do not need to present any slides unless agreed with your moderator and the conference director Adam Minkley. If agreed, save your presentation in 16:9 size format online here by deadline Sunday 26th May and bring a copy with you on a USB flash drive.

Speaker Checklist

  • Have you provided the conference director with your headshot photo, company logo, presentation title and description? If not, upload here by deadline Sunday 26th May
  • Have you checked the time of your presentation, so you can arrive well in advance? Keep checking the schedule on the website before the event just in case there are last minute changes
  • Have you created your presentation in 16:9 format?
  • Have you submitted your presentation and Bio here in advance of the event, and communicated any audio, video or other technical requirements?
  • Have you saved your presentation and any necessary audio or video files to a USB to bring to the event with you as a backup?
  • If you have any specific needs, such as disability or dietary requirements have you communicated these to the conference director in advance of the event?
  • Have you booked your accommodation through the official booking link, in advance of the cut-off date?