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We’ve been working hard to include even more owner operator case studies and more time for top focused roundtables/networking than ever before.

To help you understand how, where and when we’ll be fitting all this in we’ve laid out our plan to use the track and breakout/stream rooms below across April 17 and 18.

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Agenda at a Glance

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April 17

9.00am - 10.30am
11.00am - 12.30pm
  Conference will then Breakout into Streams
2.00pm - 3.30pm
4.00pm - 5.30pm
5.30pm - late
Dallas Networking Drinks Party

April 18

9.00am - 10.30am
11.00am - 12.30pm
4.00pm - 5.30pm
Closing Presentations & Panels
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Who is it for?

Take your cue from the industries top decision makers and most influential stakeholders to understand the future of wind operations, the impact of key trends and new ideas to ensure you’ll get the most out of your assets through 2020 and beyond! Most valuable to…

  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CXOs
  • VPs of Operations, Asset Management, Infrastructure and Procurement
  • Directors of Operations, Asset Management and Data Analytics

Hear from...

  • Siemens-Gamesa
  • Duke-Energy
  • EON
  • EDP-renewables
  • Vestas
  • GE-Renewable-Energy
  • EDF-Renewable-Services

Debate the future of contract incentives; ‘availability’ vs. ‘yield’
  • Discuss key trends in the development of, and the potential benefits of ‘yield’ driven service agreements as a tool to safeguard portfolio revenue over asset ‘availability’, both during and post-warranty
  • Learn how to more accurately determine and define service scope, guarantees and backstops to improve your ability to monitor contract fulfilment obligations
  • Evaluate critical market limitations on the adoption of ‘yield’ guarantees to ensure your business is prepared for any evolution of contracting best practice in years to come

EDF Renewable Services Alexander Boyatt Director of Strategic Growth EDF Renewable Services

A Bold Vision for Wind Energy North America - An Owners Perspective
  • Understand how Elawan is planning to develop its growing wind portfolio over the next 5 years.  
  • Examine how the company plans to structure itself and provide excellent top down leadership that impacts positively on the development and, critically, the O&M of their turbines

Elawan Javier Mateache Chief Executive Officer Elawan

The definitive lean operator’s checklist
  • Take advantage of key case studies that examine what ‘lean’ structures for self-performance look like, to ensure that your own efforts do not simply spend the money you’re hoping to save
  • Receive expert guidance on how the self-assess resource needs and strategize for the most appropriate but flexible service strategy
  • Gain exclusive insights into the checklist of resources, supply chain contacts, processes and structures you will need to pull off ‘self-service’ of your assets future, optimization potential and cost balancing

Leeward Energy Jason Allen Chief Operations Officer Leeward Energy

Avoid losing money when trying to repower
  • Examine the impact of allowing confusion or delay around repowering at an executive level to persist, and understand how this affects critical field decisions to remediate and recover lost production
  • Learn how to improve the clarity of communications between operational and financial decision makers to ensure that you lose no more production than necessary from turbine failures because of the ‘looming specter’ of repowering
  • Review essential owner and service perspectives that will allow you to pin a cost to decision making delays, and help make the case for improving internal procedural efficiency

E.ON Climate & Renewables NA Gerrud Wallaert VP Regional Operations E.ON Climate & Renewables NA

Blockchain innovation for renewable asset management
  • Learn how blockchain is being pitched as a management tool for demand response and how these innovations will impact traditional operations and maintenance
  • Explore the wider concepts for blockchain enabled solutions as a key in unlocking enhanced benefits form digitization from your assets
  • Evaluate the capacity of decentralized technology supporting complex O&M contracts and facilitating performance incentive programs with vendors

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Who is it for?

Understand the successes and shortcomings of self-service business models, build confidence in risk communication with key stakeholders and learn to take control of OPEX, LCOE and supply chain optimization

  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CXOs
  • VPs of Operations, Asset Management, Infrastructure and Procurement, Finance & Risk
  • Directors of Operations, Asset Management, Finance & Risk

Hear from...

  • Duke-Energy
  • EON
  • EDP-renewables
  • EDF-Renewable-energy

Successful Self-Service Strategies
Building the financial proper mechanisms for self-performance
  • Learn how EDPR managed to get to grips with the high risks of self-service management and more quickly prevent and/or react to site problems
  • Examine the lessons learned from their efforts to improve their ability to integrate and create value from predictive analytics across their portfolio
  • Understand how they managed to build the proper mechanisms for capturing all indirect costs and work them into a flexible business model

EDP Renewables NA Bernardo Goarmon Executive Vice President Finance EDP Renewables NA

Remove major internal barriers to self-service
  • Self-performance is only becoming more popular, so take advantage of peer best practice that showcases how to benchmark and achieve the economic benefits of self-service
  • Discuss how to remove barriers to critical stakeholder approval by learning what it takes to develop, communicate and instill support for a ‘long term risk management’ vision internally
  • Understand how to build backing from all teams to ensure that everyone in your business, from the board room to the field, and O&M to business development is up to the task of pulling off a self-performance operating model

Duke Energy Jeff Wehner VP Renewables Duke Energy

Critical best practice in conventional utility self service
  • Discover how self-performance works in other utility industries, how value is leveraged and gain exclusive benchmarking insights that showcase the extent to which production and revenue is increased
  • Unlock valuable insights that you can use as a guide for communicating the value of self-performance to key stakeholders, decision makers and shareholders
  • Examine exclusive case histories from utilities operating conventional gas and coal power plants and evaluate the knowledge they gained by taking on greater operational risk
Exclusive self-service roundtables

Have your considered taking the critical steps towards self-service in some/all of your assets in the near future? Then take a unique opportunity to network with and learn from peers to help you:

  • Learn how to transition from full warranty coverage to self-performance
  • Discover which strategy is most likely to be approved by equity/investment partners and lenders
  • Understand how to communicate the cost/risk benefits of self-service to higher management, decision makers and key project partners

EDF Renewable Services Alexander Boyatt Director Strategic Growth EDF Renewable Services

Duke Energy Jeff Wehner VP Renewables Duke Energy

Pattern EnergyChris Shugart SVP Operations Pattern Energy

Leeward Energy Troy Ryan Director of Operations Leeward Energy

Elawan Aday Magec Technical Manager Elawan

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Who is it for?

Explore the challenges of wind digitization and examine the integration of software, infrastructure, personnel and clear communication in proactive O&M decision making

  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CXOs
  • VPs of Operations, Asset Management, Data Analytics
  • Directors of Operations, Asset Management, Data Analytics

Hear from...

  • Vestas
  • Siemens-Gamesa
  • windstar
  • EDF-Renewable-Services
  • Romax

Fleet Digitization
Link wind digitization directly to portfolio optimization
  • Learn from critical European experience that utilizes innovative technology to transform data into actionable wind intelligence
  • Get the latest on efforts at Siemens Gamesa to increase to quality and flow of mechanical and electrical data from the turbine to decision makers in real-time
  • Discuss critical market trends towards self-service and how this will change the role and value-potential for OEMs in the next 5 years

Siemens Gamesa Antonio de la Torre Chief Technology Officer Siemens Gamesa

Digitization and Predictive Maintenance: A revolution in O&M
  • Understand the advantages of multi-service solutions for multi-brand fleets
  • Go over important low speed failure detection case studies
  • Learn how to partner up with your CMS service provider for system maintenance and repair

Dr. Zhiwei Zhang VP Engineering Onyx Insights

Link cyber security to operational excellence
  • Demystify the impact of cyber threats and learn to articulate the vulnerability of your wind systems to key decision makers
  • Learn how to use critical cyber security data to drive risk-based decisions in your business and meet compliance requirements simultaneously
  • Discuss how to leverage essential security controls to improve overall plant operations and improve system return-on-investment

Vestas Curtis Schlunz Senior System Administrator Vestas

Control System Algorithms to Improve Energy Capture
  • Build a better understanding of the wide range of conditions that can impact the operational life of turbines, and how to influence these at the design stage
  • Explore opportunities to deploy algorithms within control systems to adapt to these conditions and ensure maximum power output across different wind speeds
  • Evaluate the ‘Extremum Seeking Control’ algorithm and field results that have led to 8-12% energy capture improvements and the opportunities for integration of these/similar systems within your wind farms

WindSTAR Mario Rotea Director WindSTAR

SCADA, data analytics and optimized asset management
  • Examine key case studies that showcase how to structure and integrate multiple data sources into a streamlined central system
  • Learn how to overcome the constraints of smart analytics when working to optimize performance by the smallest net gains in AEP
  • Gain exclusive insights into the common challenges, and their solutions, when working to optimize or automate many asset management functions

RES Americas Amine Alami VP Asset Management RES Americas

Excelsior Capital Matt Burt VP Asset Management & Operations Excelsior Capital

Matt Murphy VP Fleet Management Greenbacker Group

Orion Energy Group Ryan McGraw Head of Asset Management Orion Energy Group

EDF Renewable Services Representative TBC EDF Renewable Services

*The conference will then break into smaller workshop and seminar rooms to allow for more time and discussion on key O&M and asset management topic areas

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Who is it for?

With more than 4 hours of exclusive case studies, roundtables and topic specific networking

  • Directors of Operations, Performance Monitoring, Mechanical Engineering, Data Analytics
  • Managers of O&M, Performance Monitoring, Mechanical Engineering, Drivetrain Specialists
  • Plant Managers, Performance Analysts and Wind Turbine Technicians

Hear from...

  • EDP-renewables
  • DTE-Energy
  • Gram & Juhl
  • BKV
  • Romax

Gearboxes & Large Components
Fault identification, uptower repairs and preventative maintenance
  • Evaluate the deployment of sensors in two DTE Energy wind parks to discover serial defects that had been missed by the factory installed vibration monitoring system
  • Examine how the operations teams were then able to act quickly with uptower repairs to prevent further damage to the turbine gearbox
  • Discuss and how DTE plans to move ahead to prevent the risk of future shutdowns and inspections by using innovative monitoring systems

DTE Energy Dennis Buda Senior Manager DTE Energy

Poseidon Systems Mark Redding President Poseidon Systems

Very latest insights into gearbox failure modes
  • Learn about the latest insights and failure modes uncovered by owners and service providers from inspections, maintenance and remediation throughout the last year
  • Discover more about the unique best practices and trials being used to overcome the new and persistent challenges facing ongoing gearbox maintenance
  • Discuss the uncertainties that still exist you can use advanced monitoring technology to provide ever earlier windows and opportunities to find and deploy good solutions

RENEW Energy Maintenance Jon Salmon Mechanical Engineering Manager RENEW Energy Maintenance

How to choose the correct CMS to monitor drivetrain health
  • Discuss what’s achievable under the goal of removing unexpected downtime and improving the reliability of your drivetrain through CMS
  • Delve into the lessons learned EDPR gained by planning for CMS retrofit and how to identify the needs of your turbines before working with vendors

EDP Renewables Robert Gomez Drivetrain Diagnostics Engineer EDP Renewables

TCM diagnostics and prognostics merging the worlds
  • Learn how to be agile and build your businesses proficiency with multi turbine platforms
  • Explores efforts to partner with self-performers to remain relevant in a changing world
  • Review critical case studies that demonstrate clearly the value and actionability of condition monitoring data

Gram & Juhl North America Jeff Walkup VP Operations & Sales Gram & Juhl North America

Case Study: Preventing Gearbox Damage from Dangerous Loads
  • Learn how a pre-loaded main bearing can shield against incoming axial loads
  • Understand the advantages of a torque limiting device
  • Find out how innovative gearbox bearing designs can protect your gearbox

The Timken Company Rick Brooks Aftermarket Sales Manager The Timken Company

New generation of data acquisition unit technology and requirements for wind turbine monitoring
  • Explore key learnings from the evolution of data acquisition over the last ten years and how technology must innovate to improve its flexibility for multiple turbine types
  • Understand what’s required for a holistic approach to turbine monitoring and emphasize the importance of linking big data solutions to prompt alarm management and response
  • Evaluate further potential of ‘machine learning’ technology within the wind industry as an enabler for improved uptime and portfolio optimization

Brüel & Kjær Vibro Reynir Hilmisson Lead Diagnostics Engineer Brüel & Kjær Vibro

Demystifying CMS: Project Execution and Monitoring
  • Walk through the CMS installation process and different hardware configurations
  • Understand different wind farm owner’s site practices and how to provide custom solutions
  • Explore real-life early failure detection scenarios and review the associated cost savings

Moventas Ozgen Killc Condition Monitoring Systems Manager Moventas

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Who is it for?

With more than 4 hours of exclusive case studies, roundtables and topic specific networking

  • Directors of Operations, Performance Monitoring, Mechanical Engineering, Data Analytics
  • Managers of O&M, Performance Monitoring, Mechanical Engineering, Blade Specialists
  • Plant Managers, Performance Analysts and Wind Turbine Technicians

Hear from...

  • Duke-Energy
  • eon
  • Leeward-Energy
  • gestamp-wind
  • windstar

Blades & Inspections
Critical updates for blades management best practice
  • Grasp why it’s taken so long for owners to ‘find’ on the current best practice for organizing inspections and service windows for blades
  • Get the very latest updates on key lessons learned from 2017/18 blade O&M scheduled and unscheduled services
  • Learn to use owner insights on current blade life expectancy for different turbine types and locations to better plan your own scheduled inspections and maintenance programs

Vestas Daniel Molyneaux Blade Services Manager Vestas

Leading edge erosion & blade failure modes
  • Discuss the steps owners are taking to spot faults early, track excessive wear and identify failure modes in the field without specialist help
  • Gain exclusive insights on how to better account for localized conditions that may lead to changes in vibration, erosion and material fatigue
  • Learn how new innovative technologies are allowing owners to better factor this data into automated and localized maintenance strategies to ensure that every cent spend earns new production or service costs saved
Yaw and pitch alignment for performance optimization
  • Understand how developments in design and manufacture of pitch and yaw bearings have provided new levels of mechanical endurance, reliability and performance
  • Explore innovative deployments of alignment controls and automation systems to better harness production from optimum weather windows
  • Discover how retrofits and technology upgrades can be used on older turbines to unlock net revenue gains even where the margins are slimmer
Very latest inspections and scheduling best practice
  • Get a unique appraisal of owner blade inspections best practices from 2017 projects, and understand how innovative new inspections systems; drones or ground based, are being used to optimize labor costs and inspections recording
  • Receive exclusive insights into how, when and to what cost owners have been able to utilize drones to effectively compliment in-field inspections teams
  • Understand how to overcome the challenge of integrating inspections and monitoring data to ensure rapid and effective service decision making, especially post-warranty

Leeward Energy Troy Ryan Director of Operations Leeward Energy

Elawan Aday Magec Technical Manager Elawan

E.ON Climate & Renewables NA Representative TBC E.ON Climate & Renewables NA

Blade design, material quality and enhanced reliability
  • Learn how the quality and performance of blades can be assessed early on through better design, material selection and even blade factory inspections
  • Discover how to ensure that your procurement strategy is stable, efficient and can take advantage of aggressive market cost reductions without compromising on site performance, product integrity or safety
  • Examine the nuances of materials science, manufacturing quality and design life when you develop or retrofit projects to increase turbine revenues

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Who is it for?

With more than 4 hours of exclusive case studies, roundtables and topic specific networking

  • Directors of Operations, Performance Monitoring, Electrical Engineering
  • Managers of O&M, Electrical Specialists, Safety Professionals & BOP Leads
  • Plant Managers, Performance Analysts and Wind Turbine Technicians

Hear from...

  • Siemens-Gamesa
  • AES
  • Duke-Energy
  • eon
  • Leeward-Energy
  • APEX-Clean-Energy

Electrical Systems & BOP
Pad mount transformers
  • Gain an overview and better understanding of how dissolved gas build ups within pad mount transformers are creating greater challenges for BOP service teams and overall operations
  • Examine insights that will help you to avoid failures via better sizing of pad mount transformers and early identification of brushing installation issues
  • Receive critical intelligence and cost analysis of pad mount transformer maintenance to help you communicate the urgency and budget burden of critical BOP servicing right now

MOSESON Judah Moseson Independent Consultant Moseson

AES Wind Generation Brad Hendrix BoP Lead AES Wind Generation

Exclusive electrical troubleshooting & RCA roundtables
  • Explore worrying gaps in troubleshooting expertize, particularly in RCA and costs appraisals for converters, transformers and generators
  • Receive expert guidance that highlights common errors in BOP design and detracts from your prognostic system’s ability to find and diagnose critical failure modes

here name job company

Improve the interaction of between electrical components to extend life
  • Understand the critical interactions between the wind turbine transformer, generator and power converters
  • Examine how to use this knowledge to improve proactive and preventative maintenance of electrical components

Siemens Gamesa Drazena Brocilo Principal Electrical Engineer Siemens Gamesa

Overcome local 3rd party inexperience
  • Understand best practice for validating experience, especially when challenges by tight budget restrictions
  • Examine the value of lost production and availability from repeat or poor remediation of normally low-cost electrical systems
  • Gain exclusive case histories to take away that evaluate opportunities to create high quality in-house experience that is offset by improved electrical system reliability

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Who is it for?

With more than 4 hours of exclusive case studies, roundtables and topic specific networking

  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CXOs
  • VPs of Operations, Asset Management, Data Specialists
  • Directors of Operations, Asset Management, Data Analysts
  • Managers of Assets, Performance, Risk & Finance
  • Tax Equity Investors and Financial Stakeholders

Hear from...

  • orion-energy
  • APEX
  • Duke
  • eon
  • EDP-renewables
  • Res-americas

Asset, Risk & Performance Management
Budget to optimize performance
  • Learn how to take advantage of future value from upgrades and retrofits that fall within an already budgeted 3-5 OPEX strategy
  • Understand why so few owners can effectively plan their next annual CAPEX and allocate for improvements that will increase power output
  • Examine the utility of market educated 3rd parties and consultants as an invaluable tool for convincing investors of the return on investment from tech upgrades and performance optimization programs

The Trade Council of Denmark Maja Jorgensen Commercial Advisor Wind The Trade Council of Denmark

Only 8 months to repower with the PTC
  • Get the latest appraisal of what it takes and how to qualify for the PTC under the 80/20 rule for the remaining 8 months of the year before the PTC steps down further in 2019
  • Explore the challenges and solutions for achieving qualification under a tight timeframe
  • Evaluate key insights, trends and learnings from operators who have taken full advantage of the PTC to begin the repowering of their growing portfolios of aging assets

FTI Consulting Carter Atlamazoglou Director Corporate Finance & Restructuring FTI Consulting

Long term risk management & insurance
  • Learn to more accurately quantify unforeseen generation losses due to plant downtime and examine the range of risk transfer opportunities available when self-performing
  • Leverage exclusive insurer perspectives to explore the critical do’s and don’ts of long term resource risk and its potential impact on your portfolio

GCube Jatin Sharma President GCube

Align contract incentives between owner and service provider
  • Reflect on the problem to understanding that asset managers and operations/3rd parties pull in different directions
  • Learn how to stress the differences between performance efficiency, production and availability and key metrics/goals within your own business
  • Explore some of the latest techniques that can be used to better monitor performance and efficiency of turbines in real time

EPRI Brandon Fitchett Senior Program Manager Renewables EPRI

All New Performance Incentive Roundtables
  • With peers, learn how to introduce greater accountability between owners and service providers when you measure incentives via MWh generation over downtime
  • Examine the impact of advanced service scheduling strategies to protect the long-term value of your sites wind potential.
  • Engage with peers and forward-thinkers in brand-new roundtables to address discuss the challenges, obstacles, solutions and possible next steps for using current technology to align service contracts with MWh generation and performance incentives

Elawan Aday Magec Technical Manager Elawan

EDF Renewable Services Alexander Boyatt Director of Strategic Growth EDF Renewable Services

Duke Energy Jeff Wehner VP Renewables Duke Energy

Leeward Energy Jason Allen Chief Operations Officer Leeward Energy

EPRI Brandon Fitchett Senior Program Manager Renewables EPRI

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Who is it for?

Get the very latest on how developments within the turbine supply chain will impact the way you do business in the wind O&M industry. Most valuable to...

  • Owners, CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s or Wind Component & System Innovators or Vendors
  • VP’s of Procurement, Supply Chain, Operations, Engineering or R&D
  • Directors of Operations, Engineering, Asset Management and Data Analytics
  • Cost Estimation, Purchasing, Supply Chain, R&D, Sourcing Managers and many more

Turbine Supply Chain *NEW FOR 2018
Major Sessions & Topics Include...
Keep transforming your product development with lean start-up methods
  • Explore the evolution of ‘lean startup’ methodologies within industrial supply chains
  • Evaluate the lessons learned for new product development (hardware & software) within wind over the next 2 years
  • Ensure you know how to deploy ‘lean’ methodologies across your business to reduce wastage, foster diversity of innovation and secure the success of your business for years to come
New trends in component manufacture showcase
  • Reflect on key manufacturing trends from across the wind supply chain and ensure your business is aware of future cost-pressures and challenges
  • Get the very latest insights from across the supply chain to see what’s changing in the development, manufacture and installation of; blade, gearboxes, power transmission components, structural components, key equipment and materials science
Smart & cloud parts management innovation
  • Receive an exclusive crash course in the development of truly ‘smart’ spare parts management from within the aerospace, automotive and conventional utility industries
  • Understand how new strategies and cloud-based tools are enabling faster and more accurate demand forecasting and inventory planning for wind turbine owners and how to break your products into the system
Digitization of the supply chain
  • Analyze the latest trends in cloud-based/IoT supply chain management tools and explore the role for automation within procurement channels
  • Get to grips with new learnings and best practices from resource pooling and inter-owner collaboration programs

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Who is it for?

Gain essential insights from across the wind supply chain to protect the safety and quality of operations, while also exploring new opportunities to streamline efficiencies in plant design and build so that you reap production benefits and greater reliability long term

  • Directors of Operations, Construction & Business Development
  • Managers of O&M, Site Assessment & HSEQ Specialists
  • Plant Managers, Performance Analysts and Wind Turbine Technicians

Hear from...

  • TSL
  • enel
  • Leeward-Energy
  • eon
  • Duke-Energy
  • APEX

New Workshops for 2018
Align legal, safety & operations to optimize critical resources
  • Learn how Apex Clean Energy has been able to balance pressure to reduce OPEX with resource optimization across interacting departments and resources across legal, field operations and site safety
  • Gain exclusive case data insights into the levels of injury reduction and back office expense reductions possible when trust and visibility is built across departments

Apex Clean Energy Liz Weir VP Law & Deputy General Counsel Apex Clean Energy

Apex Clean Energy John Boyle Health & Safety Manager Apex Clean Energy

Lean maintenance post-COD
  • Examine how the full scope to design and construction of wind projects works to better identify the key decision makers within your business
  • Understand how to efficiently articulate key operations and maintenance concerns to early-stage decision makers so that your projects are ready to operate financially lean post COD
  • Discuss with operators, developers, OEMs and ISPs to identify new performance and O&M optimization opportunities in the design phase that will help secure healthier production revenues
Construction, collaboration, communication and profitability
  • Operations don’t begin at COD, they’re optimized right from the business development, scope setting and design phase – so evaluate how owners can better communicate core O&M or asset management concerns at the front end
  • Avoid common plant design errors and expensive oversights or short comings when you learn how to integrate core operational perspectives and oversight into the development phase of plants
  • Gain critical insights that will help you identify the touchpoints between OEMs, EPCs, BOP companies and owners during the construction phase in order to better qualify issues early on by opportunities for inter-personal friction and error

Mortenson Billy Watts General Manager Mortenson

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*NEW FOR 2018
FOR 2018

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