CSP’s plunge to a single-digit tariff: a starting point towards a global trend

Chairman: Luis Crespo President ESTELA

RoadMap to reduce the LCOE under 0.07 USD/kWh, Optimizing the CSP Technology
  • Forecasted LCOE for future CSP Projects in MENA and China
  • Strategies to reduce the LCOE in the different systems of a CSP Power Plant
  • PT vs ST vs hybridization CSP-PV

Xavier Lara Director Ejecutivo, Unidad de Construcción y Servicios Empresarios Agrupados

Rajit Nanda Chief Investment Officer ACWA POWER

Putting CSP Ahead of Policy Makers
  • Status of the standards that are being developed in PTC 52 (ASME), IEC 117 and AENOR in relation to the tests verification of CSP plant
  • Discover and as these standards are going to help to reduce the costs and make the CSP industry more competitive

Juan Ignacio Burgaleta Independent Consultant

Market update: Understand the timelines, schedules and complexity of the IPP market for CSP
  • Discover how developers and off takers are navigating current market conditions and see where they see the best opportunities for commercial development
  • See the new timelines for floating tenders in various locations around the world for CSP and evaluate how the big players will look for opportunities in the CSP market
  • Discover why looking your energy project as a commodity could harm your business and increase the risk of lower quality construction and performance

Ranjan Moulik Managing Director Natixis

Panorama CSP 2017: U.A.E., Morocco, Saudi Arabia, China, South Africa and more
  • CSP success in South Africa – lessons learnt and future perspectives
  • CSP role in ongoing tenders worldwide
  • Future CSP value proposition
  • Evaluate why China is not just an opportunity for western developers, off takers and component suppliers: what is China’s potential as a cost reducing equipment supplier in this sector in the future

Moderator: Browning Rockwell Founder SASIA

Michael Geyer VP Business Development ABENGOA

Daniel Blanco Solar Leader Tractebel - Engie

Jonathan Walters Economy Consultant & Former World Bank Director

Chemi Sugarmen CTO Shikun & Binui

New power plants in China
  • Get an update on the construction process as China went from 10 MWe to 100 MWe
  • Get the lessons learned from the Dunhuang 10 MWe project and hear of the construction and status 100 MWe tower plant in china
  • Explore the advantages, and disadvantages of CSP construction in China and what this means for your business
  • First experience as Owners Engineer with Chinese EPC contractors and equipment supplier. Lessons learnt from commercial CSP project Delingha
  • How Chinese contractors and suppliers can help to reduce overall construction cost for future CSP plants

Tao Ni Business Development Director Shouhang European

Dr. Ralf Wiesenberg Managing Director AF Aries Energy

Ouarzazate Solar Complex in Morocco: the largest CSP Solar Park in the world. First year of operation of Noor I 160 MWe plant
  • Discover how the largest Solar Park in the world (510 MWe) was designed, constructed and operated in Morocco, becoming a reference in the CSP industry
  • Listen to the results of Noor I 160 MWe plant, the first facility of the complex, in its 1st year of operation (2016)
  • Understand the benefits of constructing Solar Parks rather than single projects: lower LCOE and increased Local Content

Sergio Relloso Performance Guarantee Manager at Solar Business Unit SENER

Ramp Up Optimization: Ensure guaranteed performance of your CSP plant
  • Discuss ways to move from construction through the ramp up period to ensure guaranteed performance levels
  • Look at tried and tested methods / success stories / failures during the ramp up that had led to achieving better performance levels

* Please email Fred@newenergyupdate.com if you would like to take part in this session

OM improvements during the design of solar power plant
  • Discuss the key areas found for cost reduction, achieved in the solar field, over the last year
  • Hear expert suggestions on the main cost reductions that can be found in the equipment used in the solar plant
  • Understand the calculations that can be used in CSP to differentiate your business from the rest, in market place

Paula Llorente Head of Technology Shouhang European

Solar Field & Repairs by application of composites
  • Understand the latest problems that have been found with insulation in solar field loops, and how this affects your bottom line
  • Discuss the latest in Line Stop seals for repair, installation of equipment, benches, Retention troughs and, support and metal structures
  • Discover the best options available right now to repair systems, reconstruction or reinforcement by application of composites in secondary plant systems (fluid energizing pumps, water boxes, etc.)

Javier Cenzano Engineer Director TAMOIN

From Building to Exploitation in CSP, the IT/OT perspective to reduce CSP risks
  • The use of IT/OT technologies to decrease CSP plant’s risks and increase performance
  • How to remove black boxes to have a better insight for your operations, decreasing insurance and financing costs
  • Benchmark a CSP fleet to maximize the output of each plant and the entire fleet

Manuel Hernandez Thermosolar Bus. Dev. Manager Schneider-electric

Reducing the cost of Tower Technology in the Solar Field: Heliostats
  • Explore improvements in Heliostat design and configuration and discuss how Solar Field control can be optimized
  • Understand how to improve O&M costs through improvements to the hydraulics and driving mechanisms and see how to set targets to reduce costs here

Francisco J. Collado Giménez Mechanical Engineering Dpt. Universidad de Zaragoza

O&M Strategies: Calibration
  • Understand the latest discoveries in overcoming the challenges while calibrating large solar fields
  • See how frequent heliostat calibration can help reducing solar field costs and improve efficiency
  • Discover how to calibrate your whole heliostat field in a single night, using a Scalable Heliostat Calibration System
  • Get a practical solution for overnight calibration of an entire solar field and experimental results from testing at PSA

Ana Bernardos Solar Thermal Energy Department CENER

O&M Strategies Part 2: Predictive O&M - achieve optimal performance
  • Understand the most important aspects to an O&M strategy that will maintain the performance of your CSP plant in optimum conditions
  • See how to plan a proactive and predictive O&M strategy in the design phase to ensure better performance throughout the plants life
  • Discover how the Design Theory and Methodology (DTM) can facilitate cost reduction and simplify the O&M of a CSP plant with more accuracy

* Please email Fred@newenergyupdate.com if you would like to take part in this session

Improving plant efficiency and Key Component Suppliers
  • How can international experience of key component suppliers help China’s CSP market meet deadline and cost commitments
  • The molten salt rush in China: what are the critical factors in key component selection

Miguel Herrador Principal Engineer AALBORG

Working with your O&M partners: Know your O&M inside out
  • Learn the requirements of the industry regulations for the topic of HTF discharge in solar thermal plants
  • Discover the challenges in automation and improvement in the processes of maintenance of the plants when it handles technical information (P & IDs and isometric)
  • Learn how the integration of virtual reality in the daily maintenance work of plants allows virtual digitization of all units
  • How to handle: maintenance history, stock of spare parts for accessories, definition of necessary manufacturers and of course Big Data of all the information that can be collected

Andres Ibarra Engineer Director TAMOIN

Hybrid Power Plant Performance: lessons drawn from experience developers and off takers
  • Evaluate why countries and regions around the world with great reserves of natural gas can benefit from building hybrid power plants that include CSP into the energy mix
  • Discover why Integrating CSP into conventional power plants can reduce the risk and the cost in your project

Elina Hakkarainen Research Scientist VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

The EU Horizon 2020 project PEGASUS and its role in the CSP
  • Discover the latest Investigation of thermochemical cycle for long-term heat storage of CSP as elemental sulphur
  • Application of centrifugal particle receiver technology developed by DLR to drive solar sulphur storage cycle
  • Understand why sulphur is considered as solar fuel for gas turbines for high-efficient, on-demand and CO2-free power production
  • Development and operation of prototypes for solar sulphuric acid splitting (storage of CSP) and sulphur combustion (discharge of stored CSP)
  • Find out why solar sulphur storage cycle could be combined with conventional sulphuric acid plants

Dennis Thomey Researcher and Coordinator of EU Horizon 2020 project PEGASUS DLR German Aerospace Centre

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