2-day Agenda covering the business-critical Biogas to RNG topics

Your Chairman: Kevin Best, CEO, Real Energy

*RNG (Renewable Natural Gas)
*RFS (Renewable Fuel Standard)
*LCFS (Low Carbon Fuel Standard
*RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard)

Day 1

Regulatory Outlook and Policy Developments

8:30 Regulatory outlook - West coast opportunities for Biogas, RIN Credits, California’s Renewable Fuel Standard

  • Impact of new Bills on the Biogas Market - 2016 has been one of the most active years for the California bioenergy policy in the state legislature and there has been a lot of activity federally as well.
  • What has happened recently and what is the outlook for 2017? How are CA and federal bills plus other regulations going to impact the biogas market?
  • Tax Policy for Biogas- Industry has been pushing for several changes to biogas tax policy. What Biogas tax incentives are expected for 2017 and what will happen during the Lame Duck Session (election-inauguration)?
  • Renewable Fuel Standard - What is happening with the final volumetric obligations for 2017 and how will they impact the market for RNG?
  • The 2019 Farm Bill - developed every 5 years, the Farm Bill funds many programs that are important for developing biogas systems. Congress is developing the 2019 Farm Bill now. What programs need to be continued and what new programs need to be created?

Moderator: Chris Voell, Program Manager, AgSTAR and Global Methane Initiative, USEPA Climate Change Division
Paul Stout, Vice president, Cornerstone Environmental Group
Howard Levenson, Deputy Director, CalRecycle
Chris Cassidy, Renwable Energy Advisor, US Department of Agriculture

9:15 Policy Outlook - West Coast opportunities for RNG (RFS, LCFS and RPS)

  • Potential Impact of Presidential Election on the Renewable Fuel Standard & 2017 RVOs
  • SB 32/AB 197 and the Status of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and Cap-and-Trade Programs (and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funding)
  • SB 350 and California’s Increased Renewable Portfolio Standard

Moderator: Chris Voell, Program Manager, AgSTAR and Global Methane Initiative, USEPA Climate Change Division
Sam Wade, Chief, Transportation Fuels Branch, California Air Resources Board
Johannes Escudero, CEO & Executive Director, Renewable Natural Gas Coalition
Coby SkyeSenior Civil Engineer, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

9:45 Networking and Coffee
Gas to Grid Interconnection

10:15 Gas pipeline interconnection standard for RNG (biomethane)

  • Are RNG (biomethane) pipeline interconnection processes standardized in California?
  • What is necessary for overcoming potential interconnection obstacles?
  • What are the benefits to End-Use RNG (biomethane) customers?

Moderator: James Bier, Senior Project Manager, Ameresco
Jim Lucas, Market Development Manager, SoCalGas
Dan McLafferty, Senior Gas Transmission Interconnection Manager, Gas Operations, PG&E
Evan Williams, President, Cambrian Energy

The RNG Transportation Fuel Revolution

11:00 Renewable Fuel Standard: RNG as a Cellulosic Biofuel

  • Receive an overview of the amount of RNG produced for transportation fuel under the RFS; the recent RFS2 RVOs and expected production for 2017 under the same program
  • Closing the gap between upstream RNG producers and station operators (downstream)

Moderator: Chris Voell, Program Manager, AgSTAR and Global Methane Initiative, USEPA Climate Change Division
Nicholas Lumpkin, Director of Business DevelopmentClean Energy Fuels
Johannes Escudero, CEO & Executive Director, Renewable Natural Gas Coalition

11:45 How to finance biogas and RNG projects

  • Receive expert advice about how to build and secure financing for biogas and RNG projects?
  • What are the appropriate levels of risk and how can risk be mitigated effectively?
  • Discuss tax equity, debt & equity and financial risk management

Moderator: Mark Riedy, Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton
John May, Managing Director, Stern Brothers
Matthew Sebonia, Director, Ultra Capital
David March, Managing Partner, Entropy Investment Management
Joseph Regnery, Principal, Sulde Ridge Investments, LLC

12:30 Lunch Break and Networking
Project Development Case Studies

2:00 East Bay Municipal Utility District Case Study

  • Learn about EBMUD’s experience achieving Net Energy Positive Operations via acceptance of organic wastes

Jackie Zipkin, Manager of Environmental Services, East Bay Municipal Utility District, California

2:30 CR&R AD Project: A Progress Report on Phases I & II

  • Hear CR&R’s perspective on the pipeline interconnect challenge
  • Analyze project development fundamentals and lessons learned
  • Understand the importance of educating participating communities on source separation

Paul Relis, Senior Vice President, CR&R

3:00 Gas-to-Grid Project: City of San Antonio Water Systems

General characteristics of the project (e.g., technology, size, location, partners, etc.)

  • Making a public-private-partnership work
  • Finding the right offtaker
  • Dealing with pipeline owner and changing gas quality specifications

James Bier, Senior Project Developer, Ameresco

3:30 Coffee and Networking
Using Biogas As Renewable Vehicle Fuel

4:00 Case Studies; Organics from Solid Waste to Fleet Renewable Natural Gas

  • Technical approach, including feedstock, AD, biogas treatment, and regulatory issues
  • Business Case, including economics, production performance, and system impacts
  • Blueline Facility, South San Francisco, CA example
  • City of Napa, CA example

Eric Herbert, CEO, Zero Waste Energy, LLC

4:30 Closed-Loop Project - Fuelling the City of Surrey's Fleet with Biogas

  • Largest closed loop facility of North America; the biogas will fuel the City's waste collection truck fleet
  • The near to zero waste solution: the combination of dry anaerobic digestion and tunnel composting results in the highest effectiveness
  • Nuisance Minimization: the combination of fully enclosed operation with state of the art odour abatement results in maximum control

Paul Oostelboss, Director of International Business Development, Shanks Municipal (Orgaworld)
Robert Costanzo, Engineering Department - Operations Division, City of Surrey, Canada

5:00 Case Study: AD Plant Upgrading - Des Moines

  • Lessons learned in upgrading digester and gas distribution system
  • Analyze options for replacing covers and mixing systems along with identifying other cost-effective upgrades
  • Review options to improve biogas utilization

Larry Hare, WRF Treatment Manager, Des Moines Metro Wastewater Reclamation Authority
Dustin Craig, Environmental Engineer, CDM Smith

5:30 End

Day 2

8:30 Transportation Policies in California and beyond
  • Overview of California’s Transportation Electrification Policies and Regulatory Setting
  • Biogas-to-electricity-to-propulsion: Technologies and variants to Consider
  • Concepts and Ideas: Suitable Transportation Electrification regions
  • Review of Transportation Electrification Incentives
  • Policy Recommendations

Paul D. Hernandez, Policy Manager, Energy & Transportation, Center for Sustainable Energy

8:50 Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) Generation and Biogas Updates in the State of California

  • Overview of California’s Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), a ratepayer-funded rebate program overseen by the California Public Utilities Commission
  • Examine how biogas project deployment supports SGIP’s primary goals - greenhouse gas reduction, grid reliability, demand reduction and market transformation
  • Define the eligible technologies and new incentive levels in SGIP
  • Review the changes to the SGIP application process

Rebecca Feuerlicht, Project Manager, Self-Generation Incentive Program, Center for Sustainable Energy

9:10 Technical Assistance for Developing Combined Heat and Power Projects that Use Biogas to Generate Electricity and Thermal Energy

  • Discuss how the U.S. Department of Energy Pacific CHP TAP works to qualify and determine feasibility of combined heat and power installations at client locations
  • Analyze successful implementations of biogas CHP to determine lessons learned
  • Measuring the technical and economic potential of CHP in different industries

Shawn Jones, Project Manager, Combined Heat & Power, Center for Sustainable Energy

9:30 Opportunities and challenges for Biogas and RNG Projects in Sacramento

  • Receive insight into the status, opportunities and challenges of biogas and RNG in SMUD region

Valentino M. Tiangco, Biomass Program Manager, Energy Research and Development Department, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

10:00 Securing finance for Ag projects - CalBio case study

  • Receive lessons on how California Bioenergy (CalBio) secured finance for 3 projects in 2016

N. Ross Buckenham, Chairman and CEO, California Bioenergy (CalBio)

10:30 Networking and Coffee

11:15 Panel discussion and Q&A: Developing profitable biogas projects in the wastewater sector

  • Receive an overview of state renewable energy objectives and the role wastewater plants play in achieving them - Greg Kester
  • Converting biomethane into low carbon transportation fuel - Gogo Heinrich
  • Technology update and opportunity for storage of electricity generated from biomethane at wastewater treatment plants. Experience with project at Inland Empire Utilities Authority - Charley Wilson
  • Successful gas-to-grid interconnection project case study - Ken Frisbie
  • Co-digestion at LA County Sanitation District - Andre Schmidt

Moderator: Greg Kester (Director of Renewable Resource Programs), CASA
Gogo Heinrich, Project Manager, City of San Mateo
Michael Barnes, Senior Project Manager, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Charley Wilson, Principal, PC Consulting Services
Andre Schmidt, Supervising Engineer, Energy Recovery Section, Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

12:00 Accurate biogas measurement will maximize performance and reliability

  • Receive examples and figures about how much money Thermal Mass Flow Meters specifically designed for Biogas have saved landfills and digesters by running more efficiently and cleanly

Tom Morjig, Director, Business Development, Kurz Instruments

12:30 Lunch Break

1:30 Which AD Plant Technology?

  • Which technology path to 50% recycling is winning so far?
  • What trends will disrupt technology paths to biogas?
  • Where will all the biogas go?

Kevin Best, CEO, RealEnergy

2:00 Closed-Loop Project - Transforming High Strength Waste (HSW) From Food and Beverage Production into CNG

  • Session details coming soon

Dan St. John, Director, Public Works and Utilities Department, City of Petaluma

2:30 Waterleau's New Energy Projects with Anaerobic Digestion

  • Waterleau's general experience and capabilities in the US and worldwide with Food and Beverage and New Energy AD projects
  • Ypres 3 MWe and 130,000 US ton/year New Energy Facility designed, built and operated by Waterleau 
  • Waterleau's RNG project references in France and Germany  

Rafael V. Monroy - Business Development Waterleau, and MBE CleanTech Co-Founder 

3:00 End

Renwable Energy Advisor 

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