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2018 is a great year for CSP - with market growth expected off the success from DEWA IV

With so many global projects at the development or construction phase - this is a vital time to network with developers, EPCs and offtakers to ensure you are part of the project’s birth & lifecycle

Focussing on the O&M market in Spain and the latest new projects in development in Morocco, Chile, Australia, UAE, South Africa, China - 2018 is a year not to miss.

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CSP’s 12-year legacy unites every offtaker, government, developer, investor, EPC and supplier - Be sure not to miss out on being recognised as an industry leader with the most cost-effective solution.

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2018 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Gold Sponsors

Cambras GmbH Read More

Cambras GmbH is optimizing the thermal balancing of the outlet temperature of the solarfield by using an optical sensor which enables active analog tracking of each SCA/Loop.

The optimized temperature balance leads to relevant higher yields, better storage loading, longer lifetime of the HTF and increases therefore the revenues of an operating powerplant. The turn key solutions of Cambras are also providing the overall solarfield control system (DCS/ LOC ), of course with all necessary industrial interfaces & standard components which allow a sustainable spare part management and a longterm and reliable operation no matter if required for a new powerplant or a refit.

The simple, fast and effective installation takes place with almost no downtime of the solarfield. The technical solution supports the operator with predictive maintenance and monitoring of the whole solarfield.

For the EPC the system is offering a self referencing procedure as well as the thermal functionality and output certifications.

Silver Sponsors


Masen’s missions are divided into three areas:

1. The integrated development of renewable energy installations at the highest international standards

2. A contribution to the emergence of a national expertise in the field of renewable energy

3. The support of the local areas Masen operates in, following a sustainable model involving economic, human and environmental criteria.


Veolia Mobile Water Services is a leading provider of temporary water treatment solutions in the energy sector. Mobile water systems are a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to fixed plant in a wide range of industrial situations and circumstances. They are ideal for emergency situations where an existing plant has failed. They can also be used when carrying out planned commissioning, refurbishment or maintenance projects or for multi-year requirements, when the need for temporary but continuous water supply is critical to operations. Our proven track record for delivering a rapid response has enabled many companies to maintain continuity of treated water supply to their core operations in unforeseen circumstances.

Within CSP market, Veolia MWS have a great experience to covering differents situations in the Spanish market. It has supplied solutions during steam blow boiler make up, due to the big amount of water needed for cleaning works. Also to cover variations in raw water quality, to cover seasonal demands, to cover changes in the efluent requirements, treatment of cooling tower blowdown for increase the number of concentrate cycles. Also for reuse and to treat the efluents basin and evaporations ponds, HTF removal from rainwater, etc. etc..

Bronze Sponsors

CMI Solar Read More

Capitalizing on 200 years of experience in steam generation and boiler manufacturing, CMI now also offers equipment for high power CSP plants.

CMI are working mainly on the central tower technology, in which a receiver located at the top of a tower absorbs the solar energy concentrated by thousands of mirrors on the ground. Efficient for direct steam generation as well as for the heating  molten salts or other heat transfer fluids, it is the most promising technology to compete with low cost PV, thanks to its ability to economically store high quantities of energy and so allow dispatchability and overnight electricity production.

CMI already supplied the receiver for the 50 MWe Khi Solar One plant, now in commercial operation in South Africa. We also delivered the molten salts receiver for the 110 MWe Atacama 1, under site erection in Chile (760 MWth absorbed power, 17.5 hours storage).

Flowserve Read More

For the biggest challenges in fluid motion control, customers worldwide rely on the engineering expertise, project management and customer service of Flowserve. Backed by a complete portfolio of performance-tested valves, pumps and seals, our engineers and technical specialists apply their wide-ranging experience to help solve the pressing challenges of our customers - reducing expenses, minimizing risk and maximizing performance.

Flowserve has earned a distinguished reputation of innovation in the Concentrated Solar Power industry, offering a portfolio of molten salt valves and vertical turbine pumps that are designed for reliable operation in the harshest of environments. In fact, Flowserve is the only supplier that can provide the full range of pump, valve and seal components for an entire CSP plant. This product line, together with our technical innovations, have helped customers reduce down-time, maintain high product output and reduce overall operating costs.

Learn more about Flowserve’s CSP capabilities at URL

Rioglass Read More

Rioglass is an international company offering high quality HCE receivers and concentrating mirrors. It now is the largest supplier of CSP HCE receivers and concentrating mirrors in the world with modern production facilities, and with worldwide presence in the CSP market. Rioglass offers the best economic solutions based on innovative designs and concepts combined with highly automated production capacity to produce high quality products and uniform quality worldwide.

Innovation is embedded in the company´s culture. Rioglass was the first company to introduce the tempered mirrors and heliostat mirror facets. Rioglass´ HCE receivers are the state-of-the-art solution.


CSH Sponsors


Heliac sells utility-scale solar fields producing heat up to 350C at unsubsidized costs below any alternative anywhere in the world. The heat is generated using lenses that focus sunlight and generate heat the same way magnifying glasses do. Heliac’s solar fields are fast to install and easily integrated into existing heat delivering systems. 

Heliac’s solution can provide carbon-free, inexpensive heat for industrial processes, desalination, district heating and cooling, as well as for concentrated solar power systems.

Solar fields are designed from 500kW and upwards with no upper limitation. Heliac welcomes potential customers and partners to visit a 2MW Heliac solar field producing heat for a district heating facility in Denmark. The solar field is owned by E.ON.



247SOLAR Read More



BCB is a technological 20-year experience engineering SME, in Mexico since 2012, very active in innovative projects, working for thermosolar sector since 2005 with clients as Abengoa, Sener, Cobra or Iberdrola for towers (PS-10 &20, Eureka5, CRS-1 &2, Gemasolar, Tabernas, Tonopah or Khi) and parabolic troughs, designing, developing and commissioning several innovative subsystems as Automatic Heliostats Calibration using machine vision techniques, the contactless temperature measurement of the receiver using thermography and the detection of broken tubes, oil or molten salts leakages.

We are expertise in data acquisition, communications, (UV, visible and IR) machine vision, and thermography for industrial applications, being a FLIR distributor and integrator in Spain, Portugal and Mexico.

Developed by PSA (Plataforma Solar de Almeria), we have started to market a novel Solar Extinction Measurement System based on B/W digital cameras with accuracy better than an absolute ±2%.


Commissioning of Electricity + I&C installations through integrated technical teams every technician (is by fixed contract) is equipped by test equipment and tools property of QATRO.

Our commissioning services are always supported from our own engineering area at QATRO headquarters with and the supervision of the technical responsible in QATRO.

All services based on

• Integration
• Teamwork
• Training
• Continual improvement

Schneider Electric Read More

Schneider Electric is leading the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries.

With global presence in over 100 countries, Schneider is the undisputable leader in Power Management - Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Secure Power, and in Automation Systems. We provide integrated efficiency solutions, combining energy, automation and software.

In CSP, we are the leader in control systems for solar fields and power blocks with a market share of ca. 40% in commercial plants in operation, with emblematic projects like PS10, PS20, Gemasolar, Khi Solar one or Noor III, among many other.

We believe that great people and partners make Schneider a great company and that our commitment to Innovation, Diversity and Sustainability ensures that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment.




Company overview coming soon.

Aalborg CSP A/S Read More

Aalborg CSP A/S is a leading developer and supplier of innovative renewable technologies aiming to change the way energy is produced today. Relying on extensive experience from some of the most efficient concentrated solar power (CSP) projects around the world, we design and deliver green technologies and integrated energy systems to lower cost of energy for industries and power plants worldwide

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CSP Advisory Partner:

Protermo Solar
Protermo Solar Read More

Company overview coming soon.

Supporting Partners:


Company overview coming soon.

Solarthermalworld Read More

Company overview coming soon.

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2018 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Gold Sponsors

  • Cambras

Silver Sponsors

  • Masen
  • veolia

Bronze Sponsors

  • CMI-Solar
  • Flowserve
  • Rioglass

CSH Sponsors

  • Heliac


  • 247SOLAR
  • BCB
  • qatro
  • Schneider


  • aalborgcsp

CSP Advisory Partner

  • Protermo Solar

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  • Dii
  • Solarthermalworld
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