An Agenda Designed to Ensure the Delivery of your next Biogas Project

The moment you have been waiting for, the US Biogas 2017 agenda is here!

Panel: Regulatory scene - California and Oregon state initiative and incentives and Compliance with EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard Program
  • Discover the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) status and predictions to extend the program until 2030 and learn how this will impact your funding opportunities (CARB)
  • Get the latest updates on LCFS, Oregon Clean Fuels Program (CARB)
  • Understand what regulators are doing to reduce organic waste and methane reduction initiatives are being utilized to support project development (CARB)
  • Get the latest updates on regulations and compliance for biogas pathway applications under the federal Renewable Fuel Standard Program (EPA)

CA Air Resources Board Sam Wade Chief of the Transportation Fuels Branch, Industrial Strategies Division CA Air Resources Board

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Madison Le Center Director of the Fuels Compliance Policy Center, Compliance Division, Office of Transportation and Air Quality U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Deploying the strategy and managing the policy on the development of RNG in California
  • Learn the newest information on Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), Low-Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), Cap and Trade (C&T), Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Strategy (SLCP) that will determine the future of your funding opportunities
  • Get exclusive federal price insights under the new political administration and how this will impact your project’s cost and timeframe
  • Discover a complete cost scheme covering feedstock, food processing, biomethane permit costs, engineering costs, revenue streams and how these can be utilised to predict project profitability

California Energy Commission Tim Olson Energy and Fuels Program Manager California Energy Commission

Push toward capturing methane from dairy-agricultural Sites
  • Explore the predictions around the utility market shift towards purchasing biomethane

Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas Johannes Escudero CEO & Executive Director Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

Making use of California’s wasted organics: Upcoming regulations and other efforts
  • Find out how the wastewater sector can help California meet its legislative initiatives, through co-digestion and other means
  • Learn how biosolids land application help meet all objectives of the Healthy Soils Initiative
  • Identify how the state ensure viable alternatives for biosolids management if they must be diverted from landfills

CalRecycle Evan Johnson Science and Policy Advisor CalRecycle

California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) Greg Kester Director of Renewable Resource Programs California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA)

Grant funding opportunities for project developers and municipalities
  • Understand how to secure your financing for biogas and RNG projects
  • Evaluate the expert suggestions on how to build longer term PPA agreements for your projects to reach commercialization 
  • Gain clarity on how to adjust your PPA agreement and contract length based on the changes in the contamination level

Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas Johannes Escudero CEO & Executive Director Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

CalRecycle Scott Beckner Senior Environmental Scientist CalRecycle

California Energy Commission Tim Olson Energy and Fuels Program Manager California Energy Commission

Finance your biogas and RNG projects from the investor’s view
  • Get the financier’s view on the best ways to find finance that maximize your ownership interest and minimize the terms of you debt
  • Understand what financiers look for when it comes to proving a business case and see how they advise companies moving forward to secure finance
  • Discuss levels of risks and how they can be mitigated to maximize productivity
  • Debate tax equity, debt and equity and financial risk management to maximize the profitability of your project

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP Mark Riedy Partner Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

New Phase Energy Joe Regnery CCO New Phase Energy

Pricing and revenue streams
  • Learn about the financial potential is in the US and get a deeper understanding of the cost scheme, as well as the needs that should shape your energy from waste goals
  • Gain clarity on costs and revenue streams that financiers base project development on and what can be done to streamline the process
  • Hear about the most innovative business models that helped successful projects securing finance and implement them to build your own successful project
CASE STUDY: Successful project development and construction
  • Learn how to maximize opportunities on successful land applications, improve EPC, eliminate major operational risks from a successful project developer
  • Understand the steps to success in local land applications to evaluate the future of your biogas production
  • Gain insight into the alternatives to AD to find the best technology for your business model

CR&R Paul Relis Senior Vice President CR&R

CASE STUDY: Developer view on capturing methane from dairy sites
  • Assess revenue models for dairy/agriculture digesters, including power, CNG, pipeline injection, and associated incentives
  • Hear the latest insider perspective on development models for dairy digesters, including co-digestion, dairy clusters, farmer-owned, developer owned
  • Get exclusive insights on real world permitting and development examples from recent California construction

Maas Energy Works Daryl Maas CEO Maas Energy Works

Gas to Grid Interconnection standards and cost predictions
  • Discuss ways to overcome cost hurdles and how the biomethane interconnection incentive applies to gas to grid projects
  • Understand how developers and utilities can work together to make the interconnection process more efficient
  • Discuss the pros and cons between producing RNG vs selling electricity to build the most profitable outcome for your project

CR&R Paul Relis Senior Vice President CR&R

SoCalGas Jim Lucas Market Development Manager SoCalGas

Ameresco James Bier Senior Project Developer Ameresco

Greenlane Biogas North America Brent Jaklin Managing Director Greenlane Biogas North America

Pipeline injections and steps for your methane emission goals
  • Review the state’s aggressive methane-emissions-reduction goals and how they relate to increased biomethane production and use
  • Describe the importance of biomethane pipeline injection in reaching these goals
  • Understand the primary obstacles (including pipeline injection costs) to the achievement of the state’s biomethane goals
  • Describe the efforts now underway to overcome those obstacles

California Air Resources Board Wes Ingram Branch Chief California Air Resources Board

CASE STUDY: Gas-to-grid project
  • Learn how to reduce costs and have minimal operational risks to build a valuable reputation in front of investors
  • Understand how to reduce the timeframe it takes to undergo various reviews and studies to finally becoming an operational project
  • Discover the expert suggestions for waste conversion technology and Cleantech and assess technologies such as pressure swing absorption, PSA systems, or membrane systems
How to increase profitability in next your wastewater project
  • Understand how market & policy forces are reshaping the way feedstock is managed
  • Learn about managing community waste and assuring adequate capacity to achieve sustainable growth in energy from waste
  • Take advantage of practical techniques to build consolidations and project cross-trailering
  • Hear from experts on how to optimize so you can move as much material as possible at the lowest possible cost
  • Learn how to deal with contamination in order to best conserve the quality of your feedstock

Fuel Cell Energy Patel Pinakin Formerly Director, Research and Special Systems Fuel Cell Energy

CASE STUDY: Food waste and dairy digesters - renewable energy project vs waste management business
  • Get first class expertise into how to achieve longer term stabilization to attract funding opportunities from private investors
  • Gain insight into the importance of government programs to provide long term stabilization
  • Learn about the upsides and downsides of bringing in co-digestion substrates to mix with dairy manure
  • Discuss the co-benefits of dairy manure digestion projects, which enhance dairy operations and benefit the local community

City of San Mateo Gogo Heinrich Project Manager City of San Mateo

California Bioenergy (CalBio) Neil Black President California Bioenergy (CalBio)

CASE STUDY: Co-digestion, adding other wastes into wastewater treatment and dairy digesters
  • Explore the markets for digestate and compost by products by assessing policy and funding updates
  • Understand the most effective ways to deal with Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and separating out the contaminants, as well as practical steps to integrate fertilizer and new types of food waste in the cycle of AD
  • Review dairy incentives and views on meeting SB 1383 targets for the development of RNG in California
  • Learn about opportunities for co-digestion and biogas utilization at wastewater facilities and how wastewater agencies evaluate projects
  • Assess the importance of partnerships between private and public entities, as well as key considerations for public agencies embarking on projects outside their core business
  • Discuss electricity generation opportunities/challenges using biogas through methods that will have a non-damaging impact on air quality (microturbines, fell cell, IC engine alternatives)

East Bay MUD Jackie Zipkin Manager of Environmental Services East Bay MUD

California Dept. Food and Agriculture Casey Walsh Sr Environmental Scientist California Dept. Food and Agriculture

Jon Koch Director City of Muscatine

RNG production for vehicle fuel
  • Hear from engine manufacturers, station operators, engine retrofitter, and fleet operators about ways to meet the market demand for biogas through increasing the number of natural gas vehicles
  • Capitalize the biogas market opportunity as biogas use is expected to reach 80% in the RNG vehicle market once LA Metro will complete transit buses conversion to run on biogas
  • Get insider perspective into the steps involved to persuade diesel fleet operators to switch to natural gas vehicles from operators who run RNG trucks, as well as operators who don’t (fleet operators suggestions needed)
  • Discuss the realistic timeframe of turnover to natural gas vehicles to develop feasible methods to accelerate it

Clean Energy Fuels Tyler Henn Vice President and General Manager Clean Energy Fuels

CASE STUDY: Mixed waste processing for organics recycling and dedicated or co-digestion for energy production
  • Hear about centralized recycling of organics from MSW and how this is more economical than new source separated organics (SSO) programs
  • Maximize organics outlets with a clean and flexible feedstock that can feed existing anaerobic digesters at wastewater treatment plants or new digesters.
  • Integrate into existing transfer stations and existing anaerobic digesters to recycle organics at large economies of scale

Anaergia Yaniv Scherson Managing Director Anaergia

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