Hard hitting agenda addressing your biggest challenges!

We conducted over 50 interviews with your PV Asset Management and O&M peers to identify the biggest challenges you face and identify the biggest opportunities you can take advantage of. Read on to find out what you’ll learn and from who in 2017.

Key themes include:

  • Asset Optimisation - Understand the technical, contractual and financial asset management strategies necessary to ensure excellent solar power system performance
  • Performance improvement - your asset’s energy output and forecast performance through intelligent monitoring and data analytics in a digital era
  • Technical plant optimisation (O&M) vs. Financial Asset Optimisation - Evaluate the annual service investments you need to make in your plants to deliver significant ROI
  • The business case for PV plus Storage - Assess the very latest Storage systems, understand how they are challenging the utility-customer paradigm and discover how coupling a battery storage system with your PV plant can unlock new business models and drive profits


State of the PV industry in Europe

  • Get expert insight into what COP22, Brexit and the Trump administration mean for the PV industry in Europe
  • Evaluate the latest regulatory updates from across Europe to assess where your business should be positioned as wholesale markets and competitive tenders impact the market
  • To what extent is consolidation impacting the industry and what disruptive new players are doing to turn the industry on its head
  • As we enter a new era of PV, what will storage, distributed generation, smart energy markets and dynamic pricing mean for the industry

Evaluating your portfolio

  • Discover how European PV stakeholders are evaluating their international portfolios to take advantage of the most technological, political and regulatory supportive regions
  • Hear how you can adapt your portfolio to ensure it fits the markets you are targeting
  • Understand how O&M is viewed in different countries across Europe to ensure your strategy is commercially viable

Carlos Rey Micolau, Senior Portfolio Manager - Foresight Group

Does portfolio size matter?

  • Learn how changing market conditions will affect your portfolio size and asset management
  • Understand how to refine your business model using market predictions to create a competitive advantage for your business
  • Hear how both small and big stakeholders can support each other’s business objectives based on market conditions and market predictions
  • Debate whether the digital era enables smaller players to compete on an even playing field
  • Discuss whether M&A be the way forward for the PV industry in Europe
  • Gain insight into Europe’s secondary market and how you could buy, sell, refinance or improve the performance of mature assets

How to assess the financial performance of your plant or portfolio

  • Identify the key financial metrics you need to look at when evaluating your refinancing or sale options
  • Assess the critical success factors that indicate over - or under - performance of your assets and turning kW/H into money
  • How to balance CAPEX vs OPEX to ensure maximum yield at optimal performance
  • Hear how a new generation of data analytic solutions will provide you with the real time information you need to make intelligent financial decisions
  • Evaluate which financial software tools are right for your business to yield without technical intervention

Giles Clark, CEO - Primrose Solar

Bankability - what do investors want and how do you achieve it

  • Gain insight into what banks take into consideration when providing project funding for PV projects
  • With FIT schemes being retrospectively adjusted, find out what this means for your business over the next 18 months
  • Evaluate the range of options available to your business including; Private Equity, Venture Capital and Banks
  • Discover the importance of O&M when assessing the bankability of a project and proactive steps you can take to make your project more attractive
  • Hear how you can minimize risk through insurance practices

Nicolas Gourvitch, Director - Green Giraffe

Collaboration between Asset Management and O&M

  • Same goals, different perspectives - how you can harmonize AM and O&M teams
  • Assess the importance of having the right people and technologies in place to enable the AM and O&M teams to communicate effectively and improve decision making
  • Discuss the common pitfalls in the relationship between AM and O&M and how they can be overcome
  • Discuss the economic challenges of integrating AM & O&M and how best to align the practice of incentives and budget allocation
  • Strategies that will help the O&M team better understand the commercial implications of O&M activity

Valerio Pelizzi, Director Asset Management EMEA – Canadian Solar
Edmee Kelsey, CEO – 3megawatt
Ingo Rehmann, Managing Director - Greentech

O&M service pricing for Asset Managers

  • Evaluate O&M cost comparison models to get a unique perspective of European O&M cost trends
  • It’s not all about the price! Debate the different perspectives between plant owner / operators and vendors when delivering O&M services
  • Innovative models for a successful working partnership between service providers and PV plant owner / operators
  • Discuss about the benefits of using comparative data to link performance to a price basis in order to maximize yield

Jordi Lopez Francesch, VP of Asset Management - Glennmont Partners

Energy trading

  • Gain insight into how to maximize your commercial opportunities from energy trading
  • Learn about bankability of rooftop portfolios and how it will increase the profitability of each asset
  • Evaluate business models for Energy Storage and assess how you can integrate storage into your business to improve ROI
  • Market predictions for incentives surrounding energy storage and their impact on your earnings

Jochen Schwill, CEO – Next Kraftwerke

Insourced vs. outsourced O&M - the Asset Management perspective

  • Assess the positives and negatives of managing O&M in house and the impact it can have on your bottom line
  • Evaluate outsourced opportunities for O&M and identify the potential gains and losses
  • Learn how to work out a good balance between price and quality when choosing an O&M provider in order to overall plant performance

Francesco Girardi, Managing Director - Bluefield

Surviving a financial crisis through optimal O&M performance

  • Learn how a good correlation between your global asset management and your O&M can help with the renegotiation of contracts to get ensure asset profitability
  • Find new commercial opportunities in asset retention by providing optimal O&M performance to support commercial growth

The importance of involving O&M in the construction phase

  • Learn how - and where - you should include O&M strategies in the construction phase to avoid costly downtime
  • What purchasing decisions need to be considered during the construction phase that could impact OPEX
  • Hear how you can link risk reduction with smart management of data pools to prevent plant degradation and stabilize plant performance

Fabrice Tencaramadon, International Project Manager - EDF Energies Nouvelles

Technical Due Diligence with Cost Impact Assessment

  • Apply the cost priority number methodology to concrete due diligence case studies to understand the cost implications in terms of investment and production for retrofit activities
  • Learn about PI Berlin’s systematic scoring methodology for evaluating operating PV plants to develop your acquisition and re-financing process
  • Understand commercial impact and required investment associated with various deficiencies in plant
  • Discuss the case study of TDD on operating plant based on demonstrade methodology and results

Steven Xuereb, Head of Business Unit PV Systems, PI Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin

Predictive Maintenance - aiming for operational excellence

  • How to select and integrate the right intelligent monitoring systems for your PV plants to identify under performance
  • Ensure all your component parts are standardized so they work with your existing condition based monitoring systems
  • Learn how to get the right technical team in place who understand the analytical data being collated
  • Ensure you are able to display data in such a way that it can be fed back to senior level managers in order to aid AM decision making
  • How to roll out your predictive maintenance processes across your entire portfolio

Proactive O&M through intelligent systems

  • Discuss the impact of state-of-the-art technology on managing large O&M portfolios to contribute to performance standardization
  • Learn about the technical requirements when optimising your O&M process and then link them with adequate field conditions to maximize yield
  • Make sure you have the right technical expertise in place for efficient monitoring and reporting to meet your O&M requirements
  • Hear how you can prioritise maintenance needs through automated fault reporting and diagnostic algorithms
  • Save time and money by using drone technology to assess potential faults

Robin Hirschl, CEO, ENcome

Developing a data analytics first culture

  • How to get stakeholder buy-in from senior management as you seek to implement a data first strategy
  • Ensure you have the skill sets in place to collate, verify, and evaluate large pools of data
  • Hear how to integrate data siloes so you have one holistic view
  • Learn how to select the right analytics partner for your business
  • Discover why monitoring systems and data analytics are critical if you want to keep O&M in-house


  • Get the latest insight into O&M standardization across Europe
  • Discover what leading research has identified as the essential scope of your standard O&M service
  • Employ a standard Scope of Work for your projects to ensure all necessary processes are completed
  • Meet industry expectations by providing a Scope of Work that will ensure performance guarantees are met
  • Define the interface between EPC warranty/contractor and O&M warranty/contractor

Tobias Bittkau, Global Head of Operation Services - BayWa r.e

Panel Maintenance

  • Understand the latest evidence concerning how often to clean modules without unnecessary expenditure
  • Find out how you can increase module performance through innovative cleaning systems so that your solar PV system delivers optimum performance
  • Discover how personnel work order management can be best calculated within the constraints of different sized portfolios
  • The advent of automated work order management systems: understand how this is set to revolutionise the industry and get ahead of the curve by discovering the latest systems

Improve performance of recently acquired assets – replace session with version (made a small change)

  • Practical steps you can take to evaluate plant performance and quickly deliver yield enhancing intervention
  • How to keep up to regulatory requirements, whilst assessing compatibility with the rest of your portfolio
  • How to unpick potentially flawed assets to bring them up to your own high standards
  • How Balance of Plant management can yield quick wins

Renaud Chevallaz-Perrier - Director of Operations, RES France

Potential induced degradation (PID)

  • Discuss the overall effect PID can have on an operational PV plant and learn from an operational point where this will force you to re-assess performance requirements and maintenance strategies
  • Learn about the plant recovery process through a series of statistics and case studies to establish the potential impact on your plant
  • Understand the parameters you need to take into consideration in order to your success rate on plant rehabilitation

Cyril Hinz, M.SC. Project manager of Business Unit PV Systems - PI Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin

Dealing with advanced degradation of plants and extending the life cycle of your plants

  • Learn how the AM and O&M teams can spot the cause advanced degradation to avoid plant failures
  • Hear how advanced degradation going to affect the future of PV considering the number of ageing plants there are in Europe
  • Asses the new technologies available that can extend the lifetime of your plants

Geoff Hoffheinz, Technical Manager - Glenmont Partners


  • Evaluate the range of inverter options available and identify the best fit for your plant based on quality, O&M, warranties and compatibility
  • Discuss preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance to preserve the quality of your inverter and improve plant performance
  • Learn about reliable warranties and how restoring inverters as part of the preventive maintenance process will maximize your plant performance

The benefits of automation on O&M performance

  • Learn about the benefits of implementing automation tools and real-time data to improve plant performance
  • Understand how to customise analytics and improve reporting to achieve transparency and successfully fulfil technical requirements
  • Discuss the long-term benefits of real-time data on preventative maintenance to align technical requirements with your O&M allocated budgets

People - are O&M roles changing?

  • Discuss whether the increase in automation and data analytics will require less man hours onsite
  • Debate whether the make up of your team will change in a new digital era and identify the skills sets you need to have in place

Improving performance through contractual

  • Evaluate the options you have available to you as mature warranties come to an end
  • How to select module manufacturers with the right expertise, right management and the right warranty
  • How to best structure agreements with EPCs and OEM service providers to ensure they deliver on their promises
  • Develop a long term plan to allocating costs for spare parts inventory without damaging the bottom line
  • Options available to you if your service provider or parts provider goes out of business

Guy Auger, CEO - Greensolver


  • Discuss the practicalities of repowering a PV plant
  • Consider the financial and operational implications of repowering your assets
  • Debate whether the repowering market is set to go through massive growth

Christian Ahrens, Head of Asset Management Solar - Aquila Capital


A. Cybersecurity Workshop

Preparing your assets for cyber security attacks in a digital era

  • In a digital era your assets - and indeed your reputation - are at risk from cyber hackers who can significantly impact operations leading to lost revenue. Are you aware of the risks you face? What disaster recovery plans do you have in place? Do you have the right personnel in place should you suffer an attack? Attend this PV focused Cybersecurity workshop to get the down low on how to best prepare your business.

Stefano Salerno, COO, Amaranto Global Asset Management

B. Energy Storage Workshop

The business case for PV plus Storage

  • Assess the very latest Storage systems and understand how they are challenging the utility-customer paradigm
  • Discover how coupling a battery storage system with your PV plant can unlock new business models and drive profits
  • Debate whether Asset Management or O&M teams will look after Energy Storage integration
  • Evaluate whether storage will increase the costs of your PV plant or secure you a net gain

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