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  • Market Focus, Discussion and Debate
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  • The Energy Transition in MENA - A shift towards a more distributed system?
  • Manufacturing - Local content requirements
  • Advancing renewable energy technologies and operating strategies in MENA
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Keynote Sessions

Assessing market movement across the Middle East and North Africa

  • Discuss recent political and economic developments across the region to set the context for discussion on the renewable energy sector
  • Answer where the GCC is heading in terms of development to define energy generation and energy management’s role
  • Assess the future for strategic international support in North Africa to understand the financing and investment roadmap
Dr. Ahmed Badr, CEO & Executive Director, RECREEE

Harnessing Africa’s Energy - Driving Climate Objectives in The Region

  • Hear insight on the position of energy development as an enabler of socioeconomic transformation in Africa and a driver of the continents climate objectives as called for in the Paris Agreement
Dr Richard Munang, UNEP Programme Coordinator, United Nations

Renewable Energy Industry Forecasts and Trends

  • Define and discuss the project deployment roadmap for 2019 onwards to answer where the next waves of activity are going to be
  • Evaluate how commercial SWOTs (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) for renewable project development have transformed annually
  • Assess whether the region will follow global renewable energy trends - will a distributed energy system prevail?
  • Analyse forecasts for technologies leading clean energy development across MENA - Solar PV, CSP, Wind and Energy Storage
Rajit Nanda, Chief Investment Officer, ACWA Power
Wim Alen, Senior VP Business Dev, Engie

Market Focus, Discussion and Debate

United Arab Emirates - Host Countries’ Clean Energy Project Development

  • Hear updates from our host nations approach to The Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and corresponding implementation strategies to accomplish grid parity
  • Learn how the latest projects and initiatives from DEWA and ADWEA have progressed and the role in a sustainable energy future
  • Assess the project pipeline opportunities for future Solar PV, CSP, wind and energy storage deployment in 2019 and beyond
  • Gauge how renewable energy development in the UAE will create a pipeline for suppliers, service and solution providers

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Updates to Leading Renewable Energy Plans

  • Hear updates on the strategy REPDO are taking to fulfil Vision 2030 and build upon Saudi’s renewable energy strategy with 400MW wind and 620MW PV
  • Review KSA’s approach in local content requirements and in taking account of lessons learnt on other MENA programmes
  • Assess how renewable energy programmes in KSA will create a pipeline for suppliers, service and solution providers
Dr Andrea Lovato, VP & Head of Renewable Development, ACWA Power

Jordan - The next renewables development hub in MENA?

  • Identify how Jordan is actively managing the share of renewable energy and corresponding framework with targets of 1.8GW by 2020
  • Discuss how Jordan’s recent and planned storage projects will diversify the energy mix and provide solutions to the electric grid
  • Review the success from renewable energy project development in Jordan and how this can be applied across the region
  • Assess how renewable energy programmes in Jordan will create a pipeline for suppliers, service and solution providers 

Development Updates and Future for Renewables in North Africa - Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt

  • Get updates on the latest tenders, operations and plans in North Africa across Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria
  • Answer where opportunities for CSP, wind, PV and energy storage deployment will come from to expand portfolios
  • Discuss the future of investment and finance for project development in North Africa - how have market conditions changed and how will the relationships between developers, DFI’s, banks and government progress?
  • Assess how renewable energy programmes in North Africa will create a pipeline for suppliers, service and solution providers. 

Trends and Opportunities for MENA’s Emerging Renewable Energy Markets - Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon

  • Answer which countries are presenting the newest opportunity for project development from utility scale tenders and C&I operations
  • Gain insight on Kuwait's progress with bids for Al-Didbidah Solar Park and commissioning of Shagaya CSP
  • Discuss the next steps for Lebanon following tenders for 300MW of PV and energy storage
  • Gain insight on the project progression with Oman's Amin PV IPP project and 2GW PV project
  • Assess how renewable energy programmes from emerging markets will create a pipeline for local and international suppliers, service and solution providers
Ahmad Alazemi, Private-Sector Projects Department, Ministry of Electricity & Water - Kuwait

Private Offtake

Opportunities and markets

  • Explore the extent of the opportunity and economic drivers private offtake projects present to plan development pipelines 
  • Assess the ways in which global sustainability commitments and climate change mitigation efforts will drive the private off take marketplace
  • Gain perspective on which industries and sectors offer opportunities for renewable energy project development
Laurent Longuet, CEO, SirajPower

Private offtake Models

  • Assess the different models for private offtake projects including wheeling, private wire and net metering
  • Hear case studies from developers and offtakers to define which models work best to date

Investor, Offtaker and Developer Relationship

  • Review why distributed generation is attractive to project financiers and investors by evaluating its risk/return profile and comparing to utility scale projects
  • Define what is important to off takers, what they look for in an offtake agreement and strategies to overcome uncertainties
  • Review the developer/off taker relationship - how can we cater for both parties requirements to enhance growth?
Jose L Blasco, Managing Director - Asia, Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV)

The Energy Transition in MENA - A shift towards a more distributed system?

The role of Energy Storage

  • Create a strong energy storage framework for sustained market growth enabling commercially viable energy storage deployment across MENA
  • Review the upcoming and ongoing energy storage tenders with off takers and discover the long term plans for storage projects
  • Identify the value to which energy storage can provide a solution to challenges in transmission and distribution with increasing penetration of renewables in the system  
Florian Mayr, Partner, Apricum

The role of Energy Efficiency

  • Evaluate the integration of energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy policy to support sustainable growth
  • Analyse regulatory frameworks, funds and leading initiatives with energy efficiency and conservation programmes
  • Answer where business opportunities for the private sector will come from with planned energy efficiency approaches

The role of Green Hydrogen

  • Understand the principles behind green hydrogen as an enabler for decarbonisation of the energy system and sector coupling
  • Assess the potential role, application and boundary conditions in for green hydrogen in the MENA region
  • Analyse operating pilot projects to develop the framework for commercial uptake
  • Answer how commercial green hydrogen uptake can integrate operations between the renewable energy supply chain and neighbouring industries

Manufacturing - Local content requirements

Manufacturing - Local content requirements

  • Gain insight and analysis on the region becoming a manufacturing hub and the future fruition of localised manufacturing
  • Analyse the traditional model for local content globally to best understand where a manufacturing hub in MENA will be
  • Investigate the risks associated with localised manufacturing for funding, will banks fund projects with equipment from the Middle East and North Africa?
  • Answer what is possible for solar, CSP and wind manufacturing and how this is going to be satisfied

Advancing renewable energy technologies and operating strategies in MENA

CSP’s Role in the MENA Region

  • Assess how the world’s largest CSP project will provide dispatchable energy to balance the grid and support existing PV generation in Al Maktoum
  • Hear how leading CSP developers have accomplished financial close for record breaking projects
  • Evaluate where new substantial activity for CSP development will come from in the region to develop your pipeline
Driss Berraho, Senior Manager Business Development, ACWA Power

Clean Energy Technology Hybridisation

  • Assess the possibilities to support the grid by uniting PV with CSP, batteries, win and other technologies to produce dispatchable electricity on demand
  • Hear insight on MASEN’s updates to hybrid projects in Morocco to keep your strategy in line with associated requirements and timelines
  • Evaluate the economic benefits hybridisation presents to increase ROI
Speaker TBC, MASEN

Low Carbon Desalination - Renewable Energy and Desalination coupling

  • Understand the principles behind renewable energy and desalination coupling to understand it's potential in decarbonisation 
  • Analyse the existing projects on the grounds to identify and overcome the hurdles that have been encountered
  • Gain insight on the opportunities for developers and the supply chain in building the first commercial plant
  • Define the road map, next steps and framework for the sector to support commercial uptake
Thomas Altmann, VP Technology, ACWA Power

Case Studies - Lessons Learned, success stories, optimisation and solutions

  • Interested in positioning your business at the forefront of the regions leading commercial development hub through a case study presentation? Contact Rhys on

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