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This 21-22 November at New Energy Update Seville 2017, leaders from the industry's biggest companies will meet to discuss key issues related to international project development, O&M, and technological innovation. Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your company as a leader in technical solutions for CSP in front of the worlds premier industry companies. Last year over 300 participants attended the worlds largest CSP specific conference & exhibition, so book now and leave with the contacts you need for your business to thrive in 2017 and beyond!

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Bespoke sponsorship options for your company’s business development priorities and budget

The huge range of opportunities available means we'll design a package to work exactly with your own objectives. Here are just some of the CSP sponsorship and exhibition opportunities:

  • Standard to Premium Exhibition Booths:

    Communicate your products or services to the key solar developers, EPC companies and manufacturers who need your services or technology.The exhibition zone is the networking hub so the room will be buzzing with opportunities for you. We also have meeting rooms available, to make sure you use every opportunity to communicate your product and begin converting leads to orders!

  • Exclusive Branding with Wi-fi/Coffee/Lanyard Sponsorships:

    It’s not just about the presentations. We know that coffee and wi-fi are always important and as the sponsor you’ll get stand-out branding and another way to make sure your company is on the names of all the delegates

  • Speaking & Thought Leadership Opportunities: 

    Presenting in front of an exclusive audience of potential customers alongside a hand-picked list of high-level speakers from governments in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Jordan firmly positions your brand as an authority and a trusted solar leader to prospective clients

  • Unrivalled Networking:

    Over 20+ hours of networking time as well as meeting rooms for hire means you can invest in relationships beyond swapping business cards to ensure you get an ROI from your leads. Multiple prospective customers all in one place from multiple markets means you’ll get over a month’s worth of business in just two days

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2017 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Silver Sponsor

Rioglass Read More

Rioglass is an international company offering high quality HCE receivers and concentrating mirrors. It now is the largest supplier of CSP HCE receivers and concentrating mirrors in the world with modern production facilities, and with worldwide presence in the CSP market. Rioglass offers the best economic solutions based on innovative designs and concepts combined with highly automated production capacity to produce high quality products and uniform quality worldwide.

Innovation is embedded in the company´s culture. Rioglass was the first company to introduce the tempered mirrors and heliostat mirror facets. Rioglass´ HCE receivers are the state-of-the-art solution.



Bronze Sponsors

CMI Solar Read More

Capitalizing on 200 years of experience in steam generation and boiler manufacturing, CMI now also offers equipment for high power CSP plants.

CMI are working mainly on the central tower technology, in which a receiver located at the top of a tower absorbs the solar energy concentrated by thousands of mirrors on the ground. Efficient for direct steam generation as well as for the heating  molten salts or other heat transfer fluids, it is the most promising technology to compete with low cost PV, thanks to its ability to economically store high quantities of energy and so allow dispatchability and overnight electricity production.

CMI already supplied the receiver for the 50 MWe Khi Solar One plant, now in commercial operation in South Africa. We also delivered the molten salts receiver for the 110 MWe Atacama 1, under site erection in Chile (760 MWth absorbed power, 17.5 hours storage).

Globaltherm Read More

The Globaltherm® high quality range of heat transfer fluids operate efficiently at temperatures up to 600°C/1112°F and are available for shipping worldwide today.

Globaltherm® Omnistore is a non-toxic and non-flammable molten salt media and can safely withstand temperatures up to 600°C/1112°F.

Globaltherm® Omnitech provides thermal stability and low viscosity for efficient and dependable performance up to 400°C/752°F in solar applications.

Globaltherm® Omnipure has superior oxidation properties for optimum performance up to 326°C /619°F.

Globaltherm® Omnisol is a high temperature low-toxicity silicone based heat transfer fluid with an upper operating limit of 425°C / 797°F.

Allied heat transfer maintenance support services include; thermal oil sample analysis, health and safety training and heat transfer system drain, flush and fill.

Call the heat transfer specialist on +44 1785 760555 or send an email to enquiries@globaltherm.org

Visit www.globaltherm.org for more information


Coffee Break Sponsor

Dow Chemical Read More

Company overview coming soon.



Alfal Lava Read More

Company overview coming soon.


Lointek is the world leader supplying the heat exchangers of the Steam Generation System, Oil to Salt heat exchangers and Feedwater heaters for CSP Plants around the world. After 20 years committed this market, over 70% of the heat exchangers of this renewable energy have been designed and manufactured by Lointek interested in analysing this new market period in order to develop more green projects around the world


Masen leads development programmes of integrated projects aimed at creating an additional 3,000 MW of clean electricity generation capacity by 2020 and a further 6,000 MW by 2030.The goal is to secure 52% of the country’s energy mix from renewable sources by 2030. As a central player committed to making optimal use of renewable resources, Masen transforms natural power into power for progress. The integrated model Masen has devised aims to establish self-sustaining and financially viable ecosystems. www.masen.ma


SaltX has invented a patented technology to store energy with salt. When SaltX is implemented it enables a significant higher energy efficiency to end customers. The material and science can be applied in many different applications.

Our newest application - EnerStore- is designed to store large amounts of energy. Renewable energy is stored in the SaltX material and can be released when needed. The size of the application can be adjustable from family home size to large energy plant size. Think of it as a battery, but storing thermal energy in a sustainable way with small energy losses to a low cost.


Yara International Read More

Yara, with roots going back more than 100 years, remains the world's largest supplier of plant nutrients. With operations in more than 60 countries and sales to about 160 countries, it has a major share of the global mineral fertilizer market.

The company has production sites in 16 countries and holds strong positions in niche markets as well, from emissions reduction products to animal nutrition. Yara is also the largest trader of ammonia in the world.

From its corporate headquarters in Oslo, Norway, Yara runs worldwide production and support operations that employ close to 15,000 people. The Norwegian State is the company’s largest single shareholder.



Arcelor Mittal
Arcelor Mittal Read More

Company overview coming soon.


Company overview coming soon.


Company overview coming soon.

Voestalpine Krems
Voestalpine Krems Read More

Company overview coming soon.

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2017 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Silver Sponsor

  • Rioglass

Bronze Sponsors

  • CMI-Solar
  • Globaltherm

Coffee Break Sponsor

  • Dow


  • Alfal-Lava
  • lointek
  • Masen
  • SaltX
  • Yara


  • Arcelor Mittal
  • Lanxess
  • Neotiss
  • Voestalpine Krems