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US Offshore Wind

5th Annual· June 18-19, 2020 · Hynes Convention Center, Boston

The USOW20 Conference Program

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Presentation: U.S. Offshore Wind Market Analysis
  • Schedule of lease block development, commitments by state (MW), projects and timelines
  • Supply chain activity, awards and opportunities
  • LCOE cost reduction pathway
  • Challenges and risks ahead

BloombergNEF Tom Harries Head of Wind Research, BloombergNEF

Keynote Speech: Federal Strategic Overview for Offshore Wind
  • The federal strategic plan for US Offshore Wind

Reserved for BOEM

Keynote Speech: New York Offshore Wind plan: The road to >9GW
  • New York’s leadership role in building the offshore wind industry
  • Plans for supply chain and transmission infrastructure
  • Industry challenges and opportunities ahead


Keynote Panel: Building a sustainable OSW market in the U.S.
  • What will it take to build a competitive and sustainable U.S. offshore wind industry and supply chain?
  • How to maintain the current momentum to deliver 2GW of planned capacity on time?
  • When, where and how are states collaborating to attract private investment in the supply chain and how can it be sequenced to prevent delays to projects?

Moderator: Amis, Patel & Brewer, LLP Thomas Amis Chairman and Partner Amis, Patel & Brewer, LLP

RWE Renewables International Sven Utermöhlen COO Offshore/New Markets, Member of the Board RWE Renewables International

Engie Grzegorz Gorski Managing Director, Offshore Wind Engie

Invenergy Joshua Weinstein Director, Head of Offshore Wind Development Invenergy

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Christopher Hart Managing Director and President Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind

US Wind Inc Salvo Vitale Country Manager and General Counsel US Wind Inc

Keynote Panel: US OSW-2030—demand for capital will exceed $40billion—what are the financing sources and financial structures that will respond to this demand?
  • Review of near term and midterm pipeline—opportunities and challenges!
  • Role of traditional bank construction debt and term debt. What will be different from European experience?
  • Role of export credit agencies and intercreditor issues; consortium project ownership structures and backleverage financings.
  • Tax Equity plans and structures; ITC qualification plans and responses to 2019 change in tax law; ITC equipment loans; safe harbor continuous efforts issues.
  • Role of insurance re tax equity risks, and other project risks new to the US market.
  • Supply chain, transmission and infrastructure financings –how to finance and build the onshore sector before the offshore work begin.
  • Maritime sector rules and risks for financiers.

MUFG Louise Pesce Managing Director, Project Finance MUFG

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Joris Veldhoven Commercial and Finance Director Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind

CCA Capital Martin Pasqualini Managing Director CCA Capital

Deloitte Tax LLP Brian Americus Principal Deloitte Tax LLP

Moderator: Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP James T. Tynion III Partner Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Keynote Panel: State Procurements for Offshore Wind Power
  • How would you modify future RFPs based on lessons learned from past RFPs and contracts?
  • What flexibility is being given on the grounds of local content import and export between states?
  • Is there room for more regional collaboration to establish offshore wind in the northeast?

NYSERDA Doreen Harris Vice President - Large Scale Renewables NYSERDA

NJ Panellist coming soon
MA Panellist coming soon
CT panellist coming soon
VA panellist coming soon

Presentation: Offshore transmission: RTO perspective

PJM Suzanne Glatz Director - Infrastructure Planning PJM

Panel: Lessons from Europe: Offshore wind transmission development
  • Overview of Experience from Major Markets
  • What are the pros and cons of integrated solutions? Lessons learned from European TSO’s including Germany, Netherlands and UK.

ABB Power Grids Denmark Claus Madsen Managing Director ABB Power Grids Denmark

Transmission Investment Chris Veal Managing Director Transmission Investment

Panel: Offshore Transmission in New England
  • Contrasting New England’s OSW Ambitions with its Transmission Infrastructure. Overview of issues and stage setting.
  • Competitive procurement for transmission: Massachusetts perspective
  • An Offshore Transmission Developer Perspective
  • An OSW Developer Perspective

Moderator: Anbaric Hilary Flynn Director of Business Development National Grid Ventures

Anbaric Stephen Conant Partner and Project Manager Anbaric

Power Advisory LLC John Dalton President Power Advisory LLC

Presentation: Offshore transmission technology
  • Explore the best applications for HVAC & HVDC

Speaker details coming soon

Panel: Offshore Transmission in New York & Mid Atlantic
  • Threading the Needle: Landing 9 GW in New York State
  • NYISO Public Policy Transmission Planning Process: An Alternative        
  • NYSERDA’s Role and Perspective as Buyer

Anbaric Kevin Knobloch President of New York OceanGrid LLC Anbaric

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Francis Chartrand Director Engineering & Interconnection Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind

ConEdison Stephen Wemple General Manager, Utility of the Future ConEdison

New York ISO Zach Smith Vice President, System & Resource Planning New York ISO

Presentation: Preparing for 12 MW turbines
  • Installation considerations for 12 MW turbines
  • S. Port and infrastructure requirements

GE Renewable Energy Michael Peffermann PMO Operations Leader GE Renewable Energy

Presentation: Foundations installation case study – Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm Project
  • Receive a case study about key challenges and lessons learned during the installation of 67 monopile foundations.
  • Considerations for U.S. waters.

Boskalis Offshore Marine Contracting Hein van Gent Manager Renewables Boskalis Offshore Marine Contracting

Presentation: Electrical service platform case installation case study
  • Receive a case study about key challenges and lessons learned during the installation of electrical service platforms.
  • Considerations for U.S. waters.

Bladt Industries Nils Overgaard Chief Sales Officer Bladt Industries

Panel: Hurricane Class Turbines for U.S.
  • What turbine technology choices are being made for the eastern seaboard?
  • What physical characteristics make a turbine certified “hurricane class”?
  • What is the basis for certification? Metrics?
  • What is acceptable risk? Risk transfer between project owner, supplier lender and insurer.
Presentation: Inter Array cable installation case study
  • Receive a case study about key challenges and lessons learned during the installation of gravity based and monopile foundations.
  • Considerations for U.S. waters.
Presentation: Avangrid Renewables Projects Update
  • Receive an update on project timelines, stakeholder engagement activities and development plans

Avangrid Renewables Eric Thumma Director, Policy and Development, Offshore Wind Avangrid Renewables

Presentation: Offshore Wind, LCOE reduction
  • Global outlook, UK, US
  • Offshore wind technological advances to support LCOE reduction
  • Fixed vs floating cost
  • Floating wind cost challenges

Mainstream Renewable Power Paula Major V.P Offshore Wind Mainstream Renewable Power

Presentation: Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Project Updates
  • Receive an update on project timelines, stakeholder engagement activities and development plans

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Jessica Dealy Offshore Project Developer Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind

Presentation: Update on market developments; equity, debt and tax equity.
  • Overview of equity providers, bank providers, ECAs and tax equity.
  • Critical risk and mitigation strategies

Amis, Patel & Brewer, LLP Thomas Amis Chairman and Partner Amis, Patel & Brewer, LLP

Panel: Developer perspectives
  • The current financing market
  • Structuring issues
  • Key risks and mitigations

Speaker details coming soon

Panel: The current outlook for tax equity
  • Update on current legislative/regulatory context
  • The depth of the tax equity market for offshore
  • Structuring Issues:  term debt take out

Speaker details coming soon

Panel: Perspective of debt providers
  • The current debt-market
  • Structures
  • Key risk and mitigation requirements

Speaker details coming soon

Panel: The Role of Institutional Equity/Capital Markets
  • Equity Funds
  • Capital Markets
  • Key equity considerations in structuring and closing

Speaker details coming soon

Active US offshore wind states will share
  • Review RFP plans and timelines
  • Explain their states’ goals for local content and the import and export between states.
  • Unique state policies to support offshore wind investment, project development and supply chain expansion.

Presentation: New York Market Update

NYSERDA Greg Lampman Program Manager for Environmental Research NYSERDA

Presentation: New Jersey Market Update

New Jersey Economic Development Authority Sy Oytan Director - Offshore Wind New Jersey Economic Development Authority

Presentation: Massachusetts Market Update

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Bruce Carlisle Senior Director Offshore Wind Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Presentation: Rhode Island market update

Rhode Island Commerce Hilary Fagan Executive Vice President Business Development Rhode Island Commerce

Presentation: Maryland Market Update

Maryland Energy Administration Sam Beirne Program Manager. Energy Program Manager Maryland Energy Administration

Presentation: Virginia Market Update

Speaker details coming soon

Presentation: Federal leasing and procurement schedule
  • What is the federal leasing process and plan for 2020 and beyond?
  • What is BOEM’s requirement for environmental impact assessment/statement?
  • How does BOEM intend to build a competitive pipeline of projects?
  • How can the permitting process be streamlined to deliver the pipeline needed to kick start the industry?

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management James Bennett Renewable Energy Program Manager Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Panel: What are the cumulative environmental impacts of offshore wind farms?
  • What is the actual science behind this kind of assessment?
  • Where else, such as in Europe, have these kinds of assessments been carried out?

SWCA Environmental Consultants Whitney Fiore Senior Project Manager SWCA Environmental Consultants

SWCA Environmental Consultants Jill Rowe Director of Ocean Science RPS

Sara Courbis Marine Mammal & Protected Species Consultant, Ecology and Environment

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Michelle Morin Chief, Environment Branch, Office of Renewable Energy Programs Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Presentation: Sharing the ocean
  • How can offshore wind and commercial fishing industries coexist?

NOAA-Northeast Fisheries Science Center Andy Lipsky Fisheries & Offshore Wind Lead NOAA-Northeast Fisheries Science Center

Panel: Environmental impact studies and requirements
  • Data gaps - what environmental impact studies are being requested by BOEM, U.S. states and other stakeholder groups?
  • Where are the gaps in environmental impact research and data required by developers?
  • Options for sharing and collaboration of survey data.
  • What are the numerical modelling standards for consistency and quality assurance?

Moderator Amis, Patel & Brewer, LLP Renu K. Gupta Partner Amis, Patel & Brewer, LLP

Mayflower Wind Seth Kaplan Director, Permitting and Development Mayflower Wind

The Nature Conservancy Carl Lobue Senior Marine Scientist The Nature Conservancy

Equinor Wind US Scott Lundin Head of Permitting Equinor Wind US

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Paul Phifer Development Manager Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind

National Wildlife Federation Catherine Bowes Program Director, Offshore Wind Energy National Wildlife Federation

Presentation: Groix & Belle-Île Project Update
  • Project update

Eolfi Etienne Delcroix Commercial Director Eolfi

Presentation: Aqua Ventus Project Update
  • Project update

University of Maine Professor Habib Dagher Principal Investigator, Aqua Ventus Project University of Maine

Presentation: Provence Grand Large Project Update
  • Project update

EDF Julien Simon Offshore Technical Manager EDF

Panel: The road to commercialization for floating US wind
  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Wind + Hydrogen

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Walter Musial Manager, Offshore Wind National Renewable Energy Laboratory

BVG Associates Kate Freeman Managing Consultant BVG Associates

Presentation: WindFloat Atlantic (WFA) Project Update
  • Project update
Panel: Unlocking Deepwater Wind in California
  • What are the planned lease areas?
  • What will it take to build the first floating wind project in California?
  • Explore the environmental impacts of mooring lines and anchor systems for shallow and deepwater projects.
  • What are the impacts on ocean users such DoD and commercial fishing?

EDPR Tyler Studds Project Development Manager EDPR

Castle Wind Alla Weinstein CEO Castle Wind

Magellan Wind Jim Lanard CEO Magellan Wind

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Necy Sumait Chief, Renewable Energy Section, Pacific OCS Region Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Panel: Optimizing use of U.S. ports, staging and manufacturing facilities: what has happened so far?
  • What is the availability of purpose-built sites and underutilized sites?
  • What are the requirements for a lay down area for staging major components?
  • What are the development costs, permitting timelines and environmental remediation studies needed for a new port and who will invest?
  • How to prepare for future transhipments requirements, including bearing capacities, equipment and storage for 12MW turbines?
  • What are the plans for local manufacturing, and how will goods be transported from manufacturing sites to staging facilities?
  • How will states collaborate on fabrication and port infrastructure?
  • What will a coordinated ports network look like?

Moderator: Xodus Group Scott Hamilton Principle Consultant, Xodus Group

Port of Coeymans (Carver Companies) Stephen Kelly President Business Development Port of Coeymans (Carver Companies)

US Department of Transportation Jeff Flumignan Director, North Atlantic Gateway US Department of Transportation

Connecticut Scott Bates Deputy Secretary of the State Connecticut

Lloyd’s Register Energy Americas Jay Borkland Sr. Engineering Manager Lloyd’s Register Energy Americas

New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal Gregory Dolan Terminal Manager New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal

Presentation: Navigating local content criteria
  • Local content requirements are at the crux of U.S. supply chain and infrastructure investment decisions.
  • What are the local content requirements for states in the Northeast?
  • What are the local content import and export rules between states?
  • What European lessons can be applied to the U.S?

Offshore Wind Consultants John MacAskill Director Offshore Wind Consultants

Panel: Mobilizing development assets: who is investing and when?
  • What are the perceived risks when deciding to invest in serial manufacturing sites?
  • What will it take to remove investment barriers?
  • Limited by their capabilities only few port locations are available to deliver the anticipated annual no. of turbines required for the first series of projects. How does that impact investment decisions and project cost?
  • Perspectives from state representatives, developers and manufacturers.

National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium Carrie Cullen Hitt Executive Director National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium

Presentation: The evolution of European ports with offshore wind and lessons for the U.S.
  • How did European ports evolve to support the development of offshore wind projects?
  • What crucial lessons were learned and how can they support decisions to develop new or improve U.S. ports?
Presentation: Putting things into practice
  • Learn how developers are utilizing interim marine logistics and vessel solutions for their projects.
  • Design requirements for US vessels, such as berth requirements, air draft requirements, dredging requirements etc.
  • What are the contracting structures, risk and financing implications?
Panel: Plans for upcoming projects
  • Learn how projects are utilizing local vessel capabilities
  • Explore how experts believe this will evolve as the supply chain matures.
Workshop: Offshore wind procurement network explained
  • Introduction to the supply chain hierarchy – who is my buyer? How does it work in Europe and how will it work in the US?
  • What products and services feed into a project and when are they required? How does a Tier 1 contract filter down into the supply chain?
  • Development and construction timelines explained to learn when, where and how you need to act to be considered as a supplier for specific products and services.
  • What is the Tier 2, 3 prerequisites for wining a contract? Such as the HS&E requirements and certifications for working with Developers or Tier 1 contractors.
  • Advice from a procurement manager at either a Ter 1 or Developer.
  • Predictions for the future.
Workshop: Workforce technical standards and certification requirements
  • Hear directly from project buyers about what is needed to win upcoming supply/service contracts in U.S. offshore wind.
  • What is the role for organized labor and the future use of Project Labor Agreements?
  • What are the implications of prescribed labor rates for the supply chain and upcoming projects?
  • How will the use of union labour change workforce requirements in different states?

Rhode Island Department of labour and Training Laura Hastings Grant Advisor and Fiscal Specialist Rhode Island Department of labour and Training



Project developers from all active projects will present their local content requirements to pre-selected suppliers and service providers that can meet projects local content requirements.

Matchmaking sessions between the supply chain vendors and the project managers allowing specific requirements to be discussed.

New York and New Jersey Supply Chain Accelerator Workshop

Shell New Energies Melanie Kievit Global C&P Manager Shell New Energies

NYSERDA Adrienne Downey Principal Engineer, Offshore Wind NYSERDA

New Jersey Economic Development Authority Sy Oytan Director - Offshore Wind New Jersey Economic Development Authority

Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut Supply Chain Accelerator Workshop

NJEDA Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Virginia, North Carolina Supply Chain Accelerator Workshop

NJEDA South Eastern Wind Coalition

Maryland, Delaware Supply Chain Accelerator Workshop

NJEDA Maryland Clean Energy Center

Maryland Energy Administration Sam Beirne Program Manager. Energy Program Manager Maryland Energy Administration

Rhode Island and Connecticut Supply Chain Accelerator Workshop

Speakers coming soon

Cross Atlantic Partnering: EU and US

Speakers coming soon


its previously stated plans in the next stage of its offshore wind build-out. This will bring the country’s overall capacity to 15.5GW in 2035, up from the 5.5GW in development by 2025. Because of this ambition, Taiwan has become the most sought-after destination for the world’s top offshore wind developers as they seek a foothold in Asia.

  • Discover current and new government policies and initiatives to ensure Taiwan’s clean energy targets are effectively met, creating certainty and stability for investors and developers.
  • Learn about new parameters and requirements that are being defined by the government for what is being described as ‘Round 3’ offshore wind development in Taiwan.
  • Hear how Taiwan is on the brink of embarking on an ambitious reform in its electricity sector to boost corporate PPA’s for renewable energy.
  • Receive feedback of the first projects commissioned in November 2019
  • Project Management and Foreign-Local Regulation Compliance
  • Offshore Wind Project Design and Effects of Earthquakes and Typhoon

(MOEA) Invited
Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (invited)
CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc. Taiwan (invited)
Taiwan Marine Heavy Industry, Inc (invited)


Session details coming soon.

WPD (invited)

  • Hear about the initial challenges and experiences such as cable-laying, HDD installation, vessel arrangement and manufacturing.
  • Understand the regulatory system in place and challenges around law compliance, grid connection and more.
  • Discuss sharing the ocean between developers and the fisherman.
  • Evaluate the development opportunities in the Taiwan offshore wind industry
  • Explore future market opportunities?

CSBC Corporation, Taiwan (invited)
Taiwan’s Ming Rong Tuan Business Co, Ltd. (invited)

  • Take this opportunity to networking with Taiwan government officials, developers, investors, suppliers and advisors.
  • Collaborate on new supply chain solutions and Joint Venture opportunities.

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