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Transmission Planning for US Offshore Wind

Applying Competitive Procurement Models to US Offshore Wind Transmission. Potential Benefits, Costs & Risks.

  1. The pros and cons of the different offshore wind transmission development and ownership models employed in Europe
  2. The specifics of the likely form of US offshore wind transmission infrastructure
  3. The benefits, costs and risks of competitive procurement for offshore wind transmission in US offshore wind markets

John Dalton President Power Advisory LLC

Eric Thumma Director, New Business, Offshore Wind Avangrid Renewables

Chris Veal Managing Director Transmission Investment

Webinar: The Future is Floating

  1. The US floating wind market and the Castle Wind project, California coast. By Alla Weinstein, CEO, Castle Wind
  2. LCOE forecast and comparison between floating and bottom-fixed foundations. By Dr Kate Freeman, Managing Consultant, BVG Associates
  3. Financing floating wind power projects – equity vs debt. By Randy Male, Director, Green Giraffe

Alla Weinstein CEO Castle Wind

Dr. Kate Freeman Managing Consultant BVG Associates

Randy Male Director Green Giraffe

Webinar: Building the US Offshore Wind Supply Chain

  1. Leveraging supply chains from other industries and transitioning workforces. By Eoghan Quinn, Global Director for Offshore Wind, Worley (Chairman)
  2. Adapting a European supply chain model and the risk of developing a new supply chain. By John MacAskill, Director, Offshore Wind Consultants
  3. New York State’s local content requirements, incentives for US offshore wind and supply chain investments. By Matthew Vestal, Senior Advisor, large-scale Renewables,NYSERDA
  4. Maryland’s local content requirements, incentives for US offshore wind and supply chain investments. By Samuel Beirne, Energy Program Manager, Maryland Energy Administration (MEA)
  5. Non-technical services such as financial and vessel requirements for US Offshore Wind projects. By Barry Logue, Vice President Renewables US, Scottish Development International

Eoghan Quinn (Chairman) Global Director for Offshore Wind Worley

John MacAskill Director Offshore Wind Consultants

Matthew Vestal Senior Advisor, large-scale Renewables NYSERDA

Samuel Beirne Energy Program Manager Maryland Energy Administration (MEA)

Barry Logue Vice President Renewables US Scottish Development International


Global Developments in Offshore Wind Power – What this means for the U.S market?

  1. What is needed for the success of US offshore wind?
  2. Historical US annual and cumulative wind power capacity growth and predictions for offshore wind
  3. Financing Risk - The European evolution and what it means in the US

Erica Eagan Senior VP, Corporate Finance Helaba (Landesbank Hessen Thüringen)


US Offshore Wind Power in 2019 Report

  1. Size-up US OSW markets and identify industry challenges and bottle necks
  2. 25 pages of crucial reading for anyone interested in U.S. offshore wind
  3. Quotes from 100 offshore wind industry experts from the entire value chain

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