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Day One Day Two

Day 1

7:30 Registration
9:00 Global Developments in Wind Farm O&M
  • How are turbine technology choices impacting the O&M market?
  • What wind farm optimization tools and best practices are being achieved cross the globe?
  • How are superior levels of availability being achieved across the globe?
  • How does project finance influence the approach to maintenance strategies, contracts and budgets?

Dan Barker, Managing Director - Service, Enercon Canada Inc

Section: End of Warranty Decision Making
9:20 Panel: Choosing a Cost-Effective O&M Service Model
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of different O&M service models, such as full-service, multi-contract and Self-Performance
  • Understand the decision-making process based on size and characteristics of wind farm portfolio, security, risk, cost, service quality and response time

Casey Kennedy, Customer Account Manager, EDF Renewable Services
Patrick Beaudoin, Corporate controller, Cartier Énergie Éolienne
Augusto Di Maria, Director, Operations Wind & Solar Canada, ENGIE Canada

10:05 Coffee Break & Networking
Section: Stepping Up to Balance of Plant O&M Challenges
10:50 Panel: Real Life Experiences in BOP Maintenance
  • Hear real-life solutions for improving the reliability of the balance of plant
  • Understand the importance of the balance of plant equipment i.e. Pad mounts, Collection Systems, Substations, Roads and Met masts.
  • Get the latest techniques for identifying issues with these systems and equipment to maintain a highly functioning, safe and profitable wind farm

Moderator: Judah Moseson, VP Business Development, Cooke Power Services
Ian MacRobbie, General Manager, Enbridge
Troy Ryan, Director of Operations, Leeward Energy
Benjamin Jordan, Director of Outside Services, Duke Energy
John Kirby, Director of Wind Operations - Ontario, Capstone Infrastructure Corp. 

11:35 Case Study: Preventing Gearbox Damage from Dangerous Loads
  • Learn how a pre-loaded main bearing can shield against incoming axial loads
  • Understand the advantages of a torque limiting device
  • Find out how innovative gearbox bearing designs can protect your gearbox

Richard Brooks, Manager - Wind Energy Aftermarket, The Timken Corporation

Section: Blades
11:55 Case Study: Ice Mitigation and Performance Optimization
  • Review the full experiences from the first Canadian retrofit solution project by Wicetec & East Coast Wind
  • Learn how to remove uncertainties around the impact of ice on your turbines and discover insights that will boost your operational capacity

Steven Fugère, VP and Director of Business Development, East Coast Wind
Petteri Antikainen, CEO, Wicitec

12:25 Lunch Break and Networking
2:00 State-of-The-Art Anti-Icing and De-Icing Solutions for Blades
  • Hear about the most cost-effective solutions that operators are using to prevent downtime in cold weather 
  • Maximize performance of wind turbines in cold weather, taking away key lessons to boost operational capacity in cold weather

Hassan Shahriar, Senior Commercial Manager, Enercon Canada

2:20 Panel: Solving Rotor Blade Leading Edge Erosion
  • Hear real life experiences about the latest leading-edge protection measures that can be taken to reduce the costs associated with rotor blade maintenance
  • Examine rotor blade failure data showing when in the life of a rotor blade the leading edge requires attention so you can plan a robust leading-edge inspection and protection system
  • Receive examples of the detrimental effects that that will result if the blade leading edge isn’t maintained properly along with the types of repair programs and materials used to mitigate those effects

Moderator: Kyle Wetzel, Consultant, Wetzel Wind
Dave Zanier, Managing Director, Bladefence
Terry Collier, Head, Global Technical Service Organization, 3M
Rob Jozwiak, Manager - South Region Power Operations, Enbridge
Daniel Molyneux, Manager, Blade Services, UpWind Solutions 

3:05 Coffee Break & Networking
3:35 Preventing Downtime in Cold Climate Operations 
  • Examine the steps taken by owners to successfully transition from a reactive to a proactive blade maintenance strategy in cold climate European wind farms
  • Understand how their lessons learned have been reincorporated into the latest blade repair and protection technologies over the last 18 months to minimize downtime while reducing blade repair costs

Ville Karkkolainen, Managing Director, Bladefence 

3:55 Monitor and Manage Critical Turbine Components with Online Oil and Vibration Analysis
  • Oil monitoring for gearbox and pitch control systems at Offshore Turbines
  • Important low speed failure detection case studies
  • Management of critical turbine components
  • Multi-service solutions for multi-brand fleets

Ozgen Kilic, Condition Monitoring Systems Manager, Moventas

4:15 Health Status: An Aggregate Metric for Improving O&M Efficacy
  • Exploring the use of simple health metric to reduce O&M cost and increase production in various scenarios
  • Study of sample Health Status results to understand the impact of weights and biases
  • A look at the various perspectives and priorities to find the metric for maximum long-term advantage

Idoia Iceta, Energy Business Unit Director, NEM Solutions USA

Section: Late Life O&M
4:35 Panel: Late Life O&M Strategy
  • Ageing Fleet Decision Making and long-term risk management
  • Optimizing Older Turbines
  • How to produce/ replicate OEMs SCADA
  • Revelations in End-of-service warranty inspections

Moderator: Aaron Culver, Asset Optimization Services Lead, Americas, Wood
Grayson Swan, Director of Operations, One Wind
Tom Burge, Wind Operations Manager, Eastern Canada, Capstone Infrastructure Corp
Casey Kennedy, Customer Account Manager, EDF Renewable Services
Erick Matthiesen, Operations Manager - Canada, GE

5:20 Networking Drinks Reception - Sponsorship available. Contact
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Day 2

8:00 Registration
Section: O&M's Contribution to LCOE Reduction
9:00 Maximizing kWh through OEM-independent Performance Analyses
  • Receive real-life examples showing how to conduct OEM-independent performance analyses to allow owners to challenge OEMs and operators to operate facilities for maximum profitability
  • Receive data showing the improvement in kWh on turbines that are set to cost less in maintenance rather than to produce maximum AEP; blade de-icing systems optimization; software upgrades; poor reaction time for recurrent faults.

Martin Hamel, Senior Project Manager, HATCH

Section: Major Component Failure, Servicing and Repair Case Studies
9:20 Preventing Wind Turbine Gearbox Bearing Failures
  • Learn why bearings fail and how to prevent premature bearing failures on wind turbines
  • Receive examples of bearing failure, RCA’s and the associated costs associated with crane fees, component replacement, man power and lost production

Bruce Neumiller, CEO, Gearbox Express

9:40 Panel: Major Component Repairs and Retrofit Strategy
  • Discover unconventional and innovative solutions to do main component change outs more efficiently and proficiently to minimize downtime on your site
  • Examine the scope and magnitude of previously successful component change outs, allowing you to plan resources efficiently
  • Learn how to overcome the logistical and safety challenges when carrying out main component change outs on remote sites 

Moderator: Ian MacRobbie, General Manager, Enbridge
Glen Aitken, President, LiftWerx Solutions
Bill Chambers, Operations Supervisor, TransAlta
Bruce Neumiller, CEO, Gearbox Express
JJ Davis, O&M Manager, Ontario & West Coast, Kruger

10:25 Coffee Break - Sponsorship available. Contact
Section: Data-Driven Wind O&M
11:10 Five Ways Wind is Getting Big Data Wrong
  • Better understand the connection between business value, data, software, and experience in the field at a successful wind owner
  • See the value of data analytics in action to improve O&M performance
  • Learn from best practices of a collaboration between a disruptive start-up and an established energy firm

Ryan Blitstein, VP, Renewable Energy, Uptake

11:30 Panel: How to Develop a Data Driven O&M Strategy
  • How to identify, combine, and manage multiple sources of data to ensure a well-rounded assessment
  • Learn how to build advanced-analytics models to extract what is relevant for predicting and optimizing turbine performance monitoring and power forecasting
  • Understand the latest performance assessment strategies and trends
  • What 5 things do operators need to get out of their data collection software?

Moderator: Gareth Brown, Independent Consultant
Alexander Perry, Manager, Operations Performance, Northland Power
Michael Nar, Production Assurance E.I.T., TransAlta
Kristin Vidi - EIT, Mechanical Engineer, Alterra Power Corp
Gordon Muir, Operations Manager, Pennask and Shinish Creek Wind Farm Projects, Okanagan Wind

12:15 Lunch Break and Networking - Sponsorship available. Contact
Section: Condition Monitoring
1:15 TCM Diagnostics & Prognostics Merging the Worlds
  • Understand O&M challenges for business justification for Condition Monitoring post-warranty aging fleets
  • Lear how to be agile and multi-turbine platform proficient (example case studies)
  • Partnering with the self-performing O&Ms - how to remain Relevant in a changing world
  • Receive successes, demonstrated with case study results

Jeff Walkup, VP Sales & Operations, Gram & Juhl

1:35 Lead-time to drivetrain component failure and the impact of your O&M strategy
  • Learn how lead-time to failure can vary depending on the failure mode and the maintenance strategy.
  • See the importance of early fault detection and how to differentiate between wear/tear and a developing mechanical fault.
  • How CMS can help identify the root cause of a fault (cause / effect)

Reynir Hilmisson, Lead Diagnostic Engineer, Brüel & Kjær Vibro

1:55 Digitization and Predictive Maintenance: A revolution in O&M

  • Understand the advantages of multi-service solutions for multi-brand fleets
  • Go over important low speed failure detection case studies
  • Learn how to partner up with your CMS service provider for system maintenance and repair

Dr. Zhiwei Zhang, VP Engineering – North America, Romax InSight


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