Producing heat energy cost-effectively is crucial for many industries, including farming, mining, chemicals, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, brewery, water treatment & more.

Heat generated from Solar Heat or Concentrated Solar Heat has the potential to reduce costs as well as improving your carbon footprint.

The workshop is aimed for anyone who uses heat energy in their day to day role.

Agenda - Generate heat for your industrial application:

Part 1 - Making sense of the business models, finance and PPAs
  • Assess which companies could utilise industrial stream and heat in their day to day use – and develop a bespoke Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) around their needs
  • Make the economics work to rival fossil fuels – Establish how to finance with either CAPEX or OPEX models
  • Get financing form investors to establish your own cost-effective heat generation
Part 2 - Understand the fundamentals of the technology
  • Assess how CSP heat can be used in synergy with traditional heat generators (e.g. fossil fuels) to develop an integrated heat system
  • Review the type of heat required (<150 °C, 150-400 °C, >400 °C) from CSP to meet industry needs including farming, mining, chemicals, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, brewery, water treatment & more
  • Evaluate how CSP/CSH works on industrial scale vs utility scale including discussion on efficiency and cost.
Networking Coffee break at 11h

Meet the speakers who can help you reduce your energy bills:

  • Solatom
    Miguel Frasquet

    Miguel Frasquet
  • Aalborg CSP
    Svante Bundgaard

    Svante Bundgaard
    Aalborg CSP
  • EnergyNest
    Ludvig Bellehumeur

    Ludvig Bellehumeur
    Director of Project Development
  • Industrial Solar
    Tobias Schwind

    Tobias Schwind
    Industrial Solar
  • Protermo Solar
    Diego Crespo

    Diego Crespo
    Lobbyist & Technological Platform Coordinator
    Protermo Solar / Solar Concentra
  • Rackam
    Jacques-Alexandre Fortin

    Jacques-Alexandre Fortin

In conjunction with the 2-day CSP Madrid 2018 Conference (13-14 Nov)

This workshop is hosted as part of the 12th Annual CSP Madrid 2018 conference - a 2 day event to help deliver efficient CSP programs.

Though the workshop is specially on 14th Nov at 9h-11h, there is opportunity for you to attend the full 2 days. Simply ask.

Click here to see the agenda for the full 2 days

Registration is free for offtaker companies, government and investors:

The workshop on 14th Nov (9h-11h) is complimentary for:

  • Industrial Off-takers (any companies who use heat for their applications)
  • District Off-takers
  • Regulators and Government Bodies
  • Investors and Financiers
For the stakeholders above, please email us directly here to join this workshop on a complimentary VIP ticket

Registration for other companies:

If you are not an offtaker, government or investor, you can purchase a single day CSP Madrid pass which will be 50% of the value of the full two day event. The pricing is as follows:

  • CSP Madrid 2018 Conference. Day 1 + Day 2 - €1495 + VAT
  • CSP Madrid 2018 Conference Day 2 Only - €895 + VAT
Please email directly here to learn more about this

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If you are interested in CSP Madrid 2018 please contact us on the below details:

Paul Soskin

Paul Soskin

Project Director
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+44 (0) 207 422 7503 (Global)

Jon Harman

Jon Harman

Global Project Director
New Energy Update
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Tobias Crow

Tobias Crow

Business Development Manager
New Energy Update
+44 (0) 207 422 4358 (Global)

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