The Middle East and China will drive CSP into a new era of cost reduction. Be sure to be part of the trend..

With a 12 year legacy, CSP’s #1 conference will be taking place on 13th-14th November in Madrid having previously been in Seville. Focussing on CSP business development, this event is one not to miss - especially as 2018 will witness the financial close of the world’s largest CSP project.

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Check out below a more detailed agenda plan for CSP Madrid 2018:

Section 1: Keynote
Panel - Meeting grid demand through a 24/7 Renewables System
  • Assess how grids and policy makers can adopt a 24/7 renewable system through an effective mix of renewable technologies (CSP, PV, Wind) linked with various storage options (thermal, electrochemical & more).
  • Review how different grids have different peak and base load demand in southern/central Europe and the Middle East and North Africa Region
  • Electricity Market Reform - Discuss how to reform the grid from the fossil fuel model to market structure which can adopt new energy technologies.

Protermo Solar Luis Crespo Presidente Protermo Solar

Acciona Energia Elisa Prieto Casana Chief Strategy Officer Acciona Energia

World Bank MENA CSP Knowledge and Innovation Program Jonathan Walters (Castalia) Team Leader World Bank MENA CSP Knowledge and Innovation Program

Section 2: CSP project development - Updates from key markets

ATA Renewables Moderator: Belén Gallego Director - Strategy & Business Development ATA Renewables

Panel - Flagship project update in UAE
  • Review how ACWA Power and DEWA have accomplished financial close on the recording breaking DEWA IV 700 MW project
  • Understand the proposed timelines for construction and operation
  • Assess how the world’s largest CSP project will provide dispatchable energy to balance the grid and support existing PV generation in Al Maktoum

ACWA Power International Rajit Nanda Chief Investment Officer (CIO) ACWA Power International

Empresarios Agrupados (EA) Xavier Lara Executive Director Empresarios Agrupados (EA)

Natixis Ranjan Moulik Managing Director - Head of Power & Renewables Natixis

Abengoa Ana Cristina Gonzalez Uña Director Abengoa

Worley Parsons Gilein Steensma Regional Director EMEA - New Energy Worley Parsons

Shanghai Electric Group Co. Li Ruigang General manager of Shanghai Electric Dubai Investment Company Shanghai Electric Group Co.

Mott Macdonald Speaker TBC Mott Macdonald

Morocco Introduction -  Construction and Operational experience from Gemasolar, Noor II and Noor III
  • Assess the performance of CSP plants in operation in Spain and Morocco to help develop future CSP projects
  • Review how plant managers optimised O&M and maximised MWHs to hit annual energy production targets
  • Understand how to decrease risk and cost from development, construction and operational phases.
  • Describe approaches (from technical specification.. to plant start up) to minimize or avoid operating problems that could affect both performance levels and availability

SENER Sergio Relloso Energy Business Unit SENER

MASEN Rachid Bayed Power Plants & Infrastructure Director MASEN

Panel - Flagship project update in Morocco
  • Assess Morocco’s strategy to develop two hybrid solar plants at Noor Midelt each have a gross CSP capacity of between 150 MW and 190 MW
  • Review the roadmaps by leading government officials to implement more CSP in their mix and reach a 52% renewables target
  • Forecast the cost reduction trends of Noor IV’s LCOE to establish increasingly cost-effective dispatchable electricity

TSK Flagsol Oliver Baudson MD TSK Flagsol

SENER Sergio Relloso Energy Business Unit SENER

MASEN Yasmina Benmessaoud Business Intelligence Manager Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN)

Panel - Flagship project update in Chile
  • Review the rival of the Cerro Dominador project to develop 100MW of PV with 110 MW of CSP
  • Assess the new plans to construct CSP in Chile with 17.5 hour of storage to provide baseload energy to the Chilean Electricity System
  • Review the lessons leant from the investment community to develop CSP including assessment of its territory and current market

Abengoa Miguel Mendez TrigoHead of Solar Technology DepartmentAbengoa

Mott Macdonald Rodrigo Medina Renewable Energy Advisor Mott Macdonald

Natixis Ranjan Moulik Managing Director - Head of Power & Renewables Natixis

Cerro Dominador Fernando Gonzalez CEO Cerro Dominador

SOLARRESERVE José Antonio Lobo Vice President Development SOLARRESERVE

Panel/ Case Study - Project developments in China
  • Review the progress and timelines of China’e merging CSP projects including LuNeng Haixi, Urad and Royal Tech Yumen
  • Scale like no other - hear of SPIC Shijiazhuang Dongfang Energy’s plans to develop 2,000 MW CSP plant with support from local and central governments
  • Review how these game-changing project can revolutionise CSP in terms of LCOE reduction and improvement of reliability

Supcon Andy Zhao Key Account General Manager Supcon

Tunisia’s mission for developing dispatchable renewables
  • Assess how Tunisia will adopt CSP programs to be part of a 1000 MW renewables energy mix
  • Review the initial feasibility studies to implement cost-effective CSP projects
  • Understand the initiatives for financing and developing renewable project to make cost-efficient energy

Société tunisienne de l’électricité et du gaz (STEG) Moncef Harrabi CEO Société tunisienne de l’électricité et du gaz (STEG)

Kuwait 1st Concentrated Solar Power plant 50MW Shagaya solar completed this year
  • Review Shagaya’s progress from construction phase to operational phase
  • Assess the latest initiatives of 2GW Kuwait Shagaya Renewable Park to deliver 24/7 electicity
  • Assess the impact of phase 2 and phase 3 Shagaya Solar Park with CSP to represent 1150 MW

Worley Parsons Gilein Steensma Regional Director EMEA - New Energy Worley Parsons

Update from South Africa’s Ilanga 1
  • Review the EPC timelines for iLanga’s 100 MW CSP plant
  • Assess how 4.5 hours’ thermal electricity storage will be utilised to deliver electricity around the clock
  • Get market insight on South African Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) to deliver more CSP

Cobra Group Christian Barba Business Development Director Africa Cobra Group

Section 3: The big discussion on CSP cost reduction - global impact from China, DEWA and more
Panel - The role of China and UAE in driving CSP costs down
  • Assess the impact of DEWA  to develop CSP at a record bid of USD 7.3 cents per kW/h
  • Evaluate China’s growing role in CSP development and component manufacturing
  • Discuss potential synergies and between European and Chinese CSP companies to manufacture CSP components.
  • How can European companies compete commercially against Chinese companies?
  • Assess the learning curves and experiences required by Chinese companies to develop reliable CSP components.

CENER Marcelino Sánchez Director of Solar Thermal Energy Department CENER

ACWA Power International Driss Berraho Senior Manager Business Development ACWA Power

World Bank MENA CSP Knowledge and Innovation Program Jonathan Walters (Castalia) Team Leader World Bank MENA CSP Knowledge and Innovation Program

CSNP Egoitz San Miguel Europe Manager Business Development Department China Shipbuilding Industry Co

Section 4: Concentrated Solar Heat (CSH) - Meeting the world’s enormous demand for heat
Process Heat Application - Business models, Finance and PPAs
  • Assess which companies could utilise industrial stream and heat in their day to day use – and develop a bespoke Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) around their needs
  • Review the business models attractive to project financiers & investors by evaluating CHS’ risk/return profile and comparing to utility scale projects’ pay back periods
  • Make the economics work to rival fossil fuels – Establish how to finance with either CAPEX or OPEX models

Solatom Miguel Frasquet CEO Solatom

Aalborg CSP Svante Bundgaard CEO Aalborg CSP

EnergyNest Ludvig Bellehumeur Director of Project Development EnergyNest

Industrial Solar Tobias Schwind CEO Industrial Solar

Protermo Solar / Solar Concentra Diego Crespo Lobbyist & Technological Platform Coordinator Protermo Solar / Solar Concentra

Rackam Jacques-Alexandre Fortin VP Rackam

A new technology to help you to produce cost-effective heat
  • Review Heliac’s new technology to generate heat cheaper than biomass or fossil fuel alternatives
  • Proven case study with E.ON - review how E.ON procured cost-effective heat to meet their own operational needs
  • Understand the fundamentals of the technology by replacing the mirrors with Heliac lenses to reduce costs and make it viable for industrial offtakers

Heliac Jakob Jensen CCO Heliac

Process Heat Application Part 2 - Technical Considerations in offering ‘Heat as a Service’
  • Assess how CSP heat can be used in synergy with traditional heat generators (e.g. fossil fuels) to develop an integrated heat system
  • Review the type of heat required (<150 °C, 150-400 °C, >400 °C) from CSP to meet industry needs including EOR, desalination, mining, food, chemicals and more...
  • Evaluate how CSP parts and components may differ when constructing a smaller scale plant for industry

Solatom Miguel Frasquet CEO Solatom

Aalborg CSP Svante Bundgaard CEO Aalborg CSP

EnergyNest Ludvig Bellehumeur Director of Project Development EnergyNest

Industrial Solar Tobias Schwind CEO Industrial Solar

Protermo Solar / Solar Concentra Diego Crespo Lobbyist & Technological Platform Coordinator Protermo Solar / Solar Concentra

Rackam Jacques-Alexandre Fortin VP Rackam

Section 5: Cost saving innovations taking CSP
Reducing the LCOE through Optical Components
  • Review the latest strategies for investing in CAPEX vs OPEX to have a more efficient cost of energy
  • Assess the two latest case studies by Rioglass to optimise CSP plants
  • Understand the lessons to be learned from Europe, MENA, China and America

Rioglass Solar Jeroen Van Schijndel Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Rioglass Solar

Advancements in Thermal Storage Systems with Molten Salt
  • Review storage strategies to lower CAPEX, lower melting point and increase Delta-T
  • Develop high energy density, no corrosion and low-cost storage to integrate into a CSP plant
  • Assess the lessons learnt from designing insulated tank, the thermal-fluid properties of the molten salt and the pump performance

CMI Group Jean-Michel Wautelet Sales Manager CMI Group

Mobile Water Services in the Solar Thermal Power Plants
  • Ensure availability of water production to allow for smooth cost-effective CSP operations.
  • Review how efficient water usage can lower your operating cost and overall cost of energy.
  • Plan ahead -avoid unforeseen situation in your water treatment.

Veolia Water Technologies Manuel Gómez Business Development Manager Spain & Portugal, Mobile Water Services Veolia Water Technologies

+15 years’ experience in CSP control: dos and don'ts
  • Plan, plan, plan -Many things can go wrong, but not your control system
  • Avoid failures to hit your energy targets -The thin line between control and CSP know-how
  • Tested, validated and documented: the key points and experience from a CSP global portfolio

Schneider Electric Alejandro Carrión Senior Project Manager Schneider Electric

Solar extinction measurements for plants based on tower
  • Review BCB's novel measurement method to support new site design and to help existing plants to maximise MWh
  • Review the results from tests which lasted more than a whole year in PSA (Spain)
  • Based on digital images and a Lambertian target, learn how to hain accuracy better than an absolute ±2%.

BCB Informática y Control Javier Bezares CEO BCB Informática y Control

 CSP in combo with PV, gas, biomass and other tech- the latest formula by leading EPCs and technology providers
  • Case Study 1: Review the lessons learnt from a first of its kind CSP + gas prototype to provide cost-effective energy
  • Case Study 2: Understand the latest initiatives to optimise hybrid plants including wind, PV or other renewable technologies
  • Evaluate the future design of CSP as part of a wider energy mix to implement dispatchable electricity

Grupo Cobra José Miguel Estebaranz Peláez Technology and Innovation Lead Engineer Grupo Cobra

Grupo Cobra Ruben de Arriba Technology & Innovation Engineer Grupo Cobra

Lunch Workshop: USA Panel tackling the latest CSP developments, market opportubities and tech innovations

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Parthiv Kurup Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Cost and Systems Analyst | Strategic Energy Analysis Center National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Mark Mehos Program Manager, Concentrating Solar Power National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

SETO Avi Shultz, Ph.D. Program Manager, CSP Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) US Department of Energy

Section 6: The big energy storage debate
Panel - Meeting grid demand and developing ‘Storage as a Service’
  • Discuss how energy storage can assist in the transformation of electricity market to optimise generation, trading and transportation
  • Discuss which type of energy storage technologies (thermal, electrochemical and more) can be utilised and where on the grid
  • Review the potential price arbitrage strategies to providing storage as a service

Abengoa-Algonquin Global Energy Solutions Michael Geyer Chief Development Officer Abengoa-Algonquin Global Energy Solutions

Juan Ignacio Burgaleta Consultant

BrightSource Jayesh De Silva Business Development Manager BrightSource

Energy storage analysis and case study from Brightsource
  • Review the latest economics and financial models to drive thermal storage and CSP development
  • Compare and contrast models for thermal vs PV + batteries including insight on the latest cost reduction trends
  • Maximise your plant by producing cheap electrity at night as well as offering the grid balancing/shaping capabilities and ancillary services.

BrightSource Jayesh De Silva Business Development Manager BrightSource

Section 7: Improving reliability during the operational phase - Lessons learnt from Spain
Insights from plant managers in Spain to maximize MWh and reduce costs during operations
  • Review the operational and technical challenged faced by CSP plant managers to maintain a reliable energy system
  • Assess the latest initiatives to reduce cost and improve reliability
  • Discuss the lessons learnt for any new CSP project being developed

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