14-15 November 2017 • London, UK

Offshore Wind Europe 2017 Agenda

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Key Offshore Wind speakers already confirmed include:

  • Dow Chemical
    Chief Operating Officer
  • EnBW
    Head of Wind and Maritime Technology
  • Northland Power
    Northland Power
    Director Offshore Wind Operations
  • Enbridge
    VP Power Operations
  • belenergia
Setting the Scene - A Tiered Approach from the Industry's Leaders
Panel: C-Level industry overview and predictions
  • Gain insight into the industry's biggest player's views of the offshore wind industry and where it is moving
  • What do they see as the needed focal points for the coming years and how do we get there
  • Where do they see cost reduction opportunities in the market and how will this be achieved without impacting innovation

E.ON Climate & Renewables GmbH Sven Utermohlen COO, Member of the Board E.ON Climate & Renewables GmbH

belenergia Jacques Edouard Levy CEO Belenergia SA

Enbridge Willem van der Ven VP Power Operations Enbridge

Panel: Moving to a sub 60 MWh Euro continent
  • With prices as low as €54.5/MWh coming out of main-land Europe how is the rest of the developing market going to compete at those prices
  • What affect will this have on supply chain and how will we avoid getting caught out in terms of CAPEX/OPEX over spend
  • Could this be the start of serious market consolidation and if so, how do we navigate this

Amsterdam Capital Partners Jan-Peter Elffers Managing Director Amsterdam Capital Partners

EnBW Hannah Konig Head of Wind and Maritime Technology EnBW

ABN AMRO Lisa McDermott Executive Director - Renewables and Project Financing ABN AMRO

Gemini Wind Park Matthias Haag CEO Gemini Wind Park

European offshore wind an economic forecast
  • Review with a leading economic consultant the varying bid prices from across the continent and how they make sense
  • Run through electricity prices in Europe for an informed view of where we are heading as an industry

Bloomberg New Energy Finance Tom Harries Wind Energy Analyst Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Pre-Construction & Construction Track
Post-Construction Track
The perfect contract strategy
  • How to work out what is best for you in terms of contract structure and risk assessment
  • Review immediate costs, long term spending, delays and relationship management

E.ON Javier Torrijos Cuesta Global Head of Turbine Category E.ON Climate & Renewables GmbH

Cabling issues - An insurer's perspective
  • Discuss lessons learned and root causes of failures for an insight into what the insurance side of the industry is seeing on a regular basis
  • Project risk case study: perceived risk vs reality.

gcube Jonny Allen Head of Offshore Wind GCube Underwriting Limited

Why it is worth weaving in Operations and Maintenance early?
  • Review the gains and benefits of O&M consideration from project outset
  • Discuss the determination of overall optimum CAPEX/OPEX
  • Understand conceptional and contractual impact in practice

EnBW Stefan Haag
Senior Expert O&M Conceptional and Modelling

Northland Power Florian Wurtz Director Offshore Wind Operations Northland Power

Veja Mate Offshore Project GmbH David Voss Team Lead Technical Asset Management Veja Mate Offshore Project GmbH

Operational cabling issues
  • Discuss the best options for cable inspection and maintenance for the lowest OPEX possible

* Session available please contact: Jon Harman on: jon@newenergyupdate.com

Workshop: Effective hand over between offshore wind construction (inc. commissioning) and operations departments

Meeting grid and subsidy requirements

  • Grid compliance targets/goals at various points in the build
  • Considerations for affectively achieving subsidy targets

Operating the wind farm pre handover

  • Fault management in the 'in-between' phase
  • Control room development
  • Getting the right people at the right time

Running simultaneous construction and operations activities

  • Opportunities for operations to support construction e.g. vessels
  • The risks associated with simultaneous activities and how to mitigate them

Audience: Wind Farm Owners, TSOs, Consultants, OEMs

Confirmed Table Heads:

  • Ajai Ahluwalia, Senior Electrical Engineer, Statoil 
  • Per Wriedt, O&M Package Manager - Horns Rev 3, Vattenfall
  • Euan Fenelon Director - Asset Management, Natural Power
Host and Coordinator:

Statoil Ajai Ahluwalia Senior Electrical Engineer Statoil

Sub-sea maintenance
  • Hear from a number of owners and major contractors with different strategies (a case study from each) on how their sub-sea maintenance strategy has affected their OPEX
  • Understand what the variables are between each approach and review how to apply it on your own assets

* Session available please contact: Jon Harman on: jon@newenergyupdate.com

Panel: Key risks which disrupt the successful delivery of a project
  • Review ambiguous risk allocation and why we can't get this right:
    • Overly complicated/ambiguous/unenforceable liquidated damages on performance of the plant
    • Risk shift and unregulated outcomes when caps on liability are hit
  • Poor quality control (and lack of owner oversight) in the manufacture of key components
    • A need for aggressive and destructive QA checks?
  • Pool of Vessels, availability and missing your window:
    • De-risking cable laying and clarity of risk allocation
    • Whose risk?
  • Poor visibility over and poor management of programme risk

Eversheds Sutherland Mary Anne Roff Partner Eversheds Sutherland

Offshore Management & Consulting Ltd Tim Bland Director Offshore Management and Consulting Ltd

AON Tom Sexton CCO AON

EDF Energy Renewables Don Mackay Director of Operations EDF Energy Renewables

Vessel sharing - Where to implement for cost/time savings
  • When it comes to procurement of vessels etc. debate how owner-operators can successfully run JVs in offshore O&M for reduced OPEX
  • What are the finer details of organising the shared leasing of vessels and how can this be achieved in an open and transparent way ultimately reducing your O&M costs
Hear an example of successful collaboration in this area so you can understand how to include this sort of activity in your project
* Session available please contact: Jon Harman on: jon@newenergyupdate.com
Panel: Navigating multibillion Euro / Pound wind farm contracts from development through to construction
  • Discuss the best examples of a well-handled project taken from the development phase through to the construction phase
  • Pin point what decisions truly made a difference to the success of the project for a view into how to improve your own processes
  • Review lessons learned in an interactive discussion for a solid understanding of what we have learned as an industry

Amsterdam Capital Partners Michael van der Heijden Managing Director Amsterdam Capital Partners

Green Giraffe Jerome Guillet Managing Director Green Giraffe

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Carol Gould Head of Power and Renewables, Structured Finance Office for EMEA The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

* One slot available, please contact: Jon Harman on: jon@newenergyupdate.com

Hywind Scotland Heavy Lift Mating Operations - An Overview
  • Understand how Saipem's Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel (SSCV) S7000 achieved a World's First by lifting and mating five fully assembled Siemens 6MW Wind Turbine Generators onto their floating support structures for the Hywind Scotland project, on behalf of Statoil
  • Hear an overview of the engineering and execution of this Heavy Lift Marine Operation and how the Marine Operation contributed to a step change in Offshore Wind

Saipem Limited Ben Stokes Renewables - Project and Proposals Manager Saipem Limited


StatoilDr Tom GuttormsenMarine Operations Manager, Hywind Scotland



Cable installation - What to look for and when to act
  • Hear how other owners have dealt with cable installation when working in areas of complex soil/seabed/strong currents for a view into aligning your own processes with European best practise
  • Debate how complex soil can be pre-empted in a costefficient way for an understanding of where you could potentially make big savings in terms of money and time
Far from shore Logistics
  • What concept should you use, CTV, SoV etc. and what type of scheduling is the best answer
    Review how the owners are investigating access strategies to reduce OPEX and increase availability

* Session available please contact: Jon Harman on: jon@newenergyupdate.com

Offshore Substation Albatros - OTM: A Lightweight Solution
  • Simplified Structural Approach
  • Oil-free Platform
  • Simplified Installation
  • Reduction in Maintenance

EnBW Peter Degebrodt Work Package Manager, Offshore Substation EnBW

Pre-Construction Foundation Innovation: Introduction and Scene Setting
  • More steel in the water than ever - new challenges
  • New technology - both in inspection and condition monitoring
  • Floating wind - new challenges and new opportunities

The Carbon Trust Rhodri James Manager of Policy and Innovation The Carbon Trust

Post-Construction Foundation Innovation: Introduction and Scene Setting

The Carbon Trust Michael Stephenson Offshore Wind Associate The Carbon Trust

Opportunities and Challenges of Foundation Design for the Remaining Round 3 Wind Farms in the UK
  • An overview of future wind farms which are still to be developed in the UK
  • Opportunities and challenges of offshore wind foundation design, on these site, from Designer's perspective
  • The innovation are likely to occur to next few years for the deep water site, for both Offshore wind foundation

COWI Ting Sie Chui Technical Director COWI

Subsea inspection strategies - a developer's perspective
  • Details coming soon.

Scottish Power Renewables Lorena Tremps Structural AI Engineer - Offshore O&M Scottish Power Renewables (invited)

Gravity Based Foundations
  • Details coming soon.

EDF Under discussion EDF (invited)

New maintenance strategies for floating offshore wind
  • How technical choices can impact O&M: discuss how floater's architecture & mooring systems can influence the feasibility of conducting the large-correctives-at-quay-side strategy and what is critical at commercial scale
  • Hear PPI's perspective on OPEX reductions & AEP increase (again through the large-correctives-at-quay-side strategy)
  • See how risks mitigations can have a positive impact on cost of financing and therefore on LCOE

EDF Speaker TBC Principle Power Inc.

Monopile foundations
  • Presentation: Monopile
  • Presentation: Jacket - Fabricator
  • Table discussions

Bladt Lars BenderHead of Sales & SolutionsBladt Industries

Inspection methodologies used in Oil and Gas, are they transferable?
  • Details coming soon.

NRSI Dr. Gordon Drummond Project Director The National Subsea Research Initiative (NRSI)

Hywind Scotland: Lessons learned from the world's first floating wind farm
  • Explore the design issues the Hywind Scotland floating foundation and where the future will take us, including standardisation and the eventual development of a supply chain
  • Understand the technical risks associated with Hywind Scotland, including how the WTG and tower was built onshore and then connected to substructure while floating
  • See where optimisation can be achieved that would have a positive effect on the substructure and the development of future floating platforms

Statoil Bjorn Ivar BergemoArea Manager Tower, Substructure, Anchoring Systems - Hywind Scotland

OFTO / Transmission Asset Workshop:
  • Gain an understanding of the practical considerations for preparing a control room to support OFTO projects and the key responsibilities under transmission system codes and standards
  • Review the challenges of upskilling staff to deal with dynamic 24/7 HV operations and potential issues around alarm management
  • Discuss what the requirements are for deployment of competent field staff and how the application of safety rules to OFTO projects can be optimised
  • Review typical faults and recurrent issues

Natural Power Euan Fenelon Director of Operations & Asset Management Natural Power

Natural Power Alistair Parlett High Voltage Systems Manager Natural Power

Transmission Investment LLP Chris Veal Managing Partner Transmission Investment LLP

Concrete and Steel Floating Structures
  • Hear the latest news from Ideol's concrete (France´s Floatgen Project) and steel (japan's Nedo Project) ventures
  • Listen to the key impacting parameters when preparing for tomorrow's commercial-scale deployments
  • WindEurope's Floating Wind Task Force, or the mobiization of an entire industry in favour of floating wind

IDEOL Bruno Geschier Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, IDEOL & Chairman, WindEurope Floating Task Force

Post warranty strategy
  • Review what owners are doing post warranty in terms of contract strategy
  • Discuss how important local content is for them in terms of a post warranty strategy for a view into the locations of your next few years' worth of work

* Session available please contact: Jon Harman on: jon@newenergyupdate.com

Turbine OEM perspective on the challenges for commercialising new foundation designs
  • Details coming soon.

Senvion Ranjit Mene Head of UK Offshore Senvion

Operational data
  • Discuss and learn about what sort of data you can actually get off your turbines and what you can do with it
  • Review data ownership and how this crucial element of the topic can be the key to a well run turbine
  • Understand what the best use for data is for offshore wind in this era of digitalization

* Session available please contact: Jon Harman on: jon@newenergyupdate.com

Financiers perspective on the challenges for commercialising new foundation designs
Innovative foundation designs (larger monopiles, more efficient installation and drilling methods and optimised connection with the turbine) have played a key role in reducing the cost of offshore wind and financiers have been supportive of this trend. This session will explore how disruptive the new floating technology is seen by banks and international investors and which impact it has on its financing.
  • How banks look at innovation
  • Financiers approach to floating technology and change in the risk analysis
  • The finance market: appetite and terms
  • How to make a floating project bankable

Green Giraffe Clement Weber Director Green Giraffe

HSE - Managing for success
  • Discuss with other HSE Managers and O&M Managers how you manage safety for a view into new ideas
  • Review aerial safety and how you can work it into both contracts and real life
  • Changing behaviour - Safety from contract to on site and how to stop your teams deviating from the method statement
  • Running through the various packages review whether you are in control or safe

Gemini Wind Park Jed Mawson HSE Manager Gemini Wind Park

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