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Report Section Questions it answers
Introduction & Executive Summary
  • Intro: Summary of recent changes in the Wind O&M market.
  • Describe contents of the report.
  • Outline key findings of report.
Chapter 1 - O&M Market
  • How many turbines have been installed?
  • What is their warranty status?
Chapter 2 - Repower and Retrofit Market
  • What is the repower market size?
  • What is the retrofit market size?
  • What are end of warranty options for operators, when should they consider repowering or retrofitting?
Chapter 3 - Key Component Failure and RCA
  • What are the failure rates of gearboxes?
  • What are the failure rates of generators?
  • What are blade failure rates?
  • What are bearing failure rates?
  • What causes key component failures?
Chapter 4 - Asset Optimisation
  • How have the three asset maintenance strategy types changed over the past two years and how are they evolving to meet changes in the market?
  • What are the most effective asset maintenance strategies for operators of different types of wind farms?
Chapter 5 - CMS
  • What CMS options are available to wind farm operators?
  • How have these performed?
  • What is the ROI on these CMS options?
  • How can operators make best use of their existing CMS systems?
  • Reports main findings and recommendations
  • Industry outlook

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