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Virtual Speaker Instructions


This page will provide instructions for speakers of the US Offshore Wind 2020 virtual conference. First and foremost, it is important to understand how our virtual event works, so please read the next steps very carefully. 

The programme is made up of two parts.

  1. The LIVE STREAM programme follows a linear program of topics for two days- the same as an in-person conference. Every session has a pre-allocated start time and you will present only at your allocated time slot. If you are listed as a speaker in the livestream program, you are required to be available on the day to engage in Q&A with the audience, unless otherwise agreed.
  2. The On-Demand programme is a host of pre-recorded presentations and panels that delegates can play on-demand – e.g. like Netflix. If you are listed as a speaker in the on-demand program, you are required to pre-record your presentation or panel. You do not need to be available for Q&A on the day of your presentation.

Check which parts of the program and the time you are presenting by checking the  conference schedule here

Further instructions below will help explain

  1. Tips for presenting virtually.
  2. How to submit a presentation or panel?
  3. How to take part in a LIVE panel discussion?
  4. How to engage in Q&A’s with the virtual audience?

Presenting Virtually – Some Tips:


Presenting virtually has its challenges. Recognizing these challenges will help make your virtual presentation that much more effective. Some of you may welcome not having to face a room full of expectant peers. This might relax you. But others might feed off a crowd and rise to the occasion.

Whatever your preference, one of the keys to an effective presentation – building a rapport with your audience – becomes that little bit more challenging in a virtual setting. There are plenty of presentation tips out there. We feel that most of them – on both style and content – need to be given that little extra attention in a virtual setting. Below are a few of those tips.




Presenters can sometimes be so focused on their style, that substance suffers. Clear, strong messaging, a structure that is easily followed and memorable content becomes even more important in a virtual presentation.

  • Slides: These are the priority for the audience and should take up the majority of your screen time. Make sure they are not too busy and help guide the viewer through them.
  • Brevity: Be briefer than you would normally be in front of a live audience – no longer than 20 minutes!
  • Clear, Concise, Compelling: You’ve heard it before, but having a clear, concise, compelling message, that is well-structured, is even more critical in a virtual presentation. If your viewer loses the thread, you’ve lost them. If you can imagine a headline written about your core message, it’s probably a good one. 
  • Structure: Start with your core message. If you build up to a “reveal” of it, the chances are some people won’t be around to hear it.
  • Colour: Flesh out your message with memorable colour – anecdotes, examples, numbers. These will help your audience stay engaged and will ensure viewers remember at least some of what you’ve said.




Making a connection, building rapport, holding an audience’s attention is much harder to do remotely, so this needs some thought. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Be conversational: It’s a presentation, not a conversation, but a relaxed, conversational tone – more like the tone of a panel – will go a long way to helping build that rapport.
  • Smile: If you’re going to rehearse anything in front of a mirror, rehearse your open. A friendly, welcoming introduction will make the rest of your job a lot easier.
  • Slow Down: You can’t see the people at the back of the room, but imagine you’re speaking to someone in row 50. This doesn’t mean loud, it means clear.
  • Maintain Eye Contact: Some find staring into a lens or a computer screen hard, but do try and maintain as much eye contact as possible. If not, you might come across as nervous or distracted.
  • Movement and Gestures: On stage, these can be used extremely effectively. On camera, less so. In a small window (the computer screen) gestures can become wild gesticulation. Be alive and human, but don’t go overboard.
  • Appearance Matters: How you look really matters. Appear as you would have appeared had you been on stage at the event. Ideally wear neutral colours for the camera and nothing too stripy – stripes strobe.
  • Camera and Lights: Finally, test your laptop/desktop camera before you start. Don’t sit with your back to a window – you’ll appear as a silhouette. Choose a neutral (but not a boring) background and make sure you light yourself adequately from the front, not the back.



What will the virtual platform look like?

We have put together a few screenshots from the virtual platform below to give you an idea of what to expect!



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  • Whether presenting in the Livestream or On-demand programme, you are required to pre-record your presentation. If you are unsure which part of the programme you are presenting in, please check the conference schedule here
  • You should end your presentation after 15 minutes or less. If you exceed 15-mins, regrettably the latter part of your presentation will be cut out to ensure the next presentation can start on time.
  • All presentations are 15-minutes duration. This does not include Q&A so make use of every minute.
  • Q&A with the live audience is only applicable if you are presenting in the Livestream programme. If you are speaking in the On-demand programme you are not required to take part in Q&A.
  • Livestream standalone presenters will be grouped together in threes for a Q&A with the audience. Check the conference schedule here to see if this applies to you!

How to pre-record and submit your presentation

1. Start the meeting

  • First, close ALL windows and programs and browsers, So, close Outlook, MS Teams, silence your phone etc. Start with an entirely clean slate!
  • Put your presentation into ‘present’ mode (full screen). You’ll need this ready for step 3.
  • Sign up to zoom for free – visit
  • Once downloaded, start a new meeting (see icon circled in screenshot) with camera enabled. You do NOT need to invite anyone else into the meeting

2. The introduction

  • Turn the camera on so that your head and shoulders are on the full screen  i.e. no slides yet. This is a prerequisite as a speaker – plus people will appreciate putting a face to a name!
  • Start by giving a 30 second intro to your bio.
  • Briefly explain your presentation topic and why it is important to US offshore wind.

3. Share your slides

  • Click ‘new share’ and select the window displaying your slides in full screen mode
  • Your shared (visible) screen will have a green border around it

4. Make yourself visible!

  • Keep your camera on for the duration of the presentation. Drag the small image of yourself into the bottom-right corner of your screen
  • You can increase/decrease the size of your image by dragging from the corner.

5. Prepare and test

  • Carry out a test run before recording the full 15 minutes. Record yourself for a minute, end meeting and save the file. Then play back the MP4 file to see if it worked well. If not, try again or seek help from a colleague or one of our team (
  • Make sure you are unmuted (it’s often on by default)

6. Hit record!

  • Hit record – you’re and ready to go! Click on the more tab and you should see an option to record. See image on the left for example. 
  • Don’t worry if your presentation doesn’t start or finish at exactly the start of the recording– just tell us and we can cut out the unnecessary parts at the start and/or end.

7. Send the recording to us.

  • When you click 'stop recording' or 'end meeting', you will automatically be prompted to save the file. Sometimes it will take a few minutes to download, so you may need to return to it later.
  • Once downloaded, upload your file to drop box using this link. Alternatively send the file and your slides to OR you can use to send large files  (its free).

What will the virtual platform look like?

We have put together a few screenshots from the virtual platform below to give you an idea of what to expect!

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How to participate in a live panel discussion or fireside chat?

  • Panel discussions are live meetings which take place on Zoom.
  • Sign up to zoom for free – visit
  • In advance of the conference, your moderator will arrange a conference call between panellists to discuss the details of your panel and to pre-arrange a structured panel discussion.
  • Your panel will get together in a Zoom meeting 20 minutes before your panel start time. Check the start of your panel by visiting the conference schedule here. Always check the schedule the day before the event and any emails from us for any last-minute changes to the schedule.
  • A member of the Reuters Event’s team will send you a Zoom meeting link for your panel a few days before the conference.
  • Slides are not necessary but if agreed with the moderator one or more of you can present but take into account the need for 15 minute Q&A with the audience at the end of your panel discussion.
  • The live audience Q&A tool ( will be switched on during your panel. Audience members will submit questions using People will vote on the most popular questions and that in turn will push them up in priority. The moderator will take questions and divert them to the appropriate panellists.
  • Fireside chats will be conducted by our news editor. You will be contacted two weeks prior to the conference to arrange a 1-2-1 zoom interview. The recording will be available to all conference attendees in the On-demand programme.

If you are unsure or need further explanations please contact or call +44 20 8078 6974

What will the virtual platform look like?

We have put together a few screenshots from the virtual platform below to give you an idea of what to expect!

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