Optimize PV performance and revenue with the latest business critical insights

The experts speaking at PV O&M USA have extensive experience in the market, and exclusive knowledge of the O&M workings of their industry-leading companies – if you want to grow your O&M strategy, improve your knowledge and get the most out of your PV plants, this is the conference for you!

Day One Day Two

Conference Day 1 - Thursday November 2, 2017

  • 7.30am-8.45am
    New Energy Update & Conference Chairman’s Welcome Remarks
    Achieving the highest long-term PV project values
    • Learn to quickly identify and plan for the common strategic pitfalls and challenges of PV plant ownership
    • Understand how closer integration between financial and physical asset management will unlock greater efficiencies in your operational planning
    • Gain crucial insights that’ll allow you to better communicate the impact of OPEX decisions on long term production values
    Critical PV market trends, policy uncertainty & the post-ITC strategy outlook
    • Evaluate key market drivers, trends and policy changes and post-ITC strategies that’ll impact on and influence the growth of PV installations regionally, nationally and globally
    • Discover how EDF is already working to prepare for intense PV market growth, supply chain consolidation and advanced grid integration to make the most of future opportunities
    Turn the tables on forecasted PV market stress to deliver on major growth opportunities
    • Assess the impact of sustained solar industry growth on traditional Utility and C&I business models
    • Identify and understand critical marketplace inefficiencies and consumer level resilience’s that require resolution in tandem with rising solar adoption
    • Explore opportunities to rework traditional PV business models that promote horizontal structures, urgent technological innovation and supply chain disruption
    [PANEL] Keynote Discussion, led by Hugh Kuhn with audience Q&A
    • Engage in extended Q&A with industry thought leaders and get the chance to ask the questions you need answered to make a success in PV operations through 2018 and beyond.
    Long term risk management & insurance
    • Learn to more accurately quantify unforeseen generation losses due to plant downtime and examine the range of risk transfer opportunities available when self-performing
    • Leverage exclusive insurer perspectives to explore the critical do’s and don’ts of long term resource risk and its potential impact on your portfolio
    [PANEL] 3rd party contracting of O&M vs. self-performance
    • Evaluate cost-benefit appraisals of at what project scale you need to pursue long-term fully wrapped service packages, warranty extensions or develop internal capabilities
    • Understand the merits of each approach towards reducing the risk profile of your projects to major stakeholders
    • Compare and debate the diverse perspectives and experiences of self-performing utilities, IPPs, and 3rd parties to ensure you leave better able to make critical operational decisions correctly at the project front-end
    [PANEL] Innovate to optimize labor costs & secure remote site safety
    • Discuss where operators are finding the highest labor costs in a typical O&M scope and the optimization initiatives they have already deployed and learned lessons from
    • Connect the dots between plant safety and training investment and critical plant HSE standards to ensure your business understands the real-time dollar value of going beyond mere ‘HSE compliance’ and evaluate best practice on site staffing levels per the number of MWs you have installed
    • Discuss why major utilities have opted for onsite, centralized resources or contracted staffing for each site type they operate to ensure that your remote site management plan takes advantage of the leading-edge strategies already in place across the industry
    NEW WORKSHOP - Trouble on the horizon: Tracker maintenance costs can impair your solar assets
    • Unforeseen or unpredicted repair and maintenance can severely affect the financial viability of a solar asset. Too often, promised O&M costs are taken at face value when the underlying design of the tracker system may lead to costly maintenance and repair.
    • In this exclusive workshop, take a closer look at system design and components is required to help keep maintenance costs in check and solar assets profitable.
    • To sign up, simply contact the organizer directly at kerr@newenergyupdate.com
    [PANEL] End of the road; warranty claims, management & expiration
    • This exclusive discussion will cover the end of warranty process, the major concerns, horror stories and lessons learned so that attendees leave with a better grasp over the challenges when reaching and transitioning out of a warranty.
    • Understanding warranties is often overlooked in the system delivery process where consequences can often cost more than perceived savings. 
    • Therefore, it is important that owners and operator’s plants understand the realities of warranties, what they really mean, what requirements are for making claims, and then pre-empting the process by addressing the health and condition of those products which are under warranty.
    • This is slightly different than the common fix after it breaks approach, which unfortunately often results in no company to make a warranty claim against. 
    Build & Forget Model for Utility Scale PV: Best Practices to Reduce Costs
    • Explore the build & forget paradigm with string inverters that has helped key utilities, IPPs and developers to modernize their designs to optimize life cycle costs
    • Reduce preventative maintenance costs with optimized string inverter block designs
    • Evaluate opportunities to reduce inverter replacement reserve by leveraging new high reliability technologies
    Site management essentials; from soiling to vegetation management
    • Get attuned to the science of site development and knowing how to set the correct soiling or vegetation management from the start to significantly reduce man-hour spend
    • Evaluate the latest cost-benefit analysis of proactive, preventative and reactive site maintenance approaches and key lessons learned
    • Examine effective long-term planning measures that will allow you the space to innovate in equipment and planning to find the best land management strategy for your business
    Data-driven cyber security for PV operations
    • Demystify the principals of cyber security by using threat and vulnerability data to understand your PV environment and drive risk-based decisions
    • Gain key insights to help you to manage business requirements and compliance requirements simultaneously
    • Learn how to leverage essential cyber security controls to improve overall plant operations and return-on-investment (ROI)
    Reduce O&M costs and increase yield using data intelligence and flexible software solutions
    • Learn to reduce O&M costs and truck rolls by quickly pinpointing field failures while optimizing response through production metrics, loss quantification, mobile solutions, hierarchy views and standardization workflow management
    • Understand how to maximize plant yield by levering site validation software, grid integration solutions, advanced performance analytics and automation
    • Evaluate key tools to help you manage large portfolios with secure Network Operations Centers (NOC), established operational protocols, customized reporting and ERP system integration to enable more effective remote oversight of financial implications that further improve efficiency, record keeping and accountability
    Real time data & decision making
    • Know how leading owners are managing to amass and structure ‘big data’ in such a way that it can be easily accessed and analyzed for positive decision making
    • Compare the experiences of owners who have managed to successfully integrate analytical and prognostic solutions to manage to optimize the long-term performance of their plants
    • Understand the steps owners have taken to build and equip the analytics experts required to process and monetize data streams efficiently for in-field teams
    Using Plant Data to Reclaim Revenue, Improve Financial Projection & Control Risk
    • Learn how to increase the utility of plant data to improve both plant performance, revenue projection and O&M budget allocation
    • Review three key case studies that explore the role of data visibility and accessibility in soiling assessment, plant behaviour modelling and controlling performance risks such as large and short downtime events
    • Understand how to create and leverage powerful data to get ahead of site-specific performance risks and calibrate your business for more accurate financial projections
    Data and Analytics for Solar O&M Optimization at Scale
    • Use automated techniques to scale issue identification processes
    • Leverage data-driven performance analysis to manage quality levels and identify root causes of performance issues
    • Transfer lessons learned back into design assumptions for future plants
    [PANEL] SCADA, data analytics & optimized asset management
    • Evaluate the constraints of using advanced or smart analytics in workload prioritization and performance optimization when you’re working to achieve even the smallest % margins of energy increase
    Networking Drinks Reception & Exhibition

Conference Day 2 - Friday November 3, 2017

  • 7.30am-9.00am
    [PANEL] Break down silos and design to operate
    • Successful design starts at the design phase, not COD; ensure you understand how to facilitate involving the O&M or Asset Management perspectives at the front end to identify and address common plant design errors or simple yet expensive oversights
    • Assess key design considerations such as access to spare parts, plant layout and analyse with cost benefits the impact of design stage refinements on the cost of plant operations 2, 5, 7 years down the line or later
    • Work with operators, developers, EPCs and ISPs to identify new areas for O&M optimization at the design phase in an innovative new plant design networking workshop led by major utilities
    Get ahead of the curve - deliver on the benefits of automation & technology
    • Examine what more can be done to automate plant operations, inspection and maintenance in order to trim major plant labor costs where possible
    • Hear from major automation innovators as they showcase exclusive cost-benefit data from revolutionary module cleaning, vegetation management, inspections, monitoring and more
    • Take the chance to hold key technology vendors to account on their word as revamped and interactive sessions allow you to fact check claims, review analytical data and build important connections with operator peers
    Good News & Bad News; Lessons Learned from Unexpected Surprizes
    • Gain key insights into the service work fulfilled by MaxGen in 2017 to understand what is now known about O&M budgeting vs. what became “unknown knowns” during PV plant operations this year
    • Examine the direction of O&M cost reduction vs. the impact on operational quality
    • Discuss how bankable, credible O&M suppliers will adapt their business models to a changing PV industry and what this will mean for your business in years to come
    Exploring revenue opportunities in PV and energy storage integration projects
    • Gain an overview of value streams that storage can offer in the CAISO markets, the products’ stackability, as well as how that relates to REC’s and ITC’s
    • Learn from both a merchant and off-taker perspective, the highest and best use of storage is likely to be very different Year 1 vs. Year 5, 10, 15
    • Understand how GridSME’s solar+storage operating model compliments other publicly available models such as the NREL SAM tool and EPRI
    Build business relationships - what do the procurement teams think of integrating sustainability into their business
    • Current trends in PV design make it hard to integrate storage as a retrofit option - so learn how to prepare your next project to accommodate
    • Examine how to bring together a global supply chain effectively to ensure early revenue is not lost on development mistakes
    • Leverage the latest developer insights and learned best practices in making a success of PV & storage integration
    How should a renewables control centre actually work?
    • Review the work that leading PV operators are undertaking to transform portfolio management through dedicated centralized resources
    • Examine critical case study evidence to show how efficient systems have allowed operators to react quickly to operational, market or unforeseen challenges and avoid expensive curtailments, power losses or energy security
    [PANEL] Ensuring sustainable business in an uncertain regulatory environment
    • Discuss how current regulatory developments including the Suniva/SolarWorld Section 201 trade petition and the phase out of the ITC will present challenges to the solar industry;
    • Determine what O&M levers can be employed to mitigate the impact of these developments and enable the industry to remain sustainable.
    • Evaluate whether the industry needs to substantially change the approach to O&M to create a sustainable industry in light of the regulatory environment. If so where and if not, why not?
    Conference Summary & Event Close

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